Chapter One

It has once been said that the pawns are the true soul of the game.

Ciel Phantomhive's pride would not allow him to agree with that statement. However true that may be.

Over the past few weeks, things had... changed. There were no murders to solve, no running around trying to please the Queen. Just him and his ever evolving body. And of course, the demon.

Puberty was the damndest thing.

He currently sat at his desk, legs crossed under the polished wood, quill in hand. He was supposed to be filling out some paper work for the family company, though truth be told, he hadn't really accomplished anything. A yawn stretched his mouth, the source of his procrastination, and he wished yet again that Sebastian wouldn't wake him up so early. Especially since those idiotic dreams had invaded his mind like a tsunami, leaving destruction in its wake.

They were so embarrassing.

The first dream had started simple enough- he was standing still so Sebastian could dress him for bed. Ciel had remained a slight conscious of mind during the course of the dream, and he had wondered why he was dreaming about something so mundane. It was only a few minutes more and the scene quickly changed from that of just normal, boring routine, to Ciel moaning. The slightly conscious Ciel had wondered just whose head was near his most private of parts, whose tongue was making his spine arch...

Oh, that wasn't in the contract...

He had awoken the moment he saw who it was, his skin hot and flushed. Uncomfortable. A feeling he wasn't familiar with coursing through his veins, the starting and ending point being at the junction of his legs. Annoyed, and a bit confused, he turned on his side and squeezed his eyes shut. It would certainly never happen again.

A few nights later, he found out he was wrong. This one was even more daring, and to Ciel's displeasure, exciting. It had featured Ciel bent over the desk he sat at now, with Sebastian behind him, fingers thrusting in and out, preparing him. Just a bit more, almost there... But then the devil himself had opened the bedroom curtains, letting the bright light envelop the flustered boy, and the usual "Good morning, Young Master" cut through the silence of the room.

The dreams had escalated over the past few weeks, though for some reason, they always stopped right before the bodies of the young Earl and the butler would join. There was foreplay and preparation, though the Ciel in the dream never quite reached completion. The actual Ciel would either wake up abruptly, in a sweaty daze, or Sebastian was there waking him in the morning, each time leaving an increasingly familiar ache in his groin. And a small, hardly noticeable smirk upon Sebastian's face.

The 13-year-old was an arrogant boy, that much was obvious. He would not feel weakness. He would not submit. Yet, that is what was happening in each of those dreams. He had even had one where he was begging. The atrocity of it all. Sebastian was a servant, for crying out loud! He would be the one in control of the situation, certainly not the other way around. For he had a nagging feeling that infuriating demon knew the tiny ounce of power he held over him without the end of the contract near.

And so the game had started.

Ciel had no idea what he was doing, though. He wouldn't call it seduction, because really, he didn't even want the damned butler. He told himself this regularly, repeating it like a mantra until he knew it was absolutely certain. He just merely wanted to level the playing field, to wipe that knowing smirk of Sebastian's face. Though how exactly, he wasn't sure. Maybe it would let Sebastian know in an unspoken manner that he, as always, was in control of the situation. Or maybe it would arouse some feelings in Sebastian...

No. That train of thought was vanished so quickly it left his head spinning.

He would not be some naive young teen, weak from discovering sexual desires, anxious to take anyone into his bed. Whenever Sebastian had bedded some woman for information, he always viewed the women as weak, disgusting humans, lower than himself. So there was no curious touching of his body parts when he was alone, no dwelling on what it would feel like to have the dreams become reality.

It was small things, small gestures, that had worked as a tester, to gauge the moves of the game. It was a trial and error experiment, of sorts. Would sucking on a some type of candy leisurely be more effective than licking icing from his fingers after eating a delicate pastry? How about 'accidentally' dropping the towel that covered his body, his aroused body, while Sebastian went to get his clothes after his bath? Or maybe bending over to pick up something from the ground, and lingering a bit more than usual would do the trick?

His shyness of the whole situation had only lasted a few moments in the beginning, but he quickly ruled out that emotion. He didn't care that Sebastian saw him being semi-aroused during baths or changing clothes. Ciel was a young human boy, and it was only normal. The obvious explanation. Besides, it just gave his moves an advantage.

A week of this almost naive teasing led to Ciel's utmost frustration. Sebastian was the dutiful butler as always- always calm, always in control. His eyes lingered on appropriate places, much to the young Earl's dismay. He didn't even acknowledge the slight change of behavior in the boy.

Yet soon after, the one-sided game turned into a war between two individuals who would not back down.

The demon had actually started to fight back.

Sebastian touched his young master more, finding excuses to brush his gloved fingers against Ciel's body. A bow is lopsided, a ruffle out of place. While giving his master a bath, his hands would linger different places- the base of his spine, the top of his thighs, his sensitive chest. He had even so much as dared as brush his fingers against one of his young master's nipples, putting more pressure than what required of just 'washing', causing the boy to suddenly suck in some air through his teeth. A not-so-subtle cough had been made by Ciel to try and cover it up. The boy had no clue what was going through the demon's mind. Was he absolutely certain that the reason his master woke up sweaty and flushed was because his dreams included a certain black-clad butler?

It was after a few of these touches that Ciel realized that he was indeed playing with the devil. A dangerous game that the young Earl had wished he hadn't started. This couldn't end well.

The small part of his brain that favored lust over pride thought otherwise.

Neither boy nor demon acknowledged the game, and to the public eye, this game did not even exist. No one noticed the way Ciel crossed and uncrossed his legs whenever Sebastian got close. No one noticed the way Sebastian stood closer and closer to his master, his chest so close to Ciel that he could feel the heat radiating from it. Everyone figured that Sebastian was just more loyal than ever, protecting the precious life of the Queen's watchdog.

There were so many unanswered questions. Why wasn't Elizabeth in those dreams? It would make more sense, seeing as for one, she was his fiancée. Two, she was a girl. Not a man. Not a butler. Not a demon. Why had Sebastian suddenly begin to make moves of his own? He was only supposed to be Ciel's pawn, to carry out his orders. But now the knight had plans of his own, involving beating the king at his own game. The knight was cunning, too. He knew Ciel would not want to mention this little battle of dominance, this power struggle, between them. He would not order the knight to surrender, for that meant actually owning up to the game, and admitting he couldn't win on his own.

Ciel laid his head on the desk, none too gently.

"Young Master."

The young Earl lifted his gaze to the intruder of his peace, sighing. He could not escape the demon always just there. His right eye throbbed, as if reminding him just why exactly that was.

"Yes? I am busy at the moment," he said, annoyance lacing his tone. His eyes went to the papers in front of him, refusing to look at Sebastian. The quill in his hand began moving over the paper, at least trying to look like he was preoccupied.

Sebastian smirked, though bowed graciously. "I am sorry for interrupting you, my lord. It is time for your afternoon tea, though it is understandable that you had forgotten with all the... hard work you have been doing." He walked gracefully towards the desk, pushing the cart in front of him.

Hard, indeed. The Phantomive did not miss the emphasis on the word. This banter wasn't unusual, as of late.

Ciel whipped his head up to look at his butler then, glaring. "Remember your place," he snapped, though if he was talking about the innuendo or Sebastian's condescending tone, he wasn't sure.

"My apologies, Young Master." Sebastian began setting the expensive teacup on his desk, along with the daily dessert, and that was that. Only a dangerous gleam remained in the butler's red eyes from their exchange.


Sooner than Ciel would have liked, nighttime fell upon the mansion. The dreams had been invading his thoughts like a deadly, infectious disease all day. He had requested dinner to be brought to his study, where he would eat in silence. No advancing moves on the butler today, as it began to get more and more... real. A game could only be dragged out to a certain extent, until it became just another part of striking reality.

Now he sat on the edge of his bed, while Sebastian gathered his night attire. "Would you hurry up already?" he demanded in a bratty manner.

The demon quickened his pace, coming to stand in front of Ciel, waiting for him to stand to undress him.

"My, my. It would seem the Young Master is quite irritable today." Said Young Master just clicked his tongue in response. "It must be coming from lack of sleep. Would it be because dreams are keeping you awake?" Sebastian's voice was smooth as velvet, a slight hint in his voice. No one ever got a good night's sleep with dreams running wild in their mind.

Ciel froze.

"It isn't any of your business if I dream or not. Or what I dream about," he said, his voice reprimanding.

"That is true, my lord. Although, forgive me for speaking freely, dreams, and nightmares, should be resolved if they are giving you problems, should they not?" He began undoing the buttons on his master's shirt with ease.

The young Earl couldn't talk for a minute, instead choosing to glare at the window behind Sebastian. The slight hope that Sebastian was unaware that these, dare he think it, wet dreams involved him vanished. It wasn't like Ciel made too much of an effort to cover it up, with his refusal to look him in the eye in the mornings, his face always holding a red hue to it. Most noticeable was his morning erections, and heaven only knew what sounds he made while having those dreams. Or what names he was calling out.

Besides, Sebastian was one hell of a butler, after all. Of course he knew.

Yet it was becoming risky... 'neither had ever ventured so close to mentioning their silent battle. Ciel did not know what would happen once that bridge was crossed. He ignored the small part of him that was excited over the concept of it just being out in the open. Pride and arrogance won out again, though.

"Tch. They are nothing of importance," Ciel replied, his tone final. He wanted no more talk of the matter.

Sebastian moved his hands lower, to Ciel's pants. The young boy sat topless, arms hanging loosely at his sides. Sebastian was taking longer than usual, though with Ciel's mind so deep in thought, he hadn't felt the usual extra touches that came along with slow movements. It had been happening so frequently that it was just expected. The butler removed Ciel's pants, fingers skimming along the boy's leg, causing blood rush to his groin. Sebastian saw the slight twitch of the boy's member, and continued on.

"If they are interrupting your day, and furthermore your work, it is not something that is 'nothing of importance,' my lord. It could have damaging long-term effects. As your loyal butler, it is my job to see you are at your most optimum health to carry out your plans. It is only natural that I resolve these types of problems."

And in a matter of only a few moments, that bridge was crossed.

Ciel glanced down, taking note of their position. Sebastian kneeling down in front of him, and with a slight movement, he could be on his knees. On his knees in front of a very naked Earl. On his knees in front of a very naked Earl with a growing erection, his mouth only inches away...

He chose to remain silent.

The demon's eyes glowed a shade of pink. There were no orders telling him to please the Young Master. Yet, there were no orders telling him not to. This certainly wouldn't be the first time Sebastian had cleverly twisted the words, or silence, of his master around. Ciel knew this, could see it in the demon's eyes.

Sebastian grabbed the night gown that lay on the bed, still kneeling in front of the young Earl. All the while, Ciel contemplated his choices. He never thought about the time that would come where the game would become real. There was a knowing smile upon Sebastian's face as he slipped the gown over Ciel's head, slowly, much annoyance to the boy. Gloved hands made their way down the sides of his body, supposedly smoothing out wrinkles, making Ciel clench his fists.

And then unexpectedly, and for the first time, Sebastian's hand grazed the part of Ciel's anatomy that caused all this.

Ciel's fingers tightened on the sheets as his teeth clenched, eyelids shutting abruptly." Small darts of pleasure raced along his blood stream, sending shocks to his brain and back to his groin, causing his member to get increasingly harder.

"You bastard," he bit out, opening his eyes and glaring daggers at his butler. "Who gave you orders to touch me so inappropriately?" Anger and lust clouded his eyes.

The demon only smiled like one of a predator closing in on his prey. "Are there orders for me to stop, my lord?"


When no answer came, Sebastian looked directly in his master's eyes. A truly dangerous being. And then the sinful butler said one word that set Ciel's teeth on edge.



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