Nobody Dies: Everybody Dies

K9: The First

It is recommended that you read both Nobody Dies by Gregg Landsmen, to understand the setting, as well as The Kei Files by EarthScorpian (who has written some very interesting worl), to have an idea of where this is coming from. Yes, it is a Fan Fiction, of a Fan Fiction (upgraded to sidestory), of a fan fiction.

NERV was in chaos. After the defeat of the final Angel, the whole base was kept under high alert with no word as to why from the Commanders or Dr. Ikari.

And then the attack came. All of the MAGI Supercomputers across the globe: Boston, Geneva, Beijing, Matsushiro, Hamburg and Berlin, all working in sync to hack the MAGI below their feet. It was by luck alone that the technicians were able to delay the attack long enough for Ritsuko, Asuka, Kyoko and Yui to activate the 666 firewall.

Dr. Ikari sighed to herself, wiping her brow as Akagi lit a cigarette. "That should do it…" She said.

"For now at least." The younger scientist stated cynically. "What's the status of the other MAGI?"

"The attack's still commencing, there doesn't seem to be any change in the other MAGI's action." reported Makoto

"So that means that we have less than thirty-six hours, if they continue like this…" Kyoko said.

"What is the status of the other pilots?" Gendo said out of the blue, his face unreadable from his throne on high.

The Head Bunnies quickly checked their terminals.

"Shinji is in the cafeteria, I don't think news of the hacking reached the recreation areas yet so I doubt he knows what's going on." replied Maya.

"Rei is already in Unit-05. She asked when she and Go-Kun could go out and play." came from Aoba.

"Good," said Yui, "tell Rei to sit tight, and get Shinji into Ichi as soon as you can." She turned to Asuka. "Asuka, I need you to get into Zwei too. We've got one last battle on our hands it seems."

"Wh-what's g-going on?" She asked.

Yui took in a deep breath before slowly letting it out. She removed her glasses to rub the bridge of her nose. Looking to her husband, she gave only a small nod.

"…SEELE is playing their Endgame. They're playing all their cards, calling in all favors owed… To start Third Impact."

Other than the heads of Project E, and Sub-Director Sorhyu, everyone on the bridged gasped in horror at the resounding response from their commander.

Ignoring the murmurs around them, Kyoko turned to her daughter, placing her hands on Asuka's shoulders and looked into her eyes, offering a sad half-smile. "Asuka, go. And when you come back, no matter what happens, we're going out. We have a lot to discuss."

It took the poor girl some time to realize what was being said, when it clicked. The redhead's sapphire eyes widened, and pools of tears glistened, threatening to fall. On impulse she shot towards Kyoko, wrapping her arms tightly around the older woman, a small, muffled cry of 'mama' was heard. The two stood there for a moment that seemed to last forever. But eventually it had to end, and Asuka parted and ran off to the pens, never looking back. Kyoko noticed Misato looking at her, a half-touched, half-smug look on her face.

"What are you looking at? The girl needs motivation for this last fight. Hopefully she won't screw up because her targets are now humans."

Suddenly, the telephone at Gendo's seat began to ring. Expecting the call, he put it on speaker.


"Commander Gendo Ikari?"


"By order of the Prime Minister and the Secretary-General of the UN, NERV has been hereby revoked of its charter and considered a rogue military element. You are ordered to stand down and surrender to SSDF forces immediately. What is your response."

Gendo looked to his wife below him. With her arms crossed, she resolutely shook her head.

"Yipee-Kai-Yay Motherf___er." And with that he deactivated the phone, and before anyone could question his decision, he gave out orders.

"Katsuragi: Nerv is hereby under maximum alert. All non-military personnel are to be evacuated to the security rooms in the lower levels. All upper-level hatches, doors and corridors are to be magnetically sealed and barricaded, and the three uppermost levels and the lobby are to be flooded with Bakelite. The Evangelions are to be prepped for launch to the Geofront at a moment's notice. Now."

"Yes sir." Misato said automatically with a crisp salute, and began issuing orders.

"Also," said Yui, "Begin warming up the Ree, and get ready to send them to the levels below the Bakelite.

All the techs stared at her for a moment as though she were mad, before slowly turning back to their terminals to unleash the Beast.

"My gods!" cried Makoto suddenly, "The MAGI are being hacked again!"

"WHAT?! That shouldn't be possible!" Ritsuko exclaimed.

Aoba came to respond. "The attacker seems to be on a separate system, and using a backdoor! It looks like it's been there for months now and we didn't know it!"

"What is the hacker's target?" Kyoko asked Ibuki.

"Oh no! It's MAGI-00!"

"The girls!" cried Yui. "Quick get them out of there now!"

"We can't!" called Makoto as he pounded uselessly at the keyboard, the commands not appearing on the screen. "The hacker has completely cut us off at the terminals, we can't imput any orders!"

Sure enough, the commands were slowing up on the screens at a snail's pace compared to the typist's speeds, if they appeared at all.

Suddenly, Aoba's screen blacked out, replaced with a taunting message, Makoto and Maya's screens soon followed:




Yui ran to a backup keyboard at an abandoned terminal that was linked directly into the MAGI and began typing furiously. "Then everyone start trying to by-pass. Mari you too."

It took several long, agonizing minutes, but eventually they were able to regain control of the computers.

"Okay," Yui said worriedly, "Maya, get the girls out of the MAGI."

Or so they thought.

There was a tiny 'beep' from the terminal when First Lieutenant Ibuki tried to access the fourth MAGI core. Normally the sound would have been drowned out by the sounds of war, but in the tense atmosphere, it was as resounding as a bomb. Maya sat up straight and stiff, slightly twitching as she gave a tiny gasp. "N- …No. …Data."

Silence reigned.

"…What?" Was all Yui could say before rushing the young technician and grabbing her by the front of her uniform, Ritsuko and Kyoko rushing to her side, trying to pry her bone-white fingers from the tearful Bunny. "What do you mean?!" she bellowed, the whites of her eyes fully exposed around the iris, the pupil shrunk to a near pin-point, teeth bared, and face an angry red.

Maya sobbed in both sorrow and fear. It was all she could do to not break down from bearing the brunt of the mother's wrath.

"I-it's all gone Doctor Ikari… The OS, the software, the R- Th-the Ree…" At that, Maya fell limp as Yui released her as what the tech was saying sank in, Ritsuko comforting the distraught Bunny. With a mother's desperation Yui hunched at the terminal, typing furiously.


She typed in more commands.


In a last ditch effort, Yui typed in code and commands only she knew, that she had written for just this single MAGI.


Not taking her eyes off the terminal, Yui slowly backed away from the screen before her, oblivious to her surroundings until her back was against the tier, where she slowly slid down until sitting, tears running freely down her face, and yet her voice was blank of emotion.

"Not again… It's Unit-01 all over again…" She buried her face in her hands and sobbed quietly.

Above them, the preparations for the invasion were complete, and the SSDF began the assault.

This was originally posted on the Spacebattles Forum for Nobody Dies. I've cleaned it up some for everyone else to see.