Esme kept saying that to herself- it was nothing. She had to tell herself over and over again that there was no one in that hotel room. She could still hear the music, along with the drunken laughter, but she kept reminding herself no one was there.

"Are you alright?" Carlisle asked, as Esme went into the open room when the house-keeping staff left. He looked around; no one was in the room. Esme glanced quickly, she saw a couple dancing near the window, who laughed to themselves as they faded into the wallpaper pattern.

"Carlisle," Esme asked gently with a slight panicked undertone as she gently walked to him. "Have you had any experiences with the..."

"The what?" Carlisle asked.

"The paranormal?" Esme finished with as casual a tone as she could manage.

"No," Carlisle answered, suspicious of the question. "In all my centuries I have never had any experiences with ghosts… even when I lived in a boarding house that was believed to be haunted, I still saw no evidence."

"Oh," Esmeexhaled unsatisfied.

"Are you alright?" He asked her, worry coloring his tone.

"I was just wondering…",she hesitated already knowing the answer "what part of London did you grow up in?"

"I thought you were around there today?" Carlisle questioned her.

"Yes, I couldn't help but wonder how much it had changed." Esme continued. "I am sure a couple of familiar things haven't left yet."

"Esme," Carlisle said leading her out, very worried about her. "Do youwant to go for a walk?"

"Yes," Esme nodded letting out an unconsciously held breath, as the echoes of laughter in her mind rang clearly into her eardrums. For a fraction of a second, she wondered if sanity was beyond her reach now, as the laughter echoed in her head. Nothing had ever haunted them before, but they were haunting her now. It seemed nothing strange had ever happened to them until she dismissed her father-in-law, even after he threatened her.

"He warned me…"Esme said to herself.

What?" Carlisle turned wondering who she was talking about.

"Nothing," Esme answered shaking the negative thoughts off. "Come on, lets go."

"Let's go," Carlisle said agreeing.

Esme and Carlisle grabbed their coats and pulled them on for perceptions sake in rainy London. Shefelt her mobile phone vibrate, which turned out to be a text messagefrom Rosalie. It told of how Jasper and Alice accidently broke the radio and bought a new one that looked exactly like the one, as if nothing had happened. Esme and Carlisle shared a brief smile. Neither of them cared about the radio but were relieved that Rosalie thought they should know.

They walked to the elevator hand-in-hand. They arrived at it as Freda came out. She didn't speak a word, but gave Esme a smile with a haze in her eyes. She looked at them superiorly, like she knew something they did not. They ignored her, and headed out to the city of London

It was a calm cool afternoon, with clouds covering the sun making it perfect to take a walk through the city streets. They held hands as walked,watching the city and simply enjoying the hustle and bustle of Central London, and seeing the sights on every street corner. They simply enjoyed spending time with each other.

They went on a double-decker tour bus, listening to a knowledgeable multilingual man, when he bus stopped at a traffic light. The bells rang loudly as Esme looked over and saw the ruins of the St. Dubstan in The East Anglican Church, Carlisle nudged her shoulder and smiled.

"See the book shop there?" Carlisle quietly indicated, pointing his fingers.

"Yes," Esme looked to where he had pointed, which stood at the gray stone corner.

"That was where the house I grew up would have been." Carlisle pointed. Esme smiled nervously peeking into the window to observe the building which was now a bookstore. She noticed a man dressed elegantly in sixteenth century attire that seemed completely unnoticed amongst the customers with the exception of a few shoppers who simply pulled their sweaters tighter and started rubbing their hands together to warm up. She watched as he looked up and saw them. The bus starting moving again as the figuresped through the stone walls, and quickly came through the window of the bus. When Esme looked up less than a second later, Thomas Cullen was standing over her with a half smile playing about his lips.

"Twice in one day," he drawled slyly. He glanced towards Carlisle whilst talking to Esme andbroadly grinned. "After three hundred years I'd have to say he hasn't changed a bit. You don't mind if I join you… three centuries is a lot of time to catch up on." He asked rather kindly.

Esme nodded looking towards him. "If there is a seat available?"

"Don't worry, there will be." He answered, approaching the man sitting next to Carlisle, and in an instant knocked his bag off the seat. Carlisle and Esme helped the man gather his belongings.

"I can't believe you did that?" Esme said as soon as the man got settled.

"Of course, it's common courtesy." Carlisle said wondering why Esme was surprised they were helping the man. He felt a small draught as the poor man's things fell again, this time his umbrella dropped on him. He saw Esme's eyes grew wide, in an embarrassed manner.

"Would you mind stopping that?" Esme scolded quietly, appearing to speak to an old woman sitting in front of them.

"I am not making the bags fall over, miss." The woman said insulted as Esme nodded sagely and helped the man pick up his things again.

"It seems someone does not want me sitting there." The man joked as he got off the bus leaving the seat empty. That was when Carlisle felt a strange draught coming through the window next to the vacant seat next to him.

"Now what do you want?" Esme asked in almost a snapping manner.

"I think it would be a wise idea if we get off at the next stop, if that's alright with you." Carlisle asked becoming very worried.

"And do you mind if I go with you?" Thomas asked Esme.

"Sure," Esme answered for the both of them. "I want to see the next stop."

"You can, but I didn't have a very good time." Thomas pointed out to her as Carlisle looked at the brochures.

"The Tower of London?" Carlisle questioned. That would be the last thing he would expect Esme to look forward to seeing. Esme then looked towards the empty seat as if she was waiting for a response.

"It does sound fascinating." Esme had to admit as the bus stopped. Carlisle felt Esme holding his hand tightly and rushed off the bus together. They passed through a brightly lit tower store and out onto a brown stone floor. They walked through a grey tower coming out to a green courtyard surrounding the medieval gray walls. Esme felt a soft wind and jumped slightly, even though she was expecting this. "Why are you here?" she hissed quietly.

"You're the one who wanted to see this." Carlisle said looking over at her.

"And a bright idea that one was," Thomas started. "I remember touring this, created a very big change in my life."

"I thought you said it didn't go well." Esme said confused, Carlisle was even more confused as they came up to the ice cold prison that was now flocked by tourists.

"It didn't," Thomas informed her. "I sort of lost something at the end." He answered pulling his shirt collar. He then went up and patted Carlisle on the shoulder.

"A lot windier than it looks," Carlisle said as Esme watched Thomas shrugged, disappointed. It seemed he was expecting that.

"Yes," Esme agreed as she looked towards her father-in-law, wondering. Esme wanted to know why he was still there, what made him not go to wherever it was he was supposed to go, and what did he have to do with the ghost haunting the hotel room next to theirs neither she nor Carlisle had ever experienced paranormal activity before, which seemed odd, considering Carlisle had been around for centuries.

"Well, here it is." Carlisle said giving Esme a strange look. "Are you sure you want to tour it? A lot of innocent people have died here, Esme."

"Yes. He does have a point, a lot of sad things had happened here, as a matter of fact touring this place was one of the last things I did." He let out a huff.

"You mean?" Esme asked noticing the large scar around his neck and how it formed a perfect circle.

"Yes, I kind of got a splitting headache." Thomas said rather casually, in almost a joking manner.

"You mean you were beheaded?" Esme asked shocked.

"I was what?" Carlisle asked, hearing Esme's outburst.