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POVs: Bella



"She's gorgeous." Charlie whispered, stroking Elizabeth's heads while she lay wrapped up in his arms. It was Christmas morning and last night seemed so surreal. When I woke I started to cry thinking it was all a dream and that I didn't really have my baby girl to hold in my arms. Edward brought me into his arms and hugged me, calming me down rubbing soothing circles down my back.

"I had the worst dream Edward…" I cried desperately, willing my dream to be a reality.

"What was it, love?" He asked me, looking me deep in the eyes.

"I dreamt I'd given birth, it was so traumatic. You was there and you-" He cut me off.

"Bella love, it wasn't a dream." He said a little worried, gauging my reaction.

"What?" And then I heard the baby cry outside and my heart swelled at the sound a huge smile spreading over my lips. I felt so stupid for assuming it was all a dream, I blush bright red and Edward chuckled, looking extremely tired. "How long have you slept?"

"I've had about an hour. I was taking care of Elizabeth while you slept; now Rose has got her and my mother." He shrugged his shoulders like it was no big deal and then the events of last night came flooding back to me. I kissed Edward softly.

"Thank you." I whispered against his lips. He brushed a hand down my face and pulled away.

"No, thank you, for bringing the second most beautiful girl into this world." I blushed at his words and he chuckled. "Ellie will want a feed."

"Ellie?" I raised an eyebrow and he blushed.

"Just a nickname Emmett started using, it caught on." He knew I hated Ellie and all the other nicknames that came with Elizabeth; I loved her name just as it was. But it was a nickname I would have to get used to. Emmett loved nicknames and if he ever found out I hated it he would never stop calling her it. I sighed and nodded getting out of bed grumpily, stretching my sore back.

"Go back to sleep you." I called over my shoulder.

I'd fed Elizabeth in the bedroom with Edward and then handed her over to my dad who was currently gushing over her. I wasn't comfortable with the whole feeding process yet and I certainly wasn't going to do it in front of the family. Ethan was sat on the couch besides me, I had my arm around him and he was resting against me. "Where's little Betty?" Emmett's voice boomed from somewhere behind us.

"I can live with Ellie, Emmett, but so help me god, if you start calling her Betty I'm going to seriously-" He cut me off laughing.

"Wow, calm down there little mummy."

"Enough Emmett, I'm not in the mood. And don't start calling me little mummy either." I snapped. Ethan giggled next to me and laughed at his dad being told off. "Where is everyone anyways?"

"Carlisle went to fetch our cars with Jasper, Alice and Esme." Rose replied who was sitting on the arm of the chair Charlie was sat in. Elizabeth had gripped onto her finger. "Their heading into town to fetch a few things for you and Ellie." I moaned at her name. "Blame Emmett, he's been calling her it all morning, you know how things catch on." She said in an apologetic tone. I nodded and closed my eyes, resting my head on top of Ethan's.

"What happened to your bump?" Ethan whispered. I hadn't even noticed that it had gone down. I didn't know what I looked like naked but I looked a lot better without the bump and I seemed to be fairly flat.

"That's what happens when you give birth." I whispered back.

"Why?" He whispered back innocently.

"Well, when a mummy has a baby inside of her, it grows to the size of Elizabeth now." I felt his head shift slightly as he looked at her. "When the baby grows, the mummy's belly grows too."

"So when the baby comes out the belly goes down." He finished for me in a whisper.

"Exactly." I kissed the top of his head and looked over at my beautiful girl.

When Carlisle, Esme, Alice and Jasper came back, they brought in a huge package and I immediately wondered what it was. It soon became clear though when the wooden pieces were removed bits at a time. Jasper and Emmett spent the whole morning fixing up a crib, it was pink and white and completely adorable. I lost count of the amount of times Emmett bashed his fingers with the hammer, in the end Carlisle had to pry him away from it and finish the job himself. Jasper was in absolute stitches the entire time.

Carlisle told me and Edward that he, Esme and Charlie would stay with us for a month. He's phoned back home and let the hospital know what's happened, they understand the situation completely and told him they both needed a vacation anyway. I was a little surprised that my father got the time off, but he shrugged his shoulders and said. "Not much happens in Forks anyways, they can live without me for a few weeks." We had to stay with Elizabeth being premature, she couldn't fly until she was totally healthy and at a weight that Carlisle seemed to be happy with. So far she has been a total star, she's hardly cried today, she fed when she wanted to and she fed well. Carlisle seems pretty certain she will be healthy enough in a month's time.

Rose and Emmett phoned a few people and their staying until January 2nd so we get to spend New Years with them. Alice, owning her own clothes shop, gave herself the time off and thankfully Jasper doesn't need to be back at school until a week after that. So their also staying and leaving with Rose, Em and the kids. Edward was extra happy to have his family with him, seen as its Elizabeth's first New Years; we wanted the whole family to be around.

Ellie, as everyone seems to call her, adores Edward. I was right all along. I knew when she kicked it was because she felt his presence and she couldn't wait to meet him. She cries for him when he walks into the room, not matter who is holding her, including myself. She's already a daddy's girl and I'll admit it, I'm a little jealous already.

Me and Edward sat on the couch with Elizabeth asleep in his arms, while everyone opened their presents in front of us. When Emmett walked out in the Santa suit I flushed bright red and excused myself to the toilet. Emmett wasn't happy with my reaction that usually has him in stitches; he pulled Edward aside and asked him if he wore the thing while we did our funny business. Edward laughed and told him he'd never know. So it was hilarious receiving death glares from Emmett, you could tell he wanted out of the outfit as soon as possible, but he couldn't disappoint his twin boys.

Everyone had just about finished opening up their presents and we were getting to the final big proposal. My father was second to last to open his present from us and I'll admit, I was incredibly anxious over his reaction. He opened it when no one was looking at him (guess where I get that from) and when he finally opened up the black box he gasped and looked at me stunned. "Bells…" He said in a warning tone.

"Blame Alice!" I said straight away, my heart hammering hard.

"You know I hate it when you spend so much on me." He said, looking down at the Rolex watch again.

"Dad, we wanted to treat you to something nice. You've been an amazing father to me and buying you this watch doesn't even come close to repaying you for what you have done for me over the years. So please, don't complain." I giggled.

He closed the case and I gulped, expecting him to give me it back. But when he put it aside and came over, giving me a soft kiss on the forehead and a silent "thank you" I let out a breath I hadn't known I was holding. He sat on the couch next to Edward, picking up his present from us and putting it on. We all turned to Carlisle and Esme, everyone suddenly excited.

I had butterflies as I kept glancing at them both, I couldn't keep the smile off of my face and everyone found it unusual seen as I was like scrooge over Christmas and hated the whole day, but everyone put it down to baby joy. Everyone was in the know; it was only Esme that was completely clueless. She had opened up her presents from everyone else and it was my turn. We had it all planned out…

"Here you go Esme, Merry Christmas." I said handing her the two wrapped presents; again, both wrapped in tissue paper. "How much tissue paper did you buy Edward?" I giggled and he shrugged looking down at Elizabeth. I kissed her forehead, breathing in that new born baby smell, then Edwards lip causing Josh to 'eww' at us. I stuck my tongue out at him and he laughed looking back at Esme.

"Thank you dear." She said and began on the first one, the necklace. This time instead of blue tissue paper or red, hers was wrapped in different shades of purple. She carefully opened up the necklace and was in awe at the site before her. Carlisle glanced at me and he winked getting excited.

"What kind of necklace is that, it's really long?" Charlie asked and Alice looked at him like he just asked the most ridiculous question.

"It drapes down your back." She explained.

"Why would you want a necklace to drape down your back, aren't they supposed to go at the front?"

"You will see Charlie." She laughed shaking her head and he left it there.

"I love it Bella." Esme leaned forwards and kissed my cheek. "Thank you son." She kissed Edwards and then turned back to her second present.

Everyone waited anxiously as she tore at the tissue paper and finally reached the smooth white dress. Her eyebrows furrowed as she lifted it up and stood to see the full length of the dress. "Is this what I think it is?" She asked breathlessly a look of shock on her face. Carlisle took the dress from her and kissed her cheek softly. He handed the dress to Alice and bent down on one knee. "Oh my…" Esme sighed.

"Esme, you have made me the happiest man alive these past twenty eight years. You have given me three wonderful children who have produced the most beautiful grandchildren and all that is because of you. We have stuck by each other through the hardest and easiest of times and I simply couldn't imagine my life without you being in it. Esme Cullen, in honour of our wedding anniversary, would you continue to make me the happiest man alive and renew our vows?" He opened the box and everyone gasped in the room at the most stunning diamond ring. It had five small diamonds and a large one towering over them. It was a silver ring and on the inside he told us it was engraved with their names.

"Of course I'll marry you." Esme cried and everyone jumped in and gave them a hug, me and Edward stayed back as Elizabeth started to cry with the noise. I kissed Edward deeply and hummed when I pulled away giving Elizabeth a soft kiss on the forehead. Edward started to rock her and we walked back to the bedroom where he sung her a lullaby. It was the most beautiful song, a song I've never heard before and it brought tears to my eyes. Within five minutes Elizabeth was fast asleep and I hugged Edward staring down at our darling baby girl.

"I love you Edward Cullen."

"I love you too Isabella Cullen." I smiled up at him and knew my life was complete now and I'd found my happy ever after.

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