Two stories for the price of one...not that you were paying anything to begin with...

Idea by Bearybeary.

What if Susan lived for over 200 years?

When she first changed into a fifty foot tall woman all she wanted to do was be normal again. But as time went on, a lot of things happened to make Susan see that this was a vast improvement on her old life.

She had to destroy a giant robot from outer space. She finally saw her fiancée what he really was, a selfish jerk. Then destroying an alien overlord who intended to take over the world. And saved the world many more times after that.

It made her see what she was truly capable of, and that was anything.

Being free and independent, she went on to achieve many things.

But it appeared that size and strength weren't the only things she had been given when the Quantonium fused with her. As the years went by she noticed that whilst everyone was getting older she remained the same. No signs of age were visible on her face. Grey hair was impossible to find.

She realised that not only was her height increased but also her age. She was now immortal.

It was a lot to take in but she knew that she now had all the time in the world to achieve great things. She could help rectify ALL the world's problems now.

200 years passed and the world had moved on, cars could now fly, electricity was the new fuel and all reality shows were cancelled. The world was finally put right.

Cities were now three times as big and the human race had extended to the moon, making it a secondary home.

In Washington, the Pearl-White House was busy, the Secretary of Defence had an appointment with the President.

He walked into the large room and stepped up to the balcony. He looked out to the large oval room, the President was at her desk, filling in with some forms for new schools.

"Madam President, you sent for me?" asked the Secretary.

Susan looked at the balcony and smiled at him, "Ah, Williams, I wanted to ask you how the relations were going in the middle east?"

"Still peace as always, Madam President. They're having an annual festival next month to celebrate the end of decades of conflict. They asked for your invitation."

"Well of course I'll gladly come." She said, "I did help end the wars between them after all."

"That and every other war, Ma'am." He added, "The world is a much safer place now thanks to you."

"Oh, no need to make me blush," she smiled, "I've just done what every other person is capable of doing, making a difference in the world."

Susan had been elected for President of Earth 40 years ago and in that time she had led her people out of the dark and into a world where nobody starved, nobody fought, pollution was done to nothing and the economy was permanently stabilized.

"Well, Ma'am, I really need to be getting back, a star-liner is coming near the planet, they say they're low on fuel and need assistance,"

"Send them whatever help they need, Williams. I know I can rely on you." Said Susan.

"Thank you, Madam President." He turned to leave.

Susan leaned back to get a good look at him. She may be over 200 years old but she still retained her youthfulness. And there was no harm in having a little look.

If someone had lived as long as she had you would have expected to lose your grip on reality and became a complete wreck. But Susan was strong, she didn't let her ability become a curse, but a gift that she had used to good effect.

After he had gone she swivelled in her chair to look out the large window, when she became President the White House had to be upgraded in order for her to fit in. So the monumental building was ten times bigger with a more modern look.

She looked out onto a world that she now owned, a world she had saved. She never thought that she would have achieved anything like this 200 years ago. The thought of all

her friends and loved ones from her past did make her sad at times but she knew that they were looking down at her. Proud of what she had accomplished.

There was a knock on the door and her personal assistant walked in, "Madam President?"

"Oh hello, Tiffany. Can I help you?"

"Yes, I've come to remind you of your appointment. The Grand opening of the Murphy School for the disabled children of all nations."

"Ah, I could never forget something like that, thank you, dear." Smiled Susan.

Tiffany smiled back and left.

Susan never had a family, given her immortal status it would be too hard for her. But she made up for it by making sure every other family in the world got the best she could possibly give them.

She got up from her chair and took one last look out the window before leaving the room and heading to her personal transport. She wondered what she would accomplish in the future. Maybe her next step was to bring to the galaxy itself.

Second Idea by NeverLander852.

See if you can work out what film I was trying to base this on...

What if Derek became giant instead of Susan?

He parked his jeep on the curb and made his way over to the scene of devastation. A church had been demolished and it was close to where a meteorite that was being tracked had crashed.

He would have gotten here sooner but had got caught up in traffic. He made his way over to the Captain who had led the strike team.

"Report, Captain? What happened here?" asked Monger.

"The meteorite had an energy signal coming from it, when we found it in the crater the energy was gone. And then…it appeared."


"A new monster, sir. Looked just like a man, except fifty feet tall. We tried to engage but he had a hostage, witnesses say it was the bride. The energy must have driven him feral."

"Which way did he go? Have you got men tracking him?" asked Monger.

"Yes, sir. They're instructed not to engage whilst the hostage is still in danger. The last report says the monster is heading east by south east at quite a pace!"

"That means that he's heading straight for…get as many men and equipment together as you can and call ahead to have the city evacuated!"

"Which city, sir?"

Las Vegas, the Entertainment Capital of the World, a renowned major resort city for gambling, shopping, fine dining and now a 50 foot man.

People fled down the streets as fast as they could, as far as they could.

Derek thumped his chest like a wild animal as he bellowed at the people below. His feet crushing cars that were abandoned. In his other hand was Susan, his bride, he had snatched her up when he changed and was now carrying her around like a doll.

Susan struggled to free herself from his grip, she was terrified. She had tried reasoning with him but he wasn't listening, like it wasn't him again.

Derek only had his ripped pants remaining, making him look like a caveman with his hunched walking.

He swung his fist into buildings. Susan had to shield herself from falling glass. It was as if he was looking for something.

The he saw the Stratosphere Tower and began making his way towards it.

"Derek! Please! Stop this!" Susan pleaded, all to no avail.

Then cops started swarming around him in their patrol cars, their flashing lights and sirens making him frustrated. He kicked them out the way and flipped them over till there was a path to the tower.

General Monger and his men arrived just in time to see the Male Monster begin to climb up the tower.

"I think I know what he's trying to do!" said Monger, "Quick, grab my jet pack!"

Derek continued to climb till he reached the top, he stood up and roared in triumph. He wanted all of Vegas to focus all their attention on him, the tallest man standing on the tallest tower in the city built on entertainment and fame.

Susan had her eyes closed, she didn't want to look down, she could hear the rush of the wind around her telling her they were up really high. Then came another sound, it sounded like a jet.

She opened her eyes and saw a man flying towards her wearing a jet pack. He was a uniform and guessed he must be from the army.

She held her arms out in desperation, "Help me! Please help me!"

"Hold tight now, lil' missy!" said Monger.

Derek saw the flying bug hovering by him and tried to swat him away, he was ruining everyone's view of him. But no matter how hard he tried the insect wouldn't go away.

General Monger used all his flying skills to dodge the giants hand but if this kept up then he would soon end up squashed.

Several news choppers soon arrived. Their spotlights and cameras all focusing on Derek, the giant didn't see them as a nuisance, he welcomed them. The cameras were good, cameras meant loads of people could see him.

Remembering he still had Susan in his hand, he looked at her. Her terrified face became more fearful when she realized what she was going to do.

"No! DEREK, NO!"

Then Derek dropped her, discarding her like a piece of used Kleenex.

Susan fell fast, she was halfway to the ground when General Monger swooped in and caught her. "I gotcha. Yer safe now." He said.

Derek meanwhile was embracing his time in the limelight. He made sure every chopper got a good look at him, but then one of the choppers spotlights shone right in his face, blinding him.

He stepped back and lost his footing. The fifty foot man toppled and fell off of the Stratosphere Tower. He roared as he narrowly missed the General and Susan. Susan buried her face in Monger's shoulder and wept as Derek hit the ground hard. Even at his size he could not have survived a fall like that.

Monger landed to the giant lifeless body, Susan let go and knelt next to her dead fiancée, crying quietly.

The general's men caught up with him, their capturing equipment at the ready.

"You won't be needing those anymore." He said.

"Sheesh, what a mess!" said the Captain.

"Well at least we know it wasn't love that killed the beast. It was the TV cameras." Said Monger.

...did you figure it out?