Author's Notes: Inspired by a little text conversation I had with equinexus last night. I've kind of been wanting to write a story like this anyway, so yea. :3 I will translate...badly. Enjoy!

Disclaimer: I do not own Dragon Age or its characters. I only own Iain!

Warnings: Zevran/Male Tabris, so it's boy love!

Much to Iain's surprise, it was a cool day in Antiva. When the ocean breezes from nearby overpowered the beating heat of the sun and carried with it the slight smell of salt and the rising smell of cooked fish from the stall parked outside their building. To get the air in their apartment circulating, Iain and Zevran had opened all of the windows and pushed open the drapes. The sun was shining more heavily into their apartment now, but at least it was cool.

Not only did they let in the sun and breeze though, they had also let in the noise of the road below. A blend of voices which sounded much like a low roll of thunder. Occasionally though, a few voices rose above the crowd to catch the attention of the two elves in the apartment.

"Pesce fresco! Ottieni il tuo pesce fresco!"

From his position on the couch, Iain yawned and stretched out a bit more lazily across the assassin's lap while Zevran sat up, polishing his favorite dagger.

"So?" Zevran spoke without being spoken to, looking down at the ginger in his lap.

"Hm...let me think. Something about getting fresh fish?" Iain responded, his eyes closed as he laid there.

"That one was too easy for you." Zevran said, unimpressed but slightly amused.

"Well we do live in the fishing market." Iain replied as he closed his eyes again.

"Very true." Zevran replied as he grabbed a nearby cloth and began to clean off the blade.

"Siete bello."

Zevran moved the dagger up slightly to look down at Iain who was now looking up at him with a small grin. Zevran smirked back before he went back to cleaning his blade.

"La sono cosi, il mio amore."

A quick glance at the elf in his lap verified that Zevran had stumped him, making Iain huff as he glanced to the window as if it would give him the answer.

"Um...Questo é difficile." Iain replied, scratching into his orange locks as he thought.

Zevran chuckled at the younger elf's confusion and put his dagger aside, then leaning forward and kissing his forehead.

"I said you are quite handsome as well, my love."

"Oh. Ha. I'm still bad at this then cause I thought you said something totally different." Iain chuckled then before he kissed the Antivan. "Ti amo anche se."

"Aha, you are doing fine!" Zevran said before he kissed Iain once more. "Li amerò per sempre, my Grey Warden."

Iain scratched his head once again as he thought about what the assassin had said before he huffed and wrapped his arms about his neck.

"Hm...what'd you say?" Iain asked finally, a bit annoyed with himself.

Zevran shifted a bit to hug the warden, giving a slight shrug then.

"Something about loving you forever, but let's not worry about that, yes?"

The phrase caught Iain off guard and he looked up at Zevran with an arched brow.

"Well you're terribly romantic aren't you? At least, when you want to be." Iain said as he nuzzled into the Antivan then.

"I have my charms, I think. There is certainly something there, yes?" The assassin said then, running a hand through Iain's hair then.

"That's for sure. I mean, I've never fallen for another man before so you've got to be doing something right."

Now it was Zevran's turn to be surprised.

"Truly? Well here I am, happy to be here with you." The Antivan then leaned down kissing the Warden.

"Disposizione con me." Iain whispered then, making Zevran look down at him with a smirk.

"You seem to have that phrase down, yes?"

"One of the first phrases I learned." Iain said with a chuckle before the kissed once more as the calls of fresh fish and the murmur of the crowd were drowned out.