Phase of The Moon

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Phone Call


I sat in the front passenger seat of my truck desperately trying to keep warm. I was still shivering from both the shock of what I did and the temperature of the water I jumped into. Jacob was driving but we weren't talking. The silence was painful, Jacob hadn't said a word to me since leaving La Push and I was worried that I had upset him.

Jacob looked at me and smiled "108 degrees over here"

I crawled across the seat and wrapped my arms around his massive muscular arm instantly relaxing as his unnatural warmth spread through my body "Gah you're so warm"

"It's a wolf thing" Jacob smirked.

"No it's a Jacob thing, you're like my own personal sun" I answered, glad that he wasn't annoyed at me.

Jacob chuckled at my answer, but he soon became serious "Is it better now that you know?"

I knew what he was talking about, ever since he told me about him being a wolf he had never asked me about my feelings, especially after what happened with The Cullen's "Yeah, a lot better and I'm sorry I jumped" I looked away in shame, thinking back on it now I didn't know why I did it when I had Jacob to take care of me. I really didn't want or need to end everything and I nearly did.

"I know how upset you've been and I've noticed how much it hurts when someone says his name, I won't say anything about today, I'll forget it happened" Jacob spoke quietly, it was definitely for the best if we both forgot about what happened today, the only other person who knew was Sam, but I could trust him.

"Thank you, I owe you so much" I owed Jacob everything, my life, even if it wasn't worth much.

"You owe me nothing Bells" Jacob leant in slowly but I turned away I was still not ready for what he wanted. I knew Jacob loved me and I loved him, but I couldn't ever be what he wanted I was broken and although I knew Jacob would never hurt me, he deserved better then someone broken like me. I opened the truck door but Jacob reached across from me and pulled it shut starting the engine.

"What are you doing?" I asked.

"There's a bloodsucker" Jacob put his foot down and turned back the way we came, the headlights shone against a black car that was unmistakably Carlisle's car.

"Stop, that's Carlisle's car!" I yelled, I thought I was over The Cullen's, but what if they were back, I don't think I was completely ready to let go yet.

"No Bella it's a trick" Jacob's voice was firm and authoritive, but as my eyes saw his I could see a hint of pain in them even if he wasn't looking me straight in the eye, the same as on the beach after he'd dragged me out of the water. Jacob didn't want to let me go, he didn't want to hand me back over to the vampires he hated so much, his enemies.

"Jacob, please" I begged him, I couldn't just walk away from this. I opened the door and got out rushing towards the door. Jacob followed me, he caught my arm and spun me around, he didn't look in my eyes something I noticed he hadn't done since he changed.

"Bella please if you go in there it's there territory, I can't protect you" Jacob warned, there was both pain in his voice and his expression.

"Then don't" I answered sharply. I felt bad for betraying him after all the help and support he had given me in my time of need over these past few months.

Jacob looked up into my eyes for the first time since he phased, I noticed they softened and he loosened his grip on my arm. I took this as my chance and ran into the house, I turned as Jacob strode back to the truck and punched the door shut in frustration. I closed the front door and searched for the light switch and turned it on.

"Bella!" I jumped as a familiar shriek filled the room. I turned around and Alice was standing at the bottom of the stairs watching me, her face angered.


"Bella please if you go in there it's there territory, I can't protect you" I warned.

"Then don't"

I looked up into Bella's eyes for the first time since I phased, my heart melted and my world stopped, the earth was no longer pulling me down by gravity, Bella was my gravity, everything revolved around her, I loosened my grip on her arm and she ran inside, it took all my strength to not go after her, I ran into the forest phasing as I ran. Sam was nearby as I could hear his thoughts, I told him what had just happened.

"Jacob, you've imprinted on Bella" Sam explained in his thoughts

"She's in there with a bloodsucker and I don't know if she's alive or not"


"What, but it's against the treaty"

"Jacob, she's your imprint you need to protect her and stop her from doing something stupid"

"You sure?"

"Jacob. Go" Sam ordered

I ran back towards Bella's house phasing on the way, I grabbed my jeans and t-shirt putting them back on before heading towards the door. I had to get in there before she was sucked back under the bloodsuckers spell. I was doing so well, I was making her better and she was starting to learn how to be happy again and forget the pain she was feeling.


Alice was standing at the bottom of my stairs, she looked angry. Her hands on her hips and her eyebrows narrowed as she scolded me, if I didn't know she wouldn't hurt me, I would have been very scared right now "Would you like to explain how the hell you're alive?"

"What?" I was confused, Alice was in my house after months of not contacting me, getting angry over me almost dying. It was alright for her and her family to leave and allow me to be half-dead to most of the world, but the moment I decide enough is enough, she turns up shouting at me.

"I saw you jump off a cliff!" Alice yelled "What the hell were you thinking!"

"Oh right, I didn't jump...I was doing it recreationally" I took my coat off, hanging it up on the hooks and walked towards the living room, collecting a glass of water on the way. My throat was still dry and sore from all the salt water. Alice followed me and we sat down on the couch next to me.

"You're into extreme sports now?" Alice was still angry and she wasn't showing any signs of calming down any time soon.

"Only lately and if I told you why you'd think I'm insane" I bit my lip, even though I knew Alice wouldn't tell anyone I couldn't tell her, I would feel embarrassed about hearing Edward's voice in my mind and the hallucinations. Even if she did promise not to tell anyone, that wouldn't stop Edward from reading her mind.

"I already think you're insane, I thought you were dead!" Alice seemed to be a little calmer now, she wanted to know why I jumped.

"Have you told anyone..E-E-him?" I couldn't say his name, for fear of the pain returning.

"No, Edward thinks I'm hunting" Alice sniffed and scrunched her nose up in disgust "Bella, what is that God awful wet dog smell?"

"Err, that would be Jacob" I shrugged my jumper off.

"Jacob who?" Alice's eyes narrowed.

"Jacob Black, he's a werewolf" I prepared myself for Alice to get angry again.

"Bella! Normal people would be better off when the monsters move out of town, but you have to run off to the next ones you can find, werewolves are not good company" Alice warned, she wasn't angry, just more concerned about the way I had been spending my time.

"Speak for yourself" a husky voice came from the doorway and I turned around to see Jacob.

"Jake?" I stood up and so did Alice I stood between them creating a barrier, explaing the damage caused by a fight between a wolf and a vampire would be difficult to explain to Charlie "I thought you couldn't be here"

"Guess I don't care" Jacob shrugged, his eyes narrowed as he kept them fixed on Alice "I had to know you were alive"

"Now you know I'm alive and safe-" I started.

"I'm not leaving" Jacob cut me off.

"I'm going to step outside, give you two a minute" Alice walked towards the back door, I couldn't lose her again, I had just got her back.

"You'll come back?" I practically begged.

"Once you put the dog out" Alice smirked and turned walking out the back door. I heard Jacob growl, unimpressed by her attempt at a joke.

I walked into the kitchen and Jacob followed. I leant against the counter and crossed my arms annoyed that he had ruined my time with Alice, for all I knew she was on her way back to wherever they had been for the last few months "What?"

"Bella, I need...have to tell you something" Jacob was struggling to say what he had to say, which was very rare for him "It's some wolf thing-" Jacob began, but was cut off by the phone ringing. I groaned, rolling my eyes and answered it, expecting it to be Charlie.

"Hello?" I answered.

"Bella?" a surprised voice that was unmistakeable spoke. The color drained from my cheeks and I gasped almost dropping the phone, Jacob looked at me concerned "Bella, is that you?" Edward asked.

After all these months since he left me in the forest alone and broken, after all these months of doing stupid, reckless stuff just in hope of hearing his voice in my crazy head, after all those months his voice brought me no comfort, in fact the only thing I felt was hate "What do you want?" I spat harshly, surprising myself.

"Rosalie told me what happened, she told me you were...dead" Edward struggled to finish his sentence.

"So what if I was dead, you told me you didn't want me, you didn't love me, you made me waste months of my life depressed, clinging onto any hope I had of ever hearing from you again" I blurted out.

"I'm sorry" Edward apologized.

It wasn't enough, him apologizing or the sound of his real voice wasn't enough to make up for the pain I had felt "You told me to move on with my life and I have, it's time for you to move on too" I didn't wait for a response, I didn't want one, instead I hung up and put my head in my hands. I felt Jacobs warm hand on my shoulder, gently massaging it.

"Bells, everything will be okay" his voice soothed me, I turned around and hugged him. We were interrupted by Alice walking in, she looked shocked, scared and sad.

"Bella!" If vampires could cry, I'm pretty sure Alice would be crying right now "Edward has gone to the Volturi, he wants to die, he feels life is not worth living now you're gone"

"Alice I'm sorry, it's what he told me to do, I really hope you get there in time" I shook my head. I couldn't believe I was refusing to go with her, if you had told me a month ago that I would see Alice and not jump at the chance to see Edward, I would have called you crazy.

"I guess...this is goodbye?" Alice's eyes widened and her bottom lip stuck out.

"No, not between us, I still love you, but I can't love Edward not after what he did to me, I'm so sorry" I hugged Alice and let my built up tears fall. Alice rushed out of the house and before I could get to the front door, she was in her car and speeding off down the road.

"Did I really just do that?" I asked, stunned by the courage I had to stand up to a vampire. I felt like it was the right decision.

"Yes" Jacobs voice sounded happy, I couldn't have done what I just did without knowing Jacob woud be there to clear up the mess, like he always had been and always will be.

"What did you want to tell me?" I turned to look at him.

"Maybe we should sit down?" Jacob suggested. I agreed and followed him into the living room where we sat down on the couch together.