Story Title: Phantom Brave

Crossover: Naruto/Phantom Brave

Author: Wraithrune

Disclaimer: I do not own anything from Phantom Brave or Naruto, this is just a fan written fiction.

Summary: During the battle with Haku, Kyubi's attempt to break out of the seal caused Naruto to obtain a new bloodline. For he is now the summoner of the dead.

Author's Note: Marona is a game character from Phantom brave who could summon the dead spirits into physical bodies to use as her army. Now Naruto's got the same ability…

This fic was originally published in the Fanfiction forum meant as a side project. But weeks ago, I had to reformat my laptop due to a virus attack... and lost all of my fanfiction works, published and not published. Besides the partly written fanfiction chapters that I've lost, the notes on the rough outlines for all of my fanfiction works are also gone. That was why I hadn't been updating for a while, I have been taking a hiatus since I can't rewrite the new chapters word for word, which means I had to think up something new.

Then out of the blue, I received a pm asking me about the status of Phantom Brave in the forum... and it suddenly occurred to me that I did wrote a few chapters of the story a while back. After re-reading it, I made some grammatical and spelling tweaks to the existing chapters, and feel the fires burning within me to continue this fic. So here it is... Phantom Brave on :)

I will be editting the existing chapters and publishing them here, as well as working on the new chapters. So stay tune!

Chapter One – Phantom bloodline

During the battle at Wave Village, Naruto & Sasuke vs Haku

Naruto roared as he burned with despair, hatred and anger. Sasuke's dead body cradled within his arm. Tears streaked down his face even as large amounts of malicious red chakra burst out of his body, changing him.

His face shifted to a more feral look, his eyes grew more fox like and even his nails became longer. Naruto paid them no mind for now he felt more powerful than ever before, and he would use this power to kill that hated ninja hiding in the ice mirrors.

Naruto settled Sasuke's dead body gently onto the ground as he crouched on the ground on all his hands and legs. One thought running through his mind which had turned bestial. The ninja… will DIE.

Inside Naruto's body, the nine tailed fox felt the shifting of vast chakra as Naruto unwittingly tapped into its chakra in his despair. The giant fox stirred in its cage, perhaps now is the time to act, to break free at last! A plan formed in its mind as the fox grinned.

In one focused blast, the nine tailed fox sent nine full tails of its chakra slamming into the death seal that trapped it behind the cage.

But there was one thing the Kyuubi did not take into account for. The Yondaime sacrificed his life, tapping into the power of the Death God to keep the Kyuubi trapped within his son. The power of Death was more powerful than any tailed beasts in existence.

Death energy and the energy of the nine tails collided, causing a huge explosion that slammed a weakened Kyuubi deep into its cell.

The vast residue energies of Death and nine of Kyuubi's tail merged and became a yellow green chakra that flowed throughout Naruto's body, deeper and deeper, into all of his cells, changing him forever…

Haku stood inside his ice mirrors in shock as he looked at the likeable blond kid he had met once before. The change in him when he thought his friend was dead was remarkable.

Red chakra had begun pouring out of his body in a spiral. The ice senbons sticking into his body began popping out onto the floor as his body began to heal at a rapid rate. As more of the red chakra poured out of his body, an air of great killing intent surrounded the area.

The boy had then changed, his face becoming more fox like even as he crouched onto the floor on all fours, as if ready to pounce at Haku like an animal.

Then all of a suddenly there was an audible snap in the energies permeating in the air. The red chakra suddenly vanished from the air as if it had never existed. The blond boy was slammed into the floor even as a bright yellow and green corona of chakra surrounded him, creating a cocoon of chakra around his whole body.

Haku watched in fascination. What in the world was happening?

Then just as sudden, the yellow and green chakra was gone. The blond boy stood up staring at his body, a look of relief on his face as he didn't find anything wrong with it. The look of ferocity on his face and his claw like nails had disappeared.

What the boy couldn't see was that streaks of green now run through his blond hair, and in both his sapphire eyes, rims of the purest green surrounded his blue pupils.

Haku stood frozen as he contemplate what to do, even as he watched, the boy suddenly jerked towards his friend's unresponsive body and suddenly rushed forward, swiping at the air as if trying to push something away from the Uchiha, and then he started talking.

Naruto got up blearily. First there was the vicious red chakra that had powered him up. Then all of a sudden he was surrounded by a peace inducing yellow green chakra that overwhelmed him. Naruto could feel the chakra changing him, which was why when the yellow green chakra had disappeared and he had stood up, he was relieved to find himself unchanged, with no extra horns or anything.

As he was wondering what the hell had happened, he gave a jerk as he noticed a woman with long black hair sitting next to Sasuke's body, a look of hopelessness on her face.

"Hey! What do you think you're doing! Get away from him!" Naruto cried out in horror as he tried to push the strange woman away from Sasuke. He gave a startled cry as his hands passed through the woman.

The mysterious woman lifted her head to look at Naruto in surprise even as her eyes flicked to Naruto's hair before staring at him directly in the eyes.

"You can see me? Those green hair and eyes… I see… I've heard of the bloodline existing in other worlds, I am just not aware this world has the bloodline as well." The woman said in surprise before looking at Naruto intently. "Please, you've got to listen to me, Sasuke's still alive, I am not sure why that female ninja did not kill him, but if you don't listen to me, the two of you might be dead!"

"Sasuke's alive?" Naruto asked in shock even as he looked towards the ice mirror where the enemy ninja was in. "And she's a girl?"

"Yes, he's still alive. The enemy nin only strike at his acupoints to send him into a death like slumber." The woman said, a look of urgency in her eyes. "Listen to me, I am a phantom, a dead spirit who refused to move on, you have unlocked a rare bloodline which allows you to see me and I hope summon me as well. Follow my instructions and you may survive this."

"I can see the dead?" Naruto stepping backwards a little in shock before shaking his head. "But what's the catch? Why are you willing to help us?"

The woman looked down at Sasuke sadly before looking at Naruto earnestly. "I am Mikoto Uchiha, Sasuke's mother, and I am not going to allow my son to follow me into the death realm!"

Naruto gaped, staring wide eyed at the woman before him in shock. Now that she had mentioned it, Sasuke and the woman did share similar facial features, most obvious was the delicate jaw line and the cheek bones.

"Follow my instructions Naruto." Mikoto instructed as she looked sternly at Naruto. "I've only heard of your bloodline from the spirits in the death realm. What I heard is just idle gossip, but I distinctly remember that those with your bloodline are supposed to tag your chakra to the spirit who had swore fealty to you. You can then channel that chakra into an inanimate object so that you can summon the spirit."

Naruto blanched. "That sounds like it requires a lot of chakra control, mine isn't really that good…"

"Try it! Or you and Sasuke will both be joining me." Mikoto snapped angrily. She walked up to Naruto and placed a phantom arm on Naruto. "I Mikoto Uchiha swear fealty to Naruto Uzumaki, in a pact of summoner and spirit."

A blaze of white light flared into being for a second around the area where Mikoto had touched him, and suddenly Naruto could sense Mikoto's presence in his mind. He could feel her dread and worry for Sasuke who was currently lying motionless on the ground.

Concentrating, Naruto sent out a thread of chakra towards Mikoto's spirit, his eyes swivelled as he looked for another object to tag his chakra to. Searching frantically, his eyes fell on the ice mirror the enemy ninja was hiding in.

With a burst of chakra, Naruto sent his chakra surging forward, tagging the mirror. Mikoto vanished before his eyes even as the ice mirror containing the enemy ninja disappeared, dumping her onto the floor.

Before the enemy ninja could move, the place where the ice mirror used to be shimmered and smouldered with greenish yellow energies, shaping into a human form. Mikoto Uchiha gained a physical body that was created from the ice mirror, landing in front of the enemy ninja.

"I have been waiting for this." Mikoto said with a grin as her hands flashed through several handseals. "Don't worry, since you've spared my son, I'll only beat you half to death."

A large fire dragon erupted from Mikoto's lips even as the enemy ninja barely jumped away. Behind the two combatants, Naruto rushed towards Sasuke and began picking the various ice senbons off his body. Mikoto had said that Sasuke was still alive, and Naruto was going to make sure nothing was going to happen to Sasuke now.

The mist began to clear as Kakashi wearily dug his hand out of Zabuza's stomach. The chidori attack had killed the missing nin, but it had also cost Kakashi most of his chakra.

Kakashi stumbled as he half walked, half ran towards the area he had last seen Naruto and Sasuke. He had felt the Kyuubi's chakra escape from Naruto during the battle, though it had vanished shortly afterwards. Though he was not a religious man, Kakashi muttered a prayer, hoping that Naruto would remain unharmed.

The last of the mist cleared as Zabuza was no longer there to maintain the fog technique. Kakashi grounded to a halt as he stared wide eyed at the sight in front of him. Shock swept through his body, freezing him to where he stood.

It was not the sight of Naruto besides an unconscious Sasuke that caused him to be unable to move. No it was the sight of a beautiful long haired woman dressed in Uchiha clan clothing, her arm clutching the unconscious body of an enemy ninja next to her that strike fear into Kakashi's heart.

"Mi…koto?" Kakashi asked in dread even as part of him screamed that it was not possible.

"Yes Kakashi?" Mikoto asked, sounding as if her physical presence in this world was an everyday occurrence. "You've really grown up, I could still remembered the time when you were in diapers and your mother brought you around the Uchiha compound."

Mikoto paused as she stared off at the end of the bridge where there was loud noises. Clanging metal and footsteps caused Kakashi to turn. His mouth twisted into a grim line as he saw Gato and a large group of mercenaries walking towards them. Too much was happening at the same time, and Kakashi was still too drained from the previous battle with Zabuza to deal with this new threat.

"Leave them to me Kakashi." Mikoto said as she walked forward, dropping the second enemy nin next to him. "From the looks of it, you're almost out of chakra. Make sure this little ninja don't try to run away. She spared Sasuke, I want to know why."

Before Kakashi could interrupt, Mikoto had strolled forward, standing in front of Gato and his men, a few men jeered at her.

"Look boss, a women, and quite a sweet piece at that, can we have her after all this is over?" One of the mercenaries leered at the sight of Mikoto.

"Of course." Gato chuckled. "Just remember to burn the whole village to the ground before that."

"How about I burn all of you first?" Mikoto asked, smiling sweetly at the dirty unkempt men in front of her, her hands flashing into a series of handseals. A large fire dragon burst from her lips, slamming into the suddenly frightened Gato and his mercenaries before they could escape.

The smell of incinerated flesh caused Mikoto to wrinkle her nose as all the scumbags in front of her were barbequed. A sense of weakness suddenly swept through her body, causing Mikoto to stumble.

"I guess my times' up." Mikoto whispered as her soul was pushed out of her temporary body. The physical body of Mikoto shifted back into a large ice mirror which shattered to the ground in pieces.

At the other end of the bridge, the villagers gathered by Inari grounded to a halt in front of Sakura and Tazuna who had been watching everything since the fog cleared, with stunned looks on their faces.

"What happened?" One of the villagers asked as they looked at the large charred remains of bodies at the end of the bridge, where the construction had halted halfway. "Inari rounded up all of us… told us Gato and his men were supposed to be here…"

Kakashi looked at the army of villagers armed with pitch forks and pans and his lips curved into a smile behind his mask.

"I believe that's the charred remains of Gato and his men." Kakashi said pointing to the burned mass of bodies even as the eyes of the villagers widened. "You might want to clear their bodies off the bridge before the stink of the bodies made the bridge unusable."

Inari ran to the edge of the bridge and began vomiting even as Tazuna took over.

"All the women get the children back to the village." Tazuna ordered as he ruffled Inari's head. "You did good Inari, I am proud of you. Now I need you to go back with the others."

Tazuna then turned to the villagers and bellowed. "The men to me! These kind ninjas disposed of Gato and his men, the least we can do is to clear their bodies!"

"Don't touch that one." Kakashi pointed to Zabuza's uncharred body. "I'll bury that one myself. Naruto, how's Sasuke?"

"I… I am awake sensei." Sasuke's voice said. Kakashi turned to see Naruto helping his team mate up. Sasuke took a look around him before starring around him in disorientation. "What happened while I was out?"

"You wouldn't believe it!" Naruto spoke loudly with excitement. "I got a bloodline and I was able to summon the dead! I even summon your…"

"Naruto!" Kakashi barked out, stopping Naruto in mid-sentence as he finally realized the cause of Mikoto's appearance. It was then he realized that Naruto's appearance was a bit changed.

Green streaks ran through Naruto's blond hair and…

'There are green rims in your eyes Naruto." Sasuke said looking at Naruto even as he laughed off the possibilities of Naruto's supposed bloodline. "And how can you summon the dead, that's impossible."

"But I…" Naruto began indignantly even as Sakura gave a squeak and ran towards Sasuke in joy.

"Team 7!" Kakashi said in a loud voice that broke no arguments. "We'll talk about this after you've bind this enemy ninja, help me bury Zabuza's body and return to Tazuna's home. Until then, Naruto, don't say a word."

"But!" Naruto whined but quickly stopped at Kakashi's warning look. He sulked as he stumbled towards Kakashi digging out a rope from his pouch. Behind him, Sasuke was trying to shrug off Sakura who was hugging him. Unfortunately he was too weak to push her away.

As Naruto neared, Kakashi moved closer to him.

"Naruto you said you can summon the dead. Does that refer to Sasuke's mother?" Kakashi asked in a low voice, unheard by anyone as the villagers walked passed them to clear the bodies.

Naruto brightened up as someone seemed to believe him.

"Yeah!" Naruto paused as Kakashi gripped his arms.

"Say in a softer voice." Kakashi warned before asking. "Can you summon her again?"

"Erm…" Naruto said as he turned his head to one side as if listening to someone. "She says that the stay in the temporarily body had drained her spirit essence, she can probably be summoned again in a day's time."

Naruto turned his head to one side as an invisible phantom seemed to be speaking to him. "She says she'll return to the death realm in the meantime to find out more about my bloodline."

Kakashi stumbled back, his head lightheaded even as he thought about the possibilities of Naruto's bloodline. If Naruto's bloodline was real and enemy ninja villages heard of it… Kakashi pressed his lips together grimly.

"Naruto, I want you to promise me not to say a word about your bloodline to anyone. No one, you understand? Until we can verify it with the Hokage." Kakashi said sternly as he gripped Naruto's arms to emphasize his point. "Until then, I am labelling this as an SS rank secret."

"An SS rank secret?" Naruto said, stars shining in his eyes. "But why?"

"Naruto, your bloodline is an impossibility, but if it proves real, do you know how many ninja villages would want it?" Kakashi said in a low voice. "A war might break out if words get out about the existence of such a bloodline. I want you to promise me not to tell anyone, not even Sakura and Sasuke. If anyone asked, just say you were joking earlier and that the woman was a family friend who helped you."

"But that would mean they would think I am lying." Naruto protested with a frown as he looked at Sasuke who had somehow managed to get out of Sakura's grasp and was walking towards Naruto and Kakashi, with Sakura hounding him worriedly.

"They wouldn't believe it anyway, it would be too impossible for them to acknowledge." Kakashi stated. "But until we talk with the Hokage, I want you to promise not to say a word of it."

"Alright." Naruto said conceding with a long suffering sigh. "This sucks, I finally got a bloodline but can't talk about it."

Naruto turned to one side as if listening to a voice before looking at Kakashi.

"Mikoto san says she wants Sasuke to know though. She says…" Naruto's eyes widened as he stared at Kakashi. "She says she'll beat you up, like the last time you stole her baked cookies, if you stop her."

"I see… Well I guess if your bloodline is real, Sasuke should at least be allowed to see her. We'll talk tomorrow when you can summon her again." Kakashi said as he moved away. "In the meantime if anyone asked about your hair and eyes, say that it's a chakra accident."

"What's wrong with my hair and eyes?" Naruto demanded even as Kakashi gave a little wave, walking towards Zabuza's body.

Naruto grumbled as no one answered him, bending down to tie up the second enemy ninja. He gasped as her mask fell away.

"Hey! It's that guy from before!" Naruto said in shock just as Sakura and Sasuke reached him. "Wait a minute… Mikoto san said she is a girl, then why did the enemy nin tell me she is a guy?"

Haku woke up groggily to find her hands and legs bond. Instantly she came to full awareness as she saw the Copy Cat ninja, Kakashi, and his genin team gathered in front of what looked like a burial plot as they lowered a body down into it.

Shock gripped her as she recognized Zabuza's pale form.

"NO! Zabuza sama!" Haku screamed in grief as her mentor and caretaker's body was lowered into the hole that had been dug.

The three members of the genin team spurn around to look at her as she screamed. Kakashi remained unaffected as he continued lowering the body into the ground out of Haku's sight.

"Hey! You're awake." The blond boy said as he walked forward with a frown. "You're that girl from before, and you made me think you're a guy all these time! I even checked to make sure…"

"You what?" The pink haired girl besides him sounded incensed as she slammed a punch into the boy's head. "No wonder I thought her clothes were a bit messed up! You pervert!"

Beside them, the black haired boy was muttering about idiots. Haku paid all of it no mind as tears streamed down her face. Hopelessness swept through her, at the thought that her most precious person was disappearing in front of her eyes.

"Kill me." Haku suddenly said looking at the startled ninjas. "Why did you not kill me yet? Just kill me!"

The three teenagers stared frozen in place, as Haku began to sob.

"I am afraid there's still someone that wants you very much alive. Until then you're our prisoner." Kakashi said dryly. "I've placed chakra draining seals on you, so don't bother about escaping. Team7, help me dig the earth to cover Zabuza's grave."

As the teenagers moved to pick up shovels, Haku tried to stand on her legs that were tied.

"Wait! Please let me do that for him… with my own hands. Please let me at least do this one thing for him. Please I beg you, I wouldn't try to run away, please let me do this…" Haku cried out, trying to stumble forward through her tears.

For a moment Kakashi and his genin team just stared back at her. But then the blond haired kid moved forward, taking out a kunai.

"Naruto what do you think you are doing?" Kakashi barked out as Naruto began hacking at the ropes binding Haku's hands and legs.

"She already has those chakra seal things on her. You told us before that she can't do any ninja techniques now right? Let her at least do this one last thing for someone she cares about." Naruto said looking down at the ground, not looking at Kakashi.

Freed at last, Haku ran forward, leaning down to look at Zabuza as she cried. She ignored the shovel the pink haired girl tried to give her as she scooped up handfuls of earth down into the grave.

"Zabuza sama, wait for me." Haku said sobbing as she rained more earth down to cover the body. Haku paused as she felt a hand on her shoulder. She looked up to see the blond kid smiling in a reassuring way at her as he looked at the empty air above the grave.

"Don't worry, Zabuza will be watching over you, that's what he said." The blond kid smiled encouragingly.

Haku never noticed Kakashi stiffening as he shot his student a concerned look. All she saw was the earth and Zabuza sama as she continued filling the grave.