"WHITETAIL!" Arceus yelled. Whitetail sweatdropped.

"Eh... Yes, mother?"

"Why did you do this?" Arceus said, staring at the statues, laying on the ground.

"I... I don't know, to be honest." Whitetail answered. Arceus sighed.

"Well, then. I'll stay and put these statues up." she said. "The rest of you can go." Shadow, Aura, Whitetail, Mighty and Giratina all hurried to get out of Hall of Origin.

"What if they won't stop?" Aura wondered nervously as the group ran down the stairs. "What if they'll just keep on battling?"

"Let's hope they will stop." Shadow said. As they soon had reached the ground, they saw how the legendaries still were fighting the shadow army.

"STOP IT!" Giratina yelled. "IT'S ENOUGH!" All pokémon turned their heads upwards and stared at Giratina.

"What are you talking about, Lord Giratina?" a voice, sounding a lot like Rusty, yelled from the crowd. "You told us we had to fight until the end!"

"I told you, you must stop!" Giratina hissed.

"Oh, three of the commanders just came here and told us we had to continue fighting no matter what!" Mermaid yelled.

"Yeah! So why listen to you now?" Missile yelled.

"Maybe you all will listen to me!" Everyone rose their heads and saw Arceus stepping down the stairs. "This battle is useless, and it has to be stopped!" she said.

"Arceus!" Dialga yelled. "You're back!"

"Yes, Dialga. Now that all of you are watching, there is a certain thing I would like to ask a certain pokémon." Arceus turned to Giratina. "I was going to ask you this very long time ago, but... Giratina, will you be my mate?" Giratina just stared at Arceus, so did everyone else.

"Arceus..." Giratina started carefully, and then started smiling. "Of course I will!" All the pokémon were staring at Arceus and Giratina in complete silence, since they all were shocked.

"Well... Can I come to the wedding?" Mew asked nervously. The silence seemed unbreakable, no one answered.

"Well then!" Victini suddenly yelled. "Why are we just standing here? Let's congratulate Queen Arceus and Lord Giratina!" She jumped into the air out of joy. "Congratulations!" Now the pokémon started cheering for the two legendaries.

"Hey, if my mother is queen, I'm a princess, right?" Whitetail said.

"Some pokémon never change." Mighty said. Aura and Shadow laughed. Arceus turned to the four pokémon.

"I thank you, Team Saviours." she said. "Without you, this could have ended a lot worse."

"I'm not their teammate..." Mighty started, but Giratina broke him off.

"As you all probably understand, Whitetail will stay in the Hall of Origin with us, but you all are free to visit us whenever you like." he said. "Mighty, I'd really like if you joined Team Saviours. You, Shadow and Aura would make a great team, you know." Mighty glared at Giratina.

"So you think I should join Team Saviours even if I once was their enemy?" he asked.

"I can't see that as a problem." Giratina said. Whitetail smirked.

"If you don't do it, I'll hug you in front of all these pokémon!" she whispered. Mighty didn't look very satisfied.

"All right! I'm joining Team Saviours!" he said and turned to Shadow and Aura. "In case you two accept." Aura nodded.

"I think you could. Right, Shadow?" she asked. Shadow looked at his former enemy.

"I guess that would be all right." he said.

"Well, guys!" Whitetail said. "I'll miss all of you! You have to visit me sometimes!"

"Of course we will!" Aura said. Whitetail smiled.


It was evening already when Team Saviours returned to Wigglytuff Guild. Mighty had been a bit nervous about what Chatot would think, until Shaymin had given him a medicine that would cure Chatot's wing. When they reached the entrance, Wigglytuff was already there waiting for them.

"I see you are still three, but one has been replaced." he stated when he saw Mighty. "Chimecho already made dinner for you, come on!" He entered the guild, and as Shadow followed him, Aura and Mighty inside, he hoped his adventures would be lesser dangerous from now on.

"Team Saviours, huh?" He bared his claws, and his black tail twitched. "Lord Darkrai, I can't wait until I get to slay them!"

To be continued...

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