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Rachel Berry had always had the idea of who she should be burned into her mind. Her daddies had honed her potential in the fine arts and encouraged her to speak and act professionally. Being integral in their community left them to be hosts to many other important members of the community several times a year. At these get-togethers it was simply understood that she would perform for them, showing off her multitudes of talents, and astound them with her manners. A little Shirley Temple of sorts. There was no room for temper tantrums only perfection when other people were around. Her parents weren't stupid. They didn't want to give anyone in the community a reason to doubt their parenting. So this little performer was who Rachel had to be.

Life was fine like this except for school. Things came easily to her because of her advantages and that brought on the ridicule. Her daddies had never taught her to stand up for herself so she was left defenceless at the mercy of cruel children. They just never thought she would have problems and she didn't want to worry them. So all she could do was put on her default face. The performer. The perfection, but it hurt and although she pretended not to notice the way the other members looked at her she knew. She knew not one of them really liked her. Mr. Schue included. And Finn. Well Finn just used her. Over and over again.

It hurt that her life had been reduced to this, but she finally thought she had a light. She thought he was someone that understood her. She thought she related perfectly to Jesse. That he understood her, being as he strove for the same thing. Not to mention they harmonized perfectly, but now she knew. Even he couldn't. She was alone with her fa├žade of perfection.

Shelby Corcoran demanded perfection at all times from her team. As she had once told Will Schuester, she was all business. She lives and breathes Vocal Adrenaline. So as soon as she heard from the director of New Directions that her very own star, Jesse St. James, was seeing his starlet she saw opportunity. Rachel Berry was everything she needed to complete the team and that poor girl's talent was being squandered in the place she was. Rachel was untapped potential, underappreciated. Shelby could take this girl that was great and make her amazing. Polish the diamond in the rough.

That was why she took Jesse aside and encouraged him. He wasn't hard to sway. Jesse loved beauty and this girl had a voice, looks, and dance skills. Shelby just encouraged him to bring her to Vocal Adrenaline. Rachel would be the picture of perfection when Jesse left and then on to stardom. She could make it places that Shelby had failed. She was equipped, but sorely unprepared and it seemed Will Schuester wasn't willing to give her the attention she needed. Or maybe he simply didn't have the skill to do so.

Jesse St. James loved perfection. Every time he looked into the mirror he saw it. And he liked to help those that could do to learn from him. That was why he first approached one Rachel Berry that day. Her performance was flawed and she needed to know that.

Then she sang with him and he saw the problem. It wasn't flawed; she was flawed. When she focused on him she shone. Her voice was perfect and the emotion she brought was true. She just lacked confidence. She was all false bravado and a seemingly limitless talent. And he could make her perfect. No, she was perfect; she just had to realize it and he could make her do just that.

When Shelby came to him after practice he knew he wanted to help Rachel and Shelby's solution was an answer. He just wasn't sure it was the best. At least until Rachel came on stage and told him that he could break her. He knew then that he would do anything to perfect her. Someone had torn her apart and he could keep her safe. She could reach her full potential here with him. He knew Shelby was absolutely right.

Just when he thought she was gaining confidence in herself she pulled the 'Run Joey Run' stunt. He was always lead, but he couldn't seem to make it to the lead he really wanted. Lead man in her life. No he had to play opposite to a man that played her without realizing. Who hurt her; cut her down. And a man who could only comment that the video sucked. How she could have ever dated imbeciles like that astounded him. And she had hurt his pride, him, to try and boost her confidence through popularity. It hurt and he was sure if he didn't keep himself in check he would lose her forever. She would end up with one of those guys and never realize her dreams. But first he would lick his wounds and hope that absence would make her heart grow fonder. This was hard for him, but he knew there were two things perfect for her: Vocal Adrenaline and him.