This takes place after Ben's little fall out with Julie. Im putting this down because she is mentioned in here, and it makes the statement thats said about her, make a little more sence. (i do like Julie, shes a sweetheart)

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The three teens were sitting at Mr. Smoothys enjoying their down time after their recent alien "encounter". Obviously Ben was enjoying his time more than the other two teens.

"BIIIIIRRRRRPPPP!!!! Ahhhhhh…….. So, that went well, huh guys?" There was a short pause, and glares of annoyance before his question was met with an answer. "Yeah, if by 'went well,' you mean when we got our butts handed to us, AGAIN!!" Kevin was not happy with Ben's sudden outburst of excitement.

Gwen was just as irritated with Ben as Kevin was. "Seriously Ben, it so did not go well for us this time. My arm still hurts from hitting that wall." Ben realizes that this conversation wasn't going anywhere in his favor, he lamely finishes with, "whatever", and continues to slurp on his twisted combination of a smoothie.

All of a sudden, Kevin got an evil idea in his mind, and decided that today, was better than any other day to get under Ben's skin. The older boy just couldn't resist. " So, Ben. How's Julie?" Knowing that this had much potential in becoming the most epic argument of all arguments, Kevin was more than thrilled. You would think the older boy fed off momets like these.

Gwen already had heard enough. "KEVIN!!!" The raven haired boy rolled his eyes, but still displayed an amused smile upon his lips. "What? I'm just try'n to make conversation." The redhead wasn't buying it. "No, your just being a jerk! You know this is a sensitive subject for Ben!"

A heavy sigh brought the couple out of their little- "indifference". "Gwen, it's alright. We all know Kevin is just trying to bring out his more sensitive feminine side." Ben started laughing at his own statement. "What?!" Kevin was staring back in shock and disbelief, of what he just had heard.

Ben, seeing the humor in this, simply put a hand on Kevin's shoulder. "It's ok big guy, just let your sensitive side shine on through!" Ben's hand was immediately smacked away with enough force that it almost knocked the younger boy down.


Kevin stops his rant for a moment and turns to Gwen. "Um, what was that word he used?" Gwen just rolls her eyes and simply says, "Feminine?" "Oh, right." Kevin then turns his attention back on Ben. The hero realizes that this little spat was going nowhere, and rolls his eyes. "Way to go Kev, awesome threat you have there."

Needless to say, the boys got on Gwen's last nerve.

"GUYS!!! God, your both so immature! Can't we have just one normal day for once?!" Ben again couldn't help himself. "Since when have we ever been normal?!" If looks could burn Ben alive he would have spontaneously combusted just by the stare he received from his cousin. "I'm going home, I've got a test tomorrow." With that, the girl stands up and stalks off. Kevin follows his girlfriend's lead. "Wait, I'll drive you." Gwen sighs. "Fine, lets just go." The couple head towards the car.

Ben then realizes that he wants, no, needs another smoothie, and risks his own life by asking, " Hey do we have time to-


With much disappointment displayed across the younger teens face he cries out to his friends. "You guys can be so insensitive, haven't we learned anything today?!!"

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