One Song=One Life.

Chapter One. Concert Time

There was nothing like the sounds of the crowds to make your heart pump faster. The harmonic sounds of your names being chanted by so many. It was soothing on a bad day and as effective as an energy drink when the lights go up and the music starts to sound. No matter how many times they had been out of stage, each night was different. Each night filled them with excitement and each night they were more excited then the last. Being one of the worlds most famous bands was definitely a good pick me up. Some times it was hard work, all the touring, working, meeting people, being on shows, interviews. It could all take its toll. But when the lights went up and the music started, there was nothing better in the world to them.

The three brothers all stood together listening as the first bars of the opening song began. They were stood ready to get on the moving stage that would lift them into the spotlight of the night. The nearby stage manager signalled to them it was time and the brothers got onto the platform.

"Have a good one boys." He said. The brothers looked at each other.

"Let's do it." The older one said. The drums were beating and their hearts were pounding in tune as the lift began to rise. The screams became deafening as the Jonas Brothers appeared. As the first chords sung from their instruments the crowds erupted in a mix of song and screaming as if they were unsure what to do, join in or scream as they realised they were actually seeing the Jonas Brothers. There was one thing a fan could be assured of at one of their concerts. A great time or a heart attack from the realisation that there was a Jonas Brother in the same room! The brothers always made sure that they gave the fans a great time. The concert rocked its way along. The fans were radiating joy and laughter as the brothers took their final encore and descended on the moving stage once again.

"That was amazing." Kevin Jonas said grabbing a towel and a cold water from his father.

"No, that was awesome." Joe replied following Kevin and younger brother Nick through the masses of backstage staff and into the green room.

"Did you see those twin girls at the front? I swear they were going to pass out from screaming." Nick described.

"Them, oh I saw them." Joe replied. He sat down on the comfy sofas that lined the sides of the green room. Their parents passed out some bottles of water while the wardrobe department were standing nearby awaiting the concert soiled clothes ready to do their usual mad dash to get them cleaned and fresh for the next concert.

"Was your amp cutting out a few times Kev?" Nick asked. Nick was always the one that was conscious of the way they sounded. He would spend his time making sure the instruments were at their finest, the amps were well tuned. When the group done sound checks, Nick would use his golden ear to make sure they sounded better then the previous show.

"A few times yeah." Kevin replied joining Nick on a couch.

"We should check on that tomorrow." Nick answered.

"There is plenty of time for that." Their father replied. "Let's get you guys cleaned u