Author's Notes: A serious story for once. :O I got all inspired for this earlier for like, no reason. The first two chapters are in the point of view of my character Loraine Ferrer but it changes. Enjoy.

Disclaimer: Dragon Age and its characters belong to Bioware, Elias and Gervais belong to equinexus, Iain, Loraine and Analia belong to me.

A Terrible Accident -1-

Tense was the air at camp, no one speaking to anyone and Dailen not barking at random squirrels that ran by. The only noise was the sound of the creek nearby and busy shuffling from the tent. No one sat near the tent. No one looked at the tent. Only Dailen was brave enough to sit at the entrance, growling at anything that dared to come by.

I felt like it would be a taboo if I left the area of the camp, that if I at some point crossed a certain boundary, I would resign the city elf to his fate. So I stayed near my own tent, making soup for anyone who might have found an appetite in the last day.

Analia had wandered off at some point after mixing together some herbs and delivering them to the tent. I also heard her whisper something in dalish before she left, but I could care less about what she was doing.

I was actually more worried about where Zevran had gone off to. The usually upbeat Antivan had disappeared sometime late last night and hadn't returned. I wanted to find him, to make sure he was taking all of this alright but once again my fear of cursing the tent stuck with me.

"Loraine...?" A whisper broke the silence and I immediately turned my head to look at Alistair. He had been whittling like mad when I had last looked at him but he seemed to have finished long ago and his shavings were helping the fire.

"Might I have some of that soup?" Alistair said quietly, the tension of the campsite suppressing him as well.

"Oh...yes...yes of course." I replied as I poured out some soup for him and offered him the bowl.

"It might be overcooked." I warned him, but he gave a slight shrug.

"It's fine." He replied before he then began to eat it.

The camp fell back into silence and I stood, wondering over to my tent and pulling out my journal.

"I've never seen that before." Gervais said, surprising me. Gervais had almost been too silent as I had forgotten he was there.

"It's my journal. I've been writing in it since I was younger, off and on of course." I replied as I sat down in my previous spot. I opened its pages then and found my last entry. It was such a happier time then. Slowly I began to write with Gervais watching me with mild interest. I didn't care if he saw. He was probably thinking the same thing I was writing.

'Dear Diary,

I often wonder why the maker has to hurt the people I care about. Do I not do his work? Have I disappointed him in some way? Or does he simply enjoy making me cry? That must be it, for he has made me cry many times before. One of my dear friends is on the bridge of death at the moment, and I pray to the maker in hopes that he will not walk with this child of his just yet. He has not finished his duty to the maker yet and all of us here still need him very much.

It's been over a day now, and not only am I worry about him, but I also worry about Elias. My love has been working on him non-stop since it happened. Of course, he had probably healed him right away...but he still needed to be made stable after such a serious injury. The shock alone could kill him and the screams of pain told us that this was for real. If I know Elias, he is doing everything within his power to save him and that when he is done I will have to lay him to rest.

He's too young to die...Iain is t-'

The unzipping of the tent had the three of us on our feet in a second, Alistair having spilled his soup with the sudden action.

Elias stepped out of the tent quietly, his eyes to the ground before he turned back to the tent and zipped it back up. He gave a pat to Dailen's head before he finally looked up and our eyes met. Elias looked terrible, on the verge of collapsing actually, but his eyes spoke to me.

Iain would live to see another day, but not without consequence.

Silently I moved over to the elven mage and wrapped my arms around him, holding him close. I didn't care when he didn't return my embrace, in fact I could actually feel him slumping against me. His head rested against my shoulder and I could feel him struggling to stay awake. I looked at Gervais and Alistair who seemed to understand what was going on just as well as I did.

"If Zevran comes, tell him to wait." I whispered to the two of them before I helped Elias to my tent. It wasn't until I was tucking him in that the commander actually began to speak to me.

"It's all my fault." Elias muttered, exhaustion heavy in his voice.

"It's no one's fault." I assured him as I brushed his bangs from his eyes.

"I should have protected him...should have..." Slowly the mage began to drift off into sleep.

"It was just an accident my love. A terrible, terrible accident."