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What was time?

Was it a joy?

A burden?

Yes, thought Liesel.

A burden.

Time hurts.

It leaves me alone with my thoughts.

Of the accordion player.

The fist fighter.

The boy with the hair of lemons.

The mama that loved and swore.

The twitcher.

The shop keeper, her dead son.

The books.

Yes, time hurts.

Time is bad, very bad.

Time measures the point up to when I might see the ones I love.

If I ever saw them.

If death would be so kind to let me see them, if I went with him.

Liesel knew she would probably never see them again, but she could dream.

Dreams, thought Liesel.

Dreams are good, they're much better than time.

Dreams let me see my loved ones again.

They let me remember.

They let me forget.

I like dreams, thought Liesel.

Dreams are good.

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