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Alice through the Mirrorshades

Chapter 4 – A sandy reunion

''She isn' wakin' up…''

''She must have swallowed mouthfuls of water!''

''Push on her chest!''

''I can't…''


''She's a female…''


Alice shot up, rolled to her side and started coughing violently. Her lungs were burning, her limbs aching and her head was throbbing in pain. She spit out all the water she could, leaving a very unpleasant feeling in her throat. Exhausted, she collapsed facing the beautiful blue sky. The young girl sighed in relief.

Wait a second… blue sky? How had she managed to survive? Or was this heaven?

''You see it wasn't tha' hard!''

Alice stored up all the strength she had left and lifted herself slowly to sit up on her elbows. Her eyes posed themselves on the most curious pair she had ever seen. On one side, there stood a pretty big griffon. She had already heard of them in books: the muscled body of a lion and the head and limbs of an eagle. No doubt about it, this beast was a griffon. But next to his side, was real life animal- melting pot! The creature was much smaller than the other one. Its body and front paws were the ones of a sea turtle. But it was a pair of hooves that were sticking out at the back of his shell. His head was the one of a calf. A pretty unhappy one though. A look of melancholy and nostalgia seemed to be constantly plastered on his face. The beast stood on his two back feet and behind him we could distinguish a long white tail.

Alice didn't know how much time she had been starring at the two, but it should have been several minutes already. The griffon was shifting uncomfortably while the other creature gave a cold look.

''We've just saved ya life an' that's how ya thanks us?'' the strange turtle said in a thick Scottish accent.

''Now there, Albert, she just came back to her senses. She might not has the strength to speak…'' the Griffon tried to reason him speaking with a slight Cockney-like accent.

Alice tried to sort out what was happening to her. So she was alive, she had escaped that wretched sea. Death must really have her on his good side and she mentally made a note to thank him if she met him someday. Suddenly the young woman's eyes shot open. ''These are very odd creatures…'' she thought. '' Could this be…''

''Excuse me, she started hope building up in her. I do really thank you for saving my life, although I do not have the slightest idea how, but is this… Underland?''

''Ye damn are in Underland! Where would you wanna be? Yer lying on the Crimson beach, ye ar'!'' the turtle-like creature let out.

At his words, Alice suddenly forgot about her aching limbs and stood up laughing maniacally. She was back! She was finally back! She didn't know how and she'd like to find out eventually, but now, she was more than ecstatic to find herself in Underland. She took in a deep breath and savored all the scents of this magical world. She could smell the sea and feel and the wet sand wriggle through her toes. A quick look at her feet and her guess was right: she had lost her shoes. But she didn't care. Alice lifted her damp dress up and started a poor imitation of Futterwacken.

''Hjckrrh!'' coughed the Griffon interrupting the woman of her lame attempt at dancing.

Alice stopped and blushed crimson. She had completely lost herself there.

''Oh, so sorry, it-t-t just feels so good-d to b-be back.'' She stuttered embarrassed.

''Back? You mean…'' the mystic creature's eyes widened in realization. ''Of course! You is Alice! Champion of Underland! Slayer of the dreadful Jabberwocky!''

''Pfff, the other one rolled his eyes. Champion er not, a thank ya wouldn'haf kill' her!''

The Griffon just sighed at his companion's attitude and smiled sympathetically at Alice.

''I introduces myself. I is Valrian and he is Albert, the Mock Turtle.''

Albert cringed at the last part of his sentence.

''Pleased to meet you, Alice smiled back. And I thank you again for saving me, although I would like to know how you did it…''

''Pfff, child's play, the Mock turtle started. I was takin' me afternoon swim when I bumped inta ya limp body. Brought ye up to the surface, and Valy here helped me ta get ya on shore.''

She had been floating in the Crimson Sea? But how did she get there in the first place? She'll have to ask the Queen once she'll see her. ''Oh!'' she finally realized. She was going to see Mirana again! The Tweedles, Mctwisp,Thackerry,Hatter…

In a second, her expression turned from pure joy to the one of deep sadness. She had forgotten them! She had forgotten Underland! And most importantly, she had forgotten Hatter…Alice hadn't kept her promise. How could she have forgotten the wonderfully odd man! She can't even recall when she had forgotten. The young woman was sure she had remembered Underland when she had come out of the rabbit hole. Or did she?

''Sir, Alice?'' asked worriedly Valrian.

''Yes?'' She said snapping out of her thinking.

''You seemed a bit off there….''

''No, I'm fine, really, she lied, just tired. That's all. I was wondering if there was a way I could get to Marmoreal.''

The Griffon and Albert walked towards her, in Albert's case he pretty much wobbled. Valrian gave her a genuine smile while the mock turtle just carried on starring at her coldly.

''Of course! Valrian answered. You was expected, Sir Alice. The Oraculum prophesized your return…I know I was foolish to not recognize you at first, but we doesn't expect for you to come…that way. Hjckrrh! He coughed again. Anyway, we shall contact the Queen as quickly as possible and she will send one of her must trusted knights to come and fetches you.''

He paused before continuing looking behind the young lady.

''And her comes our messenger.''

A big, fat red parrot joined the trio and posed itself on Albert. Around his neck was tied a white band probably marking that he belonged to the white court.

''Get off, ye overgrown sparrow!'' the Mock turtle cried shaking his shell violently.

''KWWWWWWWWWWWWAAAAAAk! Get off, ye overgrown sparrow!'' it repeated happily.

The poor turtle beast retreated in its shell, mumbling something indescribable in Outlandish.

''Hermes! Now I have an important message for the Queen…'' began Valrian.

''KWAAAAAAAAAAAAk! Hermes! Now I have an important message for the Queen!'' the bird cried out again in his annoying high pitched voice.

Alice watched the scene amused, Valrian just sighed.

''The Champion has returned and wish to visit her Majesty, in Marmoreal. She shall be waiting for an escort at the Griffin's and the Mock turtle's home.''

''KWAAAAAAAAAAAAAAK! The Champion has returned and wish to visit her Majesty, in Marmoreal. She shall be waiting for an escort at the Griffin's and the Mock turtle's home.'' Hermes chirped.

The bird flew away, repeating on and on the same sentence. Alice lifted and eyebrow looking curiously at Valrian.

''I thought all animals could talk here in Underland.''

''Parrots ? Nevah ! spat out the Mock turtle coming out of his shell. Just no good repeatin' flyin' meat! That's all!''

''Hjckrrh! Valrian coughed again.Albert!''


The Griffon sighed and just shook his head. ''Quite an amusing pair, those two…'' Alice said to herself. Now that her thoughts were pretty much in place, she was sure she had already met those two in the past…

''Now, Sir Alice, Valrian said, you must is exhausted. How about a feisty meal and good night's sleep at our house? Hmmm?''

Alice's stomach grumbled. She wasn't going to refuse some food now, and it might be better if she was rested to travel to Marmoreal. Who knows how far the white castle was from the Crimson beach…

''It would be a marvelous idea, she answered smiling, lead the way.''

The Griffon then picked her up by her dress and placed her on his back and did the same to Albert who didn't seem to appreciate the fact of being pulled up by his tail. Albert didn't ever seem to appreciate anything anyway. Valrian flapped his huge eagle wings and took off so abruptly, Alice almost tore his fur out. Behind her, the Mock turtle was clutching on her mid-section as if his life depended on it.

The landscape was beautiful and the sea a deep blue, but the young woman's mind was elsewhere. How did she get to Underland? What about her necklace that scummy Youngblood had stolen? She had so many questions for the Queen, she didn't know where to start!

But then her thoughts drove to another special someone…Hatter.

She had broken her promise.