TITLE: I Thought We'd go Fishin'

DISCLAIMER: Joss Whedon owns Buffy, James Cameron owns Dark Angel, Davis Panzer/Gregory Widen owns Highlander, other crossovers to come.

PAIRING: Xander/Cordelia, Willow/Oz

RATING: M and R for language, violence, and content.

SPOILERS: Dark Angel is set at the end of season 2. Buffy is set during season 2's episode "Go Fish". Highlander is set after the Series, but before Endgame.

Summary: A continuation of In Death Life Goes on. A sudden increase of murders has the gang investigating the Swim Team.

AUTHOR'S NOTE: This is based on Challenge 1405: Not so broken world submitted by Ladeia and Challenge 400: Immortal Revelation by Teri from Twisting the Hellmouth.


…Beach Party…

Under the faint light in the interior of the Tiki Bar and Grill, Xander Harris stood, pool cue in hand and watched as his opponent scratched and sunk the cue ball.

He shared a smirk with Cordelia Chase who stood on the sidelines with Willow Rosenburg watching him play nine ball.

His opponent was a jock from school, someone from the swim team who had been surprised that the jokester knew how to play the game.

As it was his turn, the transgenic easily sank the rest of his balls as he mentally calculated the physics needed to win.

The jock stood in stunned silence as Xander sank the last ball. He looked at the teen in surprise. 'I've been hustled,' he thought to himself as Xander stepped closer to him.

"Pay up," the X5 said with a smirk, "50 a ball."

Frowning, the jock shoved $300.00 at the young man and stormed away to find the spiked punch.

"Wasn't it a stupid idea to have the party at the beach?" Willow asked as Xander stuffed his winnings into his wallet. "It's kinda cold out there," the red head stated as she looked out into the night at the raging party.

Xander looked at his friend as she shivered and rubbed her hands up and down her arms. He did not need it, so he pulled his light jacket off and slipped it over her shoulders.

"Since they won," Cordy said as she sipped from her can of diet soda, "they got to choose where to have their victory celebration."

"I just can't get over the fact that our team won." Xander said with a smirk. "I mean, it's the swim team," he shrugged. "Our entire sports teams suck."

"Jealous?" Cordelia asked as she moved to his side for a quick kiss.

"No," the transgenic said with a sigh as he slipped his arm around her shoulders, "Just surprised is all."

The trio headed out of the Tiki Bar to look for their other friend.

The tall brunette nodded as she continued their conversation, "My cheerleading squad wasted a lot of time on losers, it's a wonder we ever went to state."

"Well," Willow said in a perky tone, "Sunnydale does have a high mortality rate. Maybe that has something to do with it.

Xander laughed as he said, "At least we're number one in something."

Cordelia slapped him in the stomach at that.

…I Miss My Misspent Youth…

"Help!" a male voice could be heard not far away and most of the students totally ignored the plea.

Xander and Cordelia shared a look. Silently, he told her to stay with Willow and turned to investigate.

Buffy Summers met Xander in the middle and rushed to the drink tub where a crowd had gathered.

One of the smaller students, Jonathon Levinson was being harassed by some members of the Swim Team.

"Hey, Johnny boy, you need to hold your breath longer than that if you wanna join our team," one of the team said as he pushed the smaller teen's head back under the water.

Suddenly, the Swim Team member was pulled away from the tub and forcefully thrown to the ground.

"Hey!" he exclaimed as he looked up and noticed the petit blonde as she stood in his way.

"Nice tattoo." She said as she gave him a dark glare.

Xander helped a coughing Jonathon away from the scene.

"You're alright, buddy," he said as he patted the shorter young man on the back.

Johnathon coughed and spit water out of his mouth as he shivered in the cool breeze.

"Somebody get him a towel," Xander said as he looked at the others who were watching.

"Mind your own business," the teen said as he shoved away from the transgenic and stumbled before he left on his own.

Xander frowned as he watched after the young man's progression away from the party.

…I Can Hear the Oceans Roar…

The jock Buffy had pulled off of Jonathon was down the beach by himself.

"I can't believe that Buffy," he said to himself as he frowned and knelt on the ground. One hand sifted through the slippery sand as he watched the ocean as far as his eyes could see into the darkness.

After a moment he stood and frowned. He doubled over, as if in pain and clutched his stomach. 'What the hell?' he thought to himself as another wave of pain hit and he collapse to the ground.

He began to scream as the pain took over completely.

Tears in the young man's skin elicited a startled, painful moan from the jock. The gashes widened and the young man watched in near amazed wonder as they spread further.

He dropped to the ground one final time as a seam widened down his back and inky black flesh showed through to what was beneath the skin.