It's been five years since I touched this story. I apologize for that.

I lengthened this chap a bit and hopefully I'll be able to add some new chapters soon.


Itachi reacted as quickly as he could. Reaching out and pinching Sauske's nerve and knocking him out, then dragged his limp body into the hotel room as Sakura watched on in amusement. "Sakura! How are you dear?" Orochimaru asked cheerfully as the pinkette stepped through the door and gently closed it behind her then smiled at the three sanin and the one rogue nin.

"I'm good. How are all of you?"

"I'm good."

"I probably need therapy after killing my clan- but aside from that, I'm okay." Itachi said as he dragged his baby brother to the corner across the room and propped him up against the wall.

Tsunade poured some sake in a small cup and took a drink. "I'm plastered."

"Nothing new there." Jiraiya muttered as he cast the busty blond a look before Sakura plopped down the latest book she and Uzu had been working on causing the pervert to perk up as Sakura sat down next to him. The old pervert made an excited shrill sound and opened the note book and started reading. Orochimaru chuckled and exchanged a look with Itachi.

"So, we're all good. What brings you here today little flower?" Itachi asked as he sat down next to her. Sakura gave them all a cat that ate the canary grin that put each of Orochimaru's evil looking grins to shame.

"I've got news..." Sakura said in a sing song voice.

Tsunade pushed her sake away, her attention now completely on the pinkette and Jiraiya snapped the note book shut and placed it on the table in front of him, Itachi and Orochimaru both stiffened in their seats and leaned forward a bit and asked in unison. "What is it?"

"Is everything okay?"

"Is it Uzu-hime?"

"Is she hurt?"

"Does she need us?"

Sakura held up her hands and motioned for them all to calm down. "It's nothing like that. She's in very good health. She's happy. There haven't been any attacks on her in a while and-" Sakura paused for dramatic effect nearly causing Orochimaru to slam his hands down on the table and demand to know what was going on with his Uzu-hime. But instead the four simply spoke in unison again.


"She's married now." Four jaws dropped all at once and then Tsunade started crying and Jiraya grabbed the sake bottle on the table and downed the entire thing and Orochimaru and Itachi stood up and demanded.

"Tell us who married our little hime!"

Sakura snickered at them. It was typical of Itachi and Orochimaru to get like this when something that they didn't like happened. "It was Kakashi... He married her."

"Oh my god." Itachi groaned as he sank back down to the floor and curled up in the fetal position. He knew that he should have come back to the village sooner and kidnapped the kid.

"My precious hime!" Orochimaru cried. Literally. It was weirding Sakura out seeing the pale faced man with tears slipping down his face as Jiraiya sighed and said,

"Well, I suppose it was inevitable with Kakashi's blood line being what it is and all..."

As Tsunade was silent for a second before she perked up and suddenly shrieked happily. "Little Kashi cubs! Little Kashi cubs! Our little Hime is going to have cute, sweet, adorable little Kashi cubs!"

"Oh dear god..." Jiraiya rasped in despair as he set the empty sake bottle down. Not grand kids, anything but grand kids! He barely knew how to keep his friends and the little hime alive. What the hell was he going to do with grand kids?