Phase of the Moon

Chapter 69

The Biggest Day of Our Lives


A contraction shot through my lower abdomen and I cried in pain. As if my cry of pain was confirmation that I had actually gone into labor everyone seemed to panic. Jacobs imprinting protectiveness came out as I felt his familiar warm arms hold me up.

"My house is the nearest, I don't think she's gonna make it to hospital" Quil offered.

I held on tightly to Jacob panting, I was petrified right now. I had come face-to-face with death countless times, stalked by a vampire, bitten by a vampire, punched a werewolf and been wanted dead or not human by the most powerful vampires in the world, yet I was scared about giving birth to my baby. Jacob lifted me up and carried me inside Quil's house where he set me down on the floor. I wasn't paying attention to who, but someone got a bunch of towels and placed them by my legs.

"We'll be outside Jake" Sam, who played the part of Jacob's Beta nodded as he led the pack outside.

"Good luck Bells!" The pack chorused as they left me inside with Jacob, Charlie and Sue who had offered to deliver my baby.

"Charlie, can you get a damp flannel, Bella may need it for her forehead" Sue asked.

I could feel the sweat beads forming on my forehead and I looked to Jacob who was sat on the floor next to me, holding my hand, he stroked my hair back not caring about his hand now covered in sweat, he gave me a comforting smile, I was going to smile back, but a huge contraction shot through me.

"Contraction?" Jacob asked apologetic.

"Yeah, but that one was okay" I breathed out, but ended up gripping Jacobs hand hard as another one shot through me.

"Alright Bella, on the next contraction I want you to push" Sue ordered.

Charlie returned with a wet flannel and dabbed my forehead for me. The coolness felt good against my boiling head, but the relief soon disappeared. The contraction ended and my head fell onto Jacobs shoulder.

"I'm so proud of you Bella, you're doing really well" Jacob smiled and kissed the top of my head.

"It's time Bella" Sue nodded.

My next contraction began and I pushed a scream coming involuntarily out of my mouth. Charlie counted down from 10 and when he got to one I breathed out and my head fell back onto the couch.

"Good Bella and again when you're ready" Sue smiled.

"Come on Bella, you can do this baby" Jacob rubbed my hand between his two giant hands and put his arm around my back helping me sit up. I pushed as hard as I could when I got the next contraction, this time I didn't scream I just groaned. I was too exhausted to scream, I squeezed Jacobs hand very hard, I knew it wouldn't hurt him, but would probably affect Charlie more so I squeezed Jacobs instead.

"You're doing really well Bells" Charlie smiled.

My next contraction came around quickly and I pushed crying out in pain as I felt the burning stretch of the babies head "Bella, I can see it's head, just a few more pushes and you'll have your baby"

"Bells, you're almost there" Jacob kissed my hand and rubbed soothing circles on my thigh, but he was really not helping.

"One more push Bella!" Sue called out.

I groaned and leaned forward as I used the last of my energy to push one last time. I breathed out and was rewarded with a loud cry. I gasped and looked up and saw a child in Sue's hands. "Congratulations, it's a boy" Sue announced as she cleaned the baby, Charlie handed her a towel and she wrapped him in it passing the baby to me.

I couldn't control the tears that spilled "Oh my God" I bit my lip to stop myself from getting hysterical. A tear dropped on my hand and I turned to see a tear trail come from Jacobs eye, he reached his hand in and touched the babies tiny palm and his fingers automatically gripped onto Jacob's finger that looked massive compared to the tiny bundle in my arms. He had Jacob's face and golden skin like I expected, a mixture of my pale skin and Jacob's russet skin, his hair was jet black like Jacob's but had a soft curl just like Charlies and his eyes were chocolate like mine.

"Have you guys thought of a name?" Sue asked.

"Charlie Junior" Jacob spoke, he did look like Charlie with the dark curly hair and brown eyes.


Bella was asleep in our bedroom back at our house and everyone was squeezed into our living room passing Charlie Junior around, who was now dressed in a babygro and wrapped in my 'blanky'. I couldn't keep the beaming smile off my face. I was so proud of Bella and couldn't believe that the tiny bundle was my creation. My child.

"You know Charlie Junior is a bit...formal" Jared spoke "We should give him a nickname like CJ!" Jareds face lit up. His brain did work.

"I don't mind, but you might have to ask Bella" I shrugged.

"Everyone needs a nickname" Seth added. Bella and I had chosen Seth to be the Godfather and Emily to be the Godmother.

"Do you want to hold him?" Emily asked, she and Sam were currently holding him.

I looked up at her unsure.I had no experience with babies and what if I dropped him? Good first impression. "Um…I don't really know how"

Emily chuckled and stood up bringing CJ over with her "Put this hand behind his head, it is very important that you support his head and put the other hand wherever comfortable" Emily instructed pulling my left hand behind his head "There you go"

I looked down at my child, he wriggled a little and his hand reached up trying to grip onto something. I held out my finger and his hand instantly gripped onto it "Hello Charlie, I'm your daddy" I stared into his chocolate brown eyes that were so much like Bella's. I leant down and planted a kiss on his nose.