This is the first short story exploring what would happen if the story had played out differently. Some are one chapter long and others are longer. I have four stories but if you have any ideas then let me know and I'll see if I can make a short story out of it.

What if Susan managed to avoid getting captured on her wedding day?

PART 1 of 2

With a mighty eruption, her head burst from the church roof and her arms smashed through the stained glass windows on either side. Susan stood to her full height, scared and confused as the steeple collapsed. She looked around at the screaming guests running in all directions, soldiers leading them away. Tanks rolled in and choppers buzzed around her head, she turned to look at them as they flew by, looking down she saw the pile of rubble where Derek was originally standing. "Derek? DEREK?" she cried.

She began digging through the broken beams and crumbled walls until she found Derek reaching up, "Beam…hurt…Derek!" he mumbled as Susan lifted him out in her giant hand.

"Thank goodness you're okay," she said, stepping out of the destroyed church and onto the open grounds. "What's happening to me?"

"Don't worry whatever you do!" Derek reassured her. Just as he was about to tell her to not drop him the soldiers threw grappling hooks round her arm and pulled hard, making Susan drop Derek, she watched helplessly as Derek fell to earth, landing on a held out parachute by soldiers who led him away to the rest of the crowd.

Susan tried to pull herself free from the ropes pulling her down, "Who are you people? What are you doing?" she cried.

She looked ahead and saw Derek and her parents being pushed back by soldiers with guns, this made her angry. "Stop It!" she screamed.

With a sudden jolt she yanked the soldiers holding her down off the ground; the grappling hooks broke away from her arm. She stepped forward, crushing a giant catapult device with her feet the soldiers had just set up; she swatted the soldiers away with her hands, careful not to hurt them, and scooped up Derek from the crowd. He yelped in panic at the sudden rise in altitude, Susan looked but couldn't find her parents. With more soldiers approaching Susan had no choice but to take off with Derek.

"Hold on honey!" she told her fiancée. "We have to get out of here!" And with that she sped off, as far away from the military as possible.

After half an hour Susan had covered sixty miles, finally stopping by an abandoned farm. She had to catch her breath; Derek shaking in her hand, the experience had left him whiter than her ripped wedding dress. "C-can you put me down n-now!" he gibbered.

Susan placed Derek in a nearby hay bail then held onto a windmill to steady herself as she recovered from the run. Her dress now felt like a corset, it was tight round her waist, she wanted to remove it but it was the only thing she could wear now. She looked at Derek who scrambled out of the hay, brushed off his tux and looked up at the now giant bride who was on the verge of crying.

"Derek, what's happened to me? I'm so big now!" she said, attempting to sit down on the roof of the small farmhouse. She underestimated her weight however, crushing the house completely; she fell flat on her back reducing the rest of the house to splinters. Derek jumped out the way of flying timber. Susan sat up from the wreckage but the incident was the final straw as she broke down in tears. She held her hands to her face as her giant tears splashed to the ground.

Derek emerged from underneath an old tractor and saw his enormous bride weeping amongst the pile of broken wood. The weatherman thought to himself for a while, on one hand this whole ordeal could have jeopardised his future career at the Fresno news station. But on the other hand this could be his big break, being the first to report on the appearance of the world's largest human would get him all the jobs in the world, even the NY network channel. He decided to play it cool for now and hopefully stall her long enough for the military to find them again. Walking up to the white haired Susan, who was still silently crying behind her hands, he placed his hand on her toe which got her attention. Removing her hands from her face she looked down at the tiny figure of Derek. "Don't worry, its going to be okay!" he assured her.

Susan sniffed as she held back more tears, after everything that had happened, her husband-to-be was still by her side, or rather by her foot. Picking him up, she held him close to her face, smiling for the first time since walking down the altar. Derek tried to avoid getting his tux wet from her wet cheek.

"Oh Derek, even after all that's happened, you're still with me!" she smiled. Derek put on a pretend smile; he didn't want to give the game away anytime now.

"Yeah, you and me, we're a team remember?" Derek replied. Susan lightly kissed him with her giant lips. She then got up from the wreckage and looked around, the sun was setting and there was still no sign of the military. Damn! Thought Derek, Where are they?

"We're okay for now, if we stay here the night then move off early tomorrow morning, we should get out of California!" she told him. She crouched towards the barn entrance and opened the doors, it was big enough for her to fit in and there was enough hay to make herself comfortable. Holding on to Derek, she entered the barn and closed the doors behind her, Derek was getting nervous about this, hidden from view they would never be found by anyone.

"Er, maybe I should be on lookout!" he suggested, trying to ease himself from her grip.

"Don't worry, Derek," Susan replied, "We'll be safe in here for the night. Besides you need to rest as well after today's events and you need to keep up your strength."

Strength was one thing Derek didn't have against Susan, as he had tried unsuccessfully to free himself from her hand and she wasn't even gripping tightly. Susan laid down on her side, brushing large amounts of straw and hay into one large pile then resting her head on it like a pillow. She held Derek close to her like a cuddly toy.

"Good night, honey." Susan whispered before drifting to sleep. Derek had to act fast; if he didn't get help soon he would end up forever with this giant monster.