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A Terrible Accident -3-

Everyone was doing their own thing, looking through the spoils that the bandits they had just finished off had or setting the bodies off into a more peaceful position. Loraine gave a silent prayer for the men in hopes that the Maker would forgive them for their sins before she then looked to Elias who was trying to get into a chest.

"Allow me." Iain said as he approached the commander. Elias looked up at Iain for a moment before he stood and stepped away from the chest. Iain knelt down low, his ear close to the lock as he pulled out two very small metal rods. He slipped them into the lock and began to move them around before a click sounded which made his ear perk.

"There we go." He muttered softly before he pulled away and the lock fell away.

Elias' mouth moved but no words came out. What was strange was that Iain didn't even notice. He just shrugged before he began to wander away.

"Come on Dailen." The mabari barked silently and followed after his master.

Loraine called to him, though no sound came out and Iain shrugged.

"Going to look ahead. Ya know, for traps and stuff." The youngest called back before he continued walking. He was a good distance from the group when he suddenly discovered another locked chest. Iain was a master when it came to locks, since he had been breaking into nobles houses and belongings since he was just a kid and after looking over the lock he already knew the best way to get it open.

He slammed the hilt of his dagger against the rusted lock, which broke instantly. Iain allowed himself a couple of minutes to mentally gloat on how amazing he was with locks before he then opened the treasure chest. He paused a bit in confusion, wondering why a locked chest would protect nothing.

"Iain!" A loud shout came, drawing his attention away from the chest to a horrified expression on Zevran's face. Suddenly something hit him hard, causing a white explosion of pain before all was dark.

Iain was finding it difficult to keep himself awake. He would slip into consciousness to take in a blurry scope of his surroundings before he would slip back into the peaceful blackness of his mind. This happened quite a number of times, a pained sound emitting from him as the side of his head throbbed.

It was later in the day, when the sun had begun to set that Iain was finally able to regain consciousness and keep it. The city elf ignored the pain in the side of his head to sit up, only to be overcome by even more pain and a wave of dizziness. He groaned loudly then and laid back down, burying the right side of his face into his pillow.

"Maker that hurts!" Iain said into the pillow, his hands going to the source of his pain. The city elf was a bit surprised to find gauze wrapped about the left side of his head. The slightest pressure on the gauze over his eye hurt like hell though and he groaned again.

The sound of his tent being opened drew his hazy, pained attention to the front of his tent. Zevran was in the opening, looking in on him and Iain tried to offer a smile to the Antivan but let out a small groan then.

"He's awake." Zevran called over his shoulder before he moved into the tent, shifting to hold his younger lover.

"How are you feeling?"

Iain just gave a little groan in response as he wrapped his arms around Zevran.

"What the fuck happened?"

"Don't use such language, it looks bad on you."

Iain huffed then. Another sound at the front of the tent drew Iain's attention to the commander who held a vile of some poultice in his hand.

"Drink this, it should help kill the pain for awhile." Elias said, his tone heavy with guilt. Iain hardly noticed the tone as he slammed down the poultice, then leaning back against Zevran with a small sigh. He was ready to sleep again now that he was laying against the Antivan but Elias cleared his throat.

"How are you feeling?"

"Tired...and in pain...what happened anyway?" Iain asked, opening his right eye to look up at the blond commander.

"You were struck by a splintered log." Elias responded, staring at Iain seriously.

"Oh, really? Ouch." Iain said, not as serious as his commander.

"That log could have killed you. In fact, it almost did kill you. And all you have to say is ouch?" Elias seemed to be getting angry with the city elf, which made Iain feel a bit uncomfortable.

"Um...well..." Iain was at a loss of what to say. He didn't want to make his commander any more angry then he already seemed to be. "At least it didn't...?"

Elias gave a frustrated sigh as he rubbed his temples.

"You're lucky you turned your head when you did, or else the damage would've been much worse."

Iain blinked his eye sleepily at these words.


"Yea, that's right. You didn't think you would walk away from that completely unharmed did you?"

"I...actually haven't thought about it. So um, am I going to scar or something?"

"There's that, but that's not it. I'm sorry to say that your left eye is gone."

"Oh tha- wait...what?"

Elias sighed softly before he looked at Zevran. Zevran nodded in response to the commander who then left.

"What did he just say? Did my ear drums get blown out too or something?" Iain asked, obviously beginning to freak out.

"Your left eye, it was completely destroyed. I...saw the damage myself." Zevran stated, beginning to rub the city elf's back as Iain sat up.

"But...Elias is a healer! He could've healed it!"

"Iain, your eye was completely destroyed. Reconstructing your eye is too complicated for healing magic. There was nothing to be done about it." Zevran said in a soothing voice.

"Bullshit." Iain said with a growl.

Zevran was getting a bit frustrated himself but remained calm for Iain's sake.

"Think about it. If Elias could have saved your eye, you know he would have. Myself, I'm just glad you're still alive." Zevran then leaned forward and kissed Iain's temple.

Iain pulled away a bit, still very upset about the whole situation.

"What's an eye compared to your life?"

Iain then sighed then, resting his head on Zevran's shoulder.


Zevran began to rub Iain's back again.

"I's ok to be upset...but it's not Elias' fault. It's no one's fault."

For the rest of the evening, Zevran soothed Iain until the young elf fell back asleep. The city elf would probably be hungry after we woke up again, but for now Zevran would just let him sleep in hopes that Iain found more peace in his dreams then he did when he woke.