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Wrong choice

Chapter 5 Familiar

The sun was slowly rising over the city of Rustboro, welcoming its residents to another joyous morning. But for a certain yellow furred mouse, this morning was not going to be so joyous. Pikachu's eyes slowly fluttered open and The Electric Mouse gave a loud yawn and turned his head to his right, causing his eyes to widen in shock. Cuddled up next to him was Glaceon. A heavy blush found its way onto Pikachu's cheeks at the sight of how close The Snow Cloak Pokémon was. He looked around the room quickly, checking to see if anyone was awake but thankfully they weren't. He looked back to Glaceon who was sleeping peacefully. Pikachu was then faced with a dilemma. "What am I going to do?" The Electric Mouse knew he had to do something, but only two options seemed possible. He was thinking about waking Glaceon but knew that she would become incredibly embarrassed by the situation and he didn't want to put her through that. And that left the other option - just go back to sleep and wait until everyone awoke. He immediately decided against this option, as when everybody saw them, they would start commenting about how adorable they looked - "Especially Dawn." After knowing her for a year The Electric Mouse knew she would be ecstatic when she saw this. And he knew she would start saying things like. "Aww isn't that just sweet." Or. "Oh I have to get a picture of this." And most embarrassingly of all. "Guys let's leave and give these two some alone time." He didn't want to put Glaceon through that either and lay his head down, trying to find another solution. While he was thinking he could hear Glaceon's steady heart beat and the soothing sound almost lulled him to sleep. "Of course," he thought. Pikachu closed his eyes and acted as if he was asleep. He then nudged Glaceon, not enough to hurt her, but just enough to wake her from her slumber. Glaceon's eyes slowly opened and she let out a soft yawn. She looked to her right and then her left and saw a sleeping Pikachu cuddled up next to her. She went as red as Pikachu did earlier. She looked around the room. After finding no one awake she let out a sigh of relief and looked back to Pikachu. She stood up, jumped of the bed and made her way over to her own bed. After she made herself comfortable, Glaceon fell asleep and Pikachu looked over at her sleeping form and drifted off.

After eating breakfast, everyone was walking down the street towards the Pokémart to stock up on supplies, since Team Rocket had eaten theirs yesterday. On their way there Pikachu kept glancing at Glaceon and mentally sighing.

"This is so confusing. There is no explanation as to why she was there this morning. She couldn't have had a bad dream and gotten scared and even if she did she has her trainer to be there for her, and if that was why she came over to me she would have woke me first to ask permission." As Pikachu continued to search for a reasonable explanation he didn't notice Glaceon had stopped walking and was staring down an alleyway.

"Did I see?" she asked herself. The others, noticing Glaceon was missing, turned around and saw her staring down the alleyway, as if searching for something. They ran up to Glaceon and stared at her questioningly.

"Glaceon, what's wrong? Why did you stop?" May asked. Glaceon then spotted a small orange head pop out from behind a large bin and it began to search the area, timidly. Glaceon ran up to the small creature and the others followed. The small orange creature backed up against the wall, frightened by the amount of people in front of it.

"A Growlithe?" Ash asked. May took out her Pokédex. The device whirred before bringing up the Pokémon's profile.

"Growlithe, The Puppy Pokémon. A Pokémon with a loyal nature. It will remain motionless until it is given an order by its trainer."

"But what's a Growlithe doing here?" Brock asked.

"What do you mean Brock?" Dawn replied.

"Well, a Growlithe's native region is Kanto, so there's a very slim chance you'd see one in Hoenn." Glaceon took a step towards the Growlithe but it backed away further. "Wait a minute!"

"What?" May asked.

"That band around its leg - I've seen that symbol." The breeder then took out his guide book and began searching through the pages.

"Brock, it's just a red Pokéball symbol, its trainer probably put it there."

"No, no, look, right here!" The breeder held up his book pointing at a specific part of the page.

"The Pokémon Trainer's School?" They all questioned.

"Yes, it says here that they sometimes go on field trips and when they do, each student receives a loan of a Pokémon with a band that has a red Pokéball symbol." Brock closed his guide book.

"So let me guess. We have to get this Pokémon to come with us to the trainer's school." May said.

"Exactly. And I have just the solution." The breeder set his backpack on the ground and took out a container with a red fire symbol on it and a bowl. Brock emptied some of the contents of the container into the bowl and set it down in front of Growlithe. The Puppy Pokémon stared at the bowl of food suspiciously and sniffed it. The Growlithe chewed on a small piece and swallowed it. The Puppy Pokémon went wide eyed and started to dig into his food. "You must have been hungry? Huh little fella." Brock remarked, kneeling down in front of Growlithe. Having finished his food Growlithe looked up at Brock and began to lick his face in thanks. "He he, you're welcome." The breeder laughed and set the Puppy on the ground and began to examine Growlithe, who was wondering what Brock was doing.

"He's very healthy." Brock commented as he stroked Growlithe. "The trainer's school seems to take good care of their Pokémon. Also from what I can tell he's about two months old, which would explain why he was so scared."

"Should we head to the trainer's school now, then?" Ash asked. Brock stood up and faced the group.

"Yeah, let's get this guy home." The group walked out of the alleyway and made their way to the school.

Our group now stood in front of the door of a large school building. Brock raised his fist, knocked twice and stepped back. A man in a red jacket, grey slacks with light black hair and a moustache pulled the door open and stared at the group curiously.

"May I help you?" He enquired and Brock stepped forward.

"Yes, we found this Growlithe and according to the band on its leg it belongs to this school," the breeder said, pointing to the Growlithe next to him. The man crouched down and looked at Growlithe's front right leg.

"Yes this is definitely our Growlithe." He stood up and continued to speak. "The class that is currently on a trip are looking for him. Excuse me so I can call them and tell them he's alright." The man took out a small yellow device, pushed some buttons and held it to his right ear. "Hello, Roxanne…yes I know you're busy but it's about that…Yes, a group of trainers brought him back…I'll see you later then." He then put the device back in his pocket and faced the group again. "I was just calling Roxanne to tell her you found Growlithe and they can stop searching. Oh where are my manners? - My name is Smith. Say, while you're here would you like a tour of the school?" Ash, May and Dawn looked at each other and shrugged.

"I guess it couldn't hurt." Dawn said.

"It would be something to do." Ash added.

"And who knows it might be fun." May finished.

"Well then why don't we get started."

"Actually guys I can't." Brock said and everyone looked at him questioningly.

"Why not Brock?" Ash asked.

"Well if you are all going to take a tour of the school I should be the one to get the supplies from the Pokémart."

"Alright then Brock. See you later." The breeder turned his back to his friends and started to head for the Pokémart when he felt a light tug on his trousers. He looked down and saw Growlithe looking up at him smiling.

"Huh," was all Brock could say. Everyone was looking at Brock smiling.

"It seems Growlithe wants you to take him with you, Brock." Dawn said.

"Well that makes sense, since you are technically the one who convinced him to come here." Ash said.

"But I can't take him with me." Growlithe looked up at Brock with pleading eyes and started to whimper.

"Nonsense Brock." Smith said. "Growlithe obviously feels as if you saved its life. Which means it probably wants to get to know his saviour. And besides, the Pokémart is only a short walk from here, you won't be gone long."

"Well, if it's okay with you, come on Growlithe." As Brock and Growlithe walked away the others went inside the school.

"Here we have our beginner class," Smith said, opening a door revealing 18 students watching a battle video.

"Hey May, maybe you should attend this class," Dawn said teasingly. May chose to ignore Dawn's comments and they continued on with the tour.

"And this class has students training to become Pokémon doctors." Smith said after opening a door showing 18 students listening to a Nurse Joy talking about specific parts of a Pokémon's body.

"It's a good thing Brock isn't here, or he'd be interrupting the class by flirting with Nurse Joy," Ash said and he, May and Dawn started laughing. Smith looked at them strangely but shrugged it off and they continued with the tour.

"And this class specializes in Pokémon battles." They were now standing on a railing overlooking a battle field where two trainers and their Pokémon were locked in a heated battle while other people watched.

"Haryiyama, grab it and throw it over you!" The Arm Thrust Pokémon's hands grabbed the Ursaring's Arms and lifted it over it and slammed it down on the ground behind him. "Now force palm!" A white ball formed in front of Hariyama's hand and was about to bring its arm down on Ursaring but -

"Ursaring, hyper beam!" An orange beam shot out of Ursaring's mouth and hit Hariyama in its chest, knocking it over.

"That's so awesome" Ash said excitedly.

"Hey May, maybe you should take this class as well." Dawn said as she continued to tease but unfortunately her insults were getting to May.

"Here, this class specializes in Pokémon contests." Our group was now standing in a large room with several training mats on the floor and people who were stretching with their Pokémon.

"Okay May forget about the other classes - this one's definitely for you. Maybe after a year or two here you might be able to beat me." May couldn't stand Dawn's taunting anymore and finally snapped.

"Alright that's it! I've had it with you insulting me! You don't know how good I am!" Everyone looked at May, utterly shocked by her outburst.

"Well you didn't go on your journey because you didn't know anything." Dawn whispered; she wasn't going to go as far as to let everyone in the room know that.

"That doesn't mean I still don't know anything and besides I beat Team Rocket and rescued you all."

"So, that was only Team Rocket - a beginner could beat them. Oh wait, a beginner did."

"Then why don't we settle this with a battle."

"Fine" They both looked toward Smith and May asked.

"Sir would you have a battle field for us to use?" Smith shook his head and said.

"All the fields inside the school are occupied but there is one outside you could use."

"Then we'll use that one." Dawn said as everyone made their way outside the school.

Meanwhile, Brock exited the Pokémart and looked down at Growlithe who was looking back at him. "Why are you so attached to me?" he then heard someone shouting and looked to his left to see a women and some children running in his direction. "Huh." They stopped in front of him and glared at him.

"What do you think you're doing?" the woman asked.

"What do you mean?"

"You know what I mean. What are you doing with that Growlithe?" She said pointing at Growlithe, who was looking curiously at the group of people.

"Me and my friends found him and brought him back to the Pokémon Trainer's School."

"Oh, so that means you're one of the trainers Smith told me about?"

"Yes, I'm Brock."

"I'm Roxanne. But what is Growlithe doing with you if you brought him back?"

"When I tried to come here he tugged at my trousers begging me to let him come and Smith said it was okay."

"Does that mean you're going back?" She asked, suspicious.

"Yes, of course. I was about to head there now until you stopped me."

"Well we were on our way there too."

"Then we should probably get going."

"Right. Come on children." As Brock, Roxanne and the children walked to the Trainer's school Roxanne noticed Growlithe didn't stop looking up at Brock.

May took the position on the right side of the battle field and Dawn took the left. "I'll be the referee if that's okay." suggested Smith. The two gave a nod and waited eagerly for the battle to begin. Smith was standing in the middle facing the school and Ash, Pikachu and Glaceon were standing on the opposite side.

"Hey Pikachu, what do you think's wrong with Dawn? I know she's been overconfident at times but I don't think she's ever insulted anyone about their skills."

Pikachu looked to the confused trainer and shrugged.

"This will be a one on one battle. Whoever's Pokémon is left standing is the winner. Ready, begin!"

"All right Piplup, spotlight!" From Dawn's Pokéball emerged a small blue penguin.

"Let's show'em how good we are, Combusken!" At the mention of The Young Fowl Pokémon's name one of Ash's pokéballs snapped open and standing on Ash's left was Grovyle.

"Huh Grovyle, what are you doing out?" Grovyle did not answer Ash, all he was doing was staring out into the battle field -more specifically at Busk.

"Piplup, bubblebeam!" Piplup's beak glowed light blue and The Penguin Pokémon opened his beak and released a stream of blue bubbles at Busk.

"Fire spin!" A ball of fire appeared in Busk's and she shot a vortex of fire at the bubblebeam and upon contact the two attacks cancelled each other out, leaving behind a thick cloud of smoke. "I better be on my guard. She could attack from any direction through this smoke."

"Hydro pump!" A powerful jet of water then shot out from the smoke and blindsided Busk. Grovyle's eyes widened as he watched Busk's face make contact with the ground.

"Combusken!" May shouted. Busk slowly rose to her feet and looked around furiously for The Penguin Pokémon. Dawn smirked, she had Busk right where she wanted her.

"Peck!" Piplup shot out off the smoke behind Busk and almost struck her with his glowing beak when, - "Combusken behind you, sky uppercut!" Busk swiftly turned around and struck Piplup with her glowing claw, sending The Penguin Pokémon across the battle field. "Flamethrower!" Busk sent the spiralling red-orange flame at Piplup who, after it hit, cried out in pain. Dawn gritted her teeth in frustration.

"She's better than I thought." "Whirlpool!" Piplup's body glowed a bluish-white colour and he raised his arms and beak to the air. He then opened his beak and a huge whirlpool came out of it and formed above The Penguin Pokémon. Piplup then threw the whirlpool at Busk.

"What do I do?" May asked herself.

(Busk! Just jump in and endure the pain! If I can withstand a direct flamethrower from you then you can take this!) All the Pokémon looked at Grovyle incredulously.

"Busk?" All of them except Busk asked themselves.

"What's Grovyle doing out of his Pokéball?" Busk asked herself, she looked towards the whirlpool and followed Grovyle's advice. The Young Fowl dived into the whirlpool and was quickly brought into the flow of the current.

"Combusken what are you doing!" May shouted. Everyone but Grovyle was astonished by Busk's actions.

"That Pokémon's snapped." Dawn thought. After thirty seconds of excruciating pain the whirlpool finally stopped and Busk came crashing onto the hard ground and she hissed as her back made the contact roughly. Without hesitating Busk then pushed herself up onto her feet and glared at Piplup while breathing heavily, waiting for May to call out an attack. Everyone was shocked that Busk was so quick to stand up.

"Grovyle, you had better have a good explanation for making me do that." Busk thought, angrily.

"Now I'm regretting telling Busk to do that, she looks really hurt." Grovyle thought, concerned.

"Mamoswine was right, he is trouble. He told-no ordered her to dive into that whirlpool and she did as he said. And now she is in utter pain. Just wait till the others hear about this." Piplup thought.

"Why would Grovyle do that?" Glaceon asked herself. "I'm starting to have doubts about him."

Pikachu was thinking similar thoughts to Glaceon but still kept his eyes on the battle.

"Combusken's badly hurt. It wouldn't be right to make her continue." May then looked at Busk and saw how she wasn't going to give up. "Combusken, slash!" Everyone was stunned by what was heard. Busk started running towards Piplup, readying her claw for the strike.

"Bubblebeam!" Piplup fired the stream of blue bubbles at Busk but she made no effort to dodge and kept accelerating in Piplup's direction while being continuously pelted by the attack. One again everyone was in shock. Busk raised her right claw and forced it down on Piplup. The Penguin Pokémon stood up and stared at Busk in shock that she was still going.

"Why is Combusken doing this?" May thought.

"That didn't hurt as bad as I suspected." Busk thought.

"Hydro pump!" Piplup shot out a powerful stream of water directly in Busk's direction.

"Combusken dodge it" Busk did not listen to May's command. She raised her arms in a defensive position. When the jet of water hit, Busk was pushed back slightly but kept her defence.

"This is really starting to hurt." When Piplup stopped, Busk lowered her arms and glared at The Penguin Pokémon.

"Unbelievable! That Combusken took three direct water attacks but it's still going." Dawn thought.

"Busk shouldn't be doing this, I'm such an idiot." Grovyle scolded himself.

"Combusken, flamethrower!" Busk opened her beak and unleashed the spiralling red-orange flame.

"Dodge and use hydro pump!" The Penguin Pokémon jumped over the flame and fired the strong jet of water. The attack scored a direct hit and Busk barely managed to keep her footing. After the attack stopped Busk was hunched over and taking in long heavy breaths. She then fell to her knees and fell forward, hitting the hard ground.

"Combusken is no longer able to battle, the winner is Dawn and Piplup!" Dawn jumped up and down in victory. May kept her eyes on the ground and sighed.

"I lost. Well I am technically still a beginner so I shouldn't be surprised." Grovyle ran over to Busk and knelt down beside her.

(Busk are you okay) Busk's eyes slowly opened.

(Uh, what?)

(Here, let me help you up.) Grovyle put Busk's left arm over his shoulder, took hold of her waist and pulled her up.

(Thanks,) she said looking over at him and he smiled in return.

(I guess I have some explaining to do, huh?)

(Yeah. But I think I should rest first.)

(Do you want me to let go now?) Busk then noticed their close proximity and turned away blushing.

(Yeah, I'm sure I can stand on my own now.) Grovyle let go of her waist and removed her arm from his shoulder. Busk looked over at her trainer and sighed regretfully. (I shouldn't have tried to take all those attacks. We could have won.)

(Don't feel that way Busk, you did great.) The Young Fowl blushed faintly at Grovyle's praise who was also lightly blushing. (Speaking of those attacks, why didn't you try to dodge any?)

(I'll tell you later.) she said, trying to change the subject.

"Hey, May. That was a good battle, I must say you did better than I thought you would." Dawn said.

"Uh thanks I guess." May said, unsure if that was a compliment or another insult.

"You two did well in that battle." Ash said.

"I agree, most enjoyable." Smith congratulated.

"I'm going to go and return Combusken." May said as she began walking over to Busk.

"I should return Grovyle too." Ash said as started to follow May.

"Alright Combusken, return." May said, the red beam shot out but Busk moved to her right, avoiding the beam and shook her head. "Why not?"

(I just want to stay out here for awhile that's all.)

"All right then."

"All right Grovyle re-" Ash stopped in mid sentence when he saw Grovyle shaking his head too. "You want to stay out as well?" Grovyle nodded. "Okay then." The trainer shrugged. May and Ash started walking back to Dawn and Smith but looked back when they noticed their Pokémon weren't following.

"Are you two not coming?" May asked. The Pokémon shook there heads again. "Oh, okay." May said faintly and she and Ash continued walking back to Smith and Dawn.

"Are they not coming?" Dawn asked.

"No" They both said.

"Well now that the battle is finished would you like to continue the tour?" The three nodded and followed Smith back inside the school.

The three kids and Smith were walking past the front door to the next class when the door opened and Brock, Roxanne and the children walked through it.

"Ah, Roxanne you're back." Smith said as Roxanne, Brock and the children came up to them. "And I see you've met Brock."

"Yes, and these must be his friends." Roxanne said looking at Ash, May and Dawn.

"Yes, I'm Ash."

"I'm Dawn."

"And I'm May."

"Nice to meet you all. Alright children, back to class." Roxanne said and the children walked down the corridor to their classroom. "I see you're giving the children a tour of the school."

"Yes, I thought it would be a good idea."

"Then may I suggest that we go to the vault next."

"The vault?" Everyone but Smith asked.

"Yes, it's where we keep all of the academy's Pokémon."

"I'd like to see that." Ash said enthusiastically.

"Well then let's get going." Smith said.

"Wow!" Everyone but Smith and Roxanne shouted in awe. Our group was now standing in a large room filled with shelves containing Pokéballs.

"You have a lot of Pokémon." Ash said.

"Yes, and all of them have been specially trained so they'll listen to anyone who chooses to battle with them." Roxanne explained. "Now follow me." They all stared expressionlessly at Roxanne and followed. "Now let's see, where is it?" she asked herself, scanning the shelves. "Ah here it is!" she exclaimed and picked up one of the Pokéballs. She then walked over to Brock and held out the Pokéball. "Here." Brock stared at the Pokéball, confused.

"What's this for?" he asked.

"It's Growlithe's Pokéball." Everyone looked at Roxanne questioningly.

"But why are you giving it to me?" he asked.

"Brock, Growlithe has obviously taken a liking to you and I think you should be his trainer." Brock remained silent as he looked at the Pokéball. The breeder didn't know what to think. He had found this Growlithe about a couple of hours ago and now Roxanne was wanting him to be his trainer. It didn't help the breeder that his friends were just as stumped as he was. Brock then looked down at Growlithe and saw The Puppy Pokémon's happy face. He smiled at Growlithe and turned to Roxanne. "So Brock, will you?"

"Of course Roxanne." Brock's hand reached out and he took the Pokéball from Roxanne and looked down at Growlithe. "I guess you're going to be travelling with us from now on Growlithe." Not understanding what Brock meant, The Puppy Pokémon tilted its head in confusion. Brock held up the Pokéball and pointed it at Growlithe. "Now Growlithe, return." A red beam shot out of the sphere and surrounded Growlithe, returning it to the Pokéball.

"Now that that has been taken care of, may I ask you a question, Ash.?"


"Would you by any chance be challenging the Hoenn League?"

"Yeah, why?"

"Well I'd like to know when you're going to challenge the Rustboro gym."

"Actually with all that's been going on today I haven't had a chance to think about it."

"Do you know when you'd like to?"

"I'd like to do it right now actually."

"Well then you're in luck because I don't have any other classes to teach today." Everyone but Smith had confused looks on their faces and looked at Roxanne.

"What do you mean?" Ash asked, confused.

"What I mean is I'm the Gym Leader."

"You're the Gym Leader!" The four shouted.

"Roxanne did very well in her studies and her battles were always flawless and she was quickly promoted to Gym Leader." Smith explained.

"That's really cool." Ash commented.

"Thank you Ash but back to what I was asking, do you want to have our gym battle now? Roxanne asked.

"Yeah! But I'll have to go get my Grovyle from outside."

"We'll be waiting here for when you come back."

"I should probably get Combusken too." May said.

"Okay but don't take too long."

"We won't!" They both shouted as they walked off.

Busk and Grovyle were sitting down against one of the rectangular columns of the building while Busk was resting.

(So do you want me to explain now?) Grovyle asked.

(Yeah, go ahead.)

(Okay…you know how yesterday we were sparring with each other?)


(Well when you were able to take me on in a fight, I realised you were stronger than I thought. And I thought… that if you could take me on in a fight then you should be able to take an attack from that little blue fur coat.) Grovyle let out a heavy, guilty sigh.

(I forgive you.) Grovyle then turned to face Busk.

(You do?) He asked, surprised.

(Of course. I only got a little hurt by it and you were only trying to help.) Grovyle smiled gratefully at her and turned his head so he was once again facing forward. (Grovyle.) The Wood Gecko turned his head and faced Busk again. (Why were you out of your Pokéball?)

(I wanted to see that blue penguin get beat, that's all.)

(Come on Grovyle, I know it's not that.)

(I wanted to cheer you on.)

(But why?)

(I… felt like I owed you.)

(Owed me?)

((Sigh) You remember all that happened yesterday?) Busk nodded in response. (Well I believed I caused you so much pain that you would never forgive me. So I thought that, even though you wouldn't forgive me, I should try making it up to you as much as I could.) Grovyle said just above a whisper in a depressed and guilt filled tone and lowered his head in shame.

(Grovyle look at me…look at me.) Grovyle did what Busk said and lifted his head up to see her smiling face. (I can't forgive you for that because you did nothing wrong. You said it yourself, we just let our anger get the better of us.)

(Thanks Busk.) He whispered and hugged her which she responded to by blushing and hugging him back. (And now it's time for me to ask you something.) he said after he let go. Busk looked at The Wood Gecko confused. (Why is it that you didn't dodge the rest of those attacks?)

(That's the thing, I…I don't know. I just didn't.) She whispered.

"Just didn't. She must have just been caught up in the heat of the moment." Grovyle thought. (Well whatever the reason at least you're okay.) Busk looked at him and smiled gratefully. The two Pokémon turned their heads and looked forward, each lost in their own thoughts.

Ash, May and their two Pokémon were walking down the halls of the school to get Grovyle and Busk. As usual Pikachu and Glaceon were conversing and Ash was his usual self. But May wasn't. Her head was hung low and the expression on her face was one of worry and sadness. The trainer finally noticed the coordinator's sad demeanour and decided to ask what was wrong.

"May, are you okay?" He asked, concerned.

"Huh." May looked up at the trainer and put on a fake smile. "Yeah why do you ask?"

"Well you looked really down there a second ago."

"Well I'm fine."

"Are you sure May? If there's something wrong you can tell me, that's what friends are for."

"Maybe I should tell him, he would understand, right?" "Actually Ash there is something wrong."

"Ok, so what is it?"

"Do you mind if we sit?" The trainer shook his head, the two sat against the wall and their Pokémon sat beside them.

"So what's bothering you, May?"

"I'm upset, Ash."


"Because I…I couldn't win that battle."

"May, it was just a battle, we all lose at times."

"But you don't understand Ash, that was my… first battle." The coordinator pulled her knees close to her chest and hugged them.

"Your first?" She nodded.

"I've never been in a battle my entire life. And even though I knew that, I acted over-confidently, as if I thought I could beat anyone."

"But you battled Team Rocket didn't you."

"Yeah, but from what all of you have said they aren't that tough."

"So why did you act over-confident?"

"I just didn't want to seem like I didn't know anything, like I couldn't battle."

"Well you convinced me. I thought you did great in that battle and I think you could have won if it wasn't for… you know."

"That's also why I'm upset."

"Huh. What do you mean?"

"I'm worried that Combusken isn't going to listen to me anymore."

"That's nonsense, May."

"No it isn't. I'm a horrible trainer and that's probably why she won't listen to me." Tears began to build up in May's eyes and the trainer looked at her caringly.

"That's not true, May. You're a great trainer." Ash said softly as he put his hand on her shoulder.

(Yeah mommy. Combusken doesn't think you're a horrible trainer, none of us do.) Glaceon said as she tried to comfort her "mother."

(Glaceon's right, Combusken will still listen to you, you'll always be her trainer.) Although May couldn't understand Pikachu, the Electric Mouse still tried to cheer her up.

"Thanks guys." May whispered and smiled at them. Ash stood up and extended his hand out to May.

"Need a hand?" The coordinator wiped away her tears and grasped the trainer's hand. But the trainer pulled her up too hard and the two were now standing mere inches apart, both with heavy blushes on their faces. "Uh…I um." The raven haired boy stuttered.

"…I…you…uh." The brunette also stuttered. Pikachu and Glaceon were quietly laughing at their trainers' expressions. After two minutes May and Ash came to their senses and stepped away from each other, both still blushing with embarrassment

"Let's get going." The coordinator said.

"Uh, yeah, right." The coordinator, the trainer and their Pokémon then continued to walk down the corridor.

Grovyle and Busk were still looking onward, lost in their own thoughts.

(Um, Busk?) Grovyle asked nervously and looked at her.


(Can I ask you something?)


(Why don't you hate me?)

(Huh?) She said confused at his words.

(Everyone except for Glaceon and Pikachu hates me for what I did, why don't you?)

(Grovyle, I know why you did what you did and I know you were only trying to survive. And no matter what I'll always be your friend.)



(Thanks Busk.) He smiled. She smiled back and said.

(It's always good to have friends Grovyle.)

(Until they turn on you.) he whispered, low enough so that Busk couldn't hear.

"There you two are." The two Pokémon turned their heads to the right to see their trainer, Pikachu and Glaceon coming towards them.

"We've been looking all over for you." Ash said. "Come on, I have gym battle coming up." Grovyle and Busk stood up and were about to follow their trainers but Pikachu and Glaceon stopped them.

(Mommy, me and Pikachu need to speak to Grovyle in private, is that okay?)

"Uh sure, but don't take to long."

(Thanks. Come on Grovyle.) The two Pokémon walked off and Grovyle followed reluctantly.

As soon as they thought they were a safe enough distance away, Pikachu and Glaceon turned around and looked at Grovyle, who was still bewildered as to what they needed to talk to him about.

(Okay Grovyle tell us, why did you tell Combusken to jump into the whirlpool?) Glaceon said sternly. Grovyle looked at his friends, shocked. They were talking to him as if they weren't friends at all.

(What do you mean by that?) he asked - his mind a whirlpool of confusion.

(We just want to know why you asked Combusken to do something so dangerous.) Pikachu said.

(I didn't mean any harm if that's what you're thinking.) Grovyle replied quickly and fiercely.

(That's not what we meant Grovyle, we just find it very suspicious that you told Combusken to do that.) Glaceon tried to explain.

(So now you two don't trust me, huh?) Grovyle retorted; he was slightly hurt but he didn't show it.

(Grovyle we didn't say that! We just want to know why you told Combusken to do that.)

(I thought Busk would be able to stand the pain of it since she could take me on in a fight. I didn't mean any harm.) The Wood Gecko replied, hoping they'd believe him. Pikachu and Glaceon detected the hurt in his eyes and smiled at him.

(We believe you Grovyle.) they both said. Grovyle smiled at his friends in thanks. (But there's something we want to know. Why do you call Combusken, "Busk".) Pikachu asked. The Wood Gecko shrugged his shoulders.

(I don't know, I just do.) He replied abruptly and began walking back to his trainer, with a confused Pikachu and Glaceon following.

End of chapter

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