The Magic Nights of Rayearth, Medieval Mystery Series.

By: C-chan


Ratings: Alternate Reality, Action, Romance, and some Humor.

Summary: A re-telling of the MKR series, placed in the setting of 12th century northern Europe. It focuses on Fuu as the main knight, and of course her beau Ferio.  

Notes: This story was inspired by the anime, Magic Knight Rayearth, by Clamp, the Cinderfuu Fanfic, and the dream I had last Sunday. It's basically another version of Rayearth, using the same characters, but featuring Fuu as the main knight, and of course her beau, Ferio. It also takes place in a medieval setting in Northern Europe, and all characters are from Cefiro in this version. One character you won't see  though is Mokona. I couldn't think of anyplace to squeeze "it" in,  and one can only assume that, the setting being medieval times, and Mokona being all full of soft flesh, figure it out. :-P

I wrote this in script form, however all the actions and descriptions are all adequate enough for anyone to follow along. (Ok maybe I over did the intro just a bit, but a girls gotta have some fun.) Plus it saves me time, meaning that it might actually get finished. A list of what means what is below. Enjoy!


Name: Thoughts

Name: Speech


Guard: Snzzz....

(He's sleeping in a large gothic style church, it's twigh-light hour and the room is dark, visible only in blue-green light. The alter is a large elaborate marble fountain, carved with dragons, four winged birds, horned wolves, and adorned with the occasional rare, polished gem. It gurgles quietly, echoing through the empty hall.)

(Overture Music, Opener to Nausicaa of the Valley of the Wind.)

(Suddenly, the gurgling grows into a loud roar as bubbles begin to surface from the bottom of the basin. The gems in the eyes of the dragon, wolf, and bird begin to glow blue, red and green. The guard stirs and opens his eyes just as a brilliant light springs from the fountain and penetrates the darkest shadows of the temple.)

Guard: huh? Whaa?!

(A picture of the church on top of a medieval castle, beams of light shining from all the windows. )

(Roll credits)

Title: The Magic Nights of Rayearth, Medieval Mystery Series...

(A grown up Clef walks quickly down the wide stone passages, staff in hand, followed by a group of people.)

Guard: I was awake the whole time sir! It just suddenly flashed and I couldn't see no more...You're not going in there are you, you'll be blinded!!

(Screen, Written by C-chan)

(Clef keeps walking)

Clef: Can it be true? Is the time of legend on hand?

(Scripting by: Chris-san)

(Lafarga rushing up behind)

Lafarga: What's going on, is the Princess in danger?

(Edited by: The Screaming Demon)

(Ferio carrying wood in from the woodlot, the sky is filled with dark clouds. He sees the light.)

Ferio: What in the name of Cefiro...

(Original story line and character

creation: CLAMP)

(Zegato sits in his tower with some books open on the table. He calmly regards the scene below.)

Zegato: So it has begun...

(Special thanks to: my computer and who ever's web-page this is on.)

(Fuu standing on a hill looking in the direction of the palace, pail in hand. She's dressed like a milk-maid of the 12th Century. A green triangle of cloth holds her hair back, similar to the headband.)

Fuu: The wind is so cold tonight.

(Pan back, looking at a French landscape of the 12th century. Pastures and lanes are lined with stone walls. The land is fairly flat with a large, mountainous looking castle poking out of the ground. It resembles Mont. St. Michael. A twinkle can be seen coming out of one of the topmost windows, it fades and dies away.)

(End overture and credits)

Fuu: They must be doing something at the castle.

Helga: Fuu! Get a move on you useless girl, those cows aren't going to milk themselves!!

Fuu: Yes Aunt Helga. I'm going.

(She runs off over the hill towards the run-down barn. Back in the house, a hovel in desperate need of repair, her two, old, overweight aunts discuss Fuu...)

Helga: That silly girl, always off in the clouds. We'd be rich by now if we didn't have to support a dead weight like her! Did she even finish all her chores for today?

Bertha: Yes, but not very well. My blouse looks just as dirty as it did before she washed it, not to mention all the wrinkles that are left in it. The floor's dirty again, and she hasn't even started dinner yet.

Helga: That fool child, just can't do anything right. Let's see if a night without food with dampen those ridiculous daydreams of hers.

(Meanwhile in the barn, Fuu has finished milking the cows.)

Fuu: Whew! Helga-san seemed to be in a pretty bad mood. I guess that means no dinner again tonight.

(She's talks to the cows to keep herself company. Fuu sits down on a pile of hey in the corner and takes a sip of the milk. Then she digs around in the pile and pulls a potato out of a hidden sac there. She smiles and takes a bite.)

Fuu: It's a good thing I hid this bag of potatoes here. Otherwise I would be very hungry tonight. You won't tell, will you Buttercup-san?

Cow: Mooo.

(Fuu laughs.)

Fuu: You know, sometimes I think you might actually understand me Buttercup-san. For a cow, you must be very intelligent.

Cow: Moooo..(Proudly)

(Fuu laughs and after a moment turns serious again.)

Fuu: I wonder what that flashing light was at the castle. It didn't look like natural light, maybe magical? Although only a very powerful sorcerer could make a spell like that. I wonder...


Fuu: Oops, I'm day dreaming again.

Fuu: Coming!!

(She runs off towards the house. )

(Back at the castle, Clef, Presea, Lafarga, Emerald, Zagato, Lantis, Ascot and Caladina have gathered around the basin. They all stare in wonder at three gems that float suspended above the still waters of the fountain. The temple is lit up by torches now. The gems give off no light of their own.)  

Presea: So this is...Escudo?

Clef: I believe so, yes.


Ascot: You brought us all the way up here to stare at some rocks? Boring. I'm going home.

(He turns to leave)

Lantis: Foolish child, if they were merely rocks no one would waste their breath calling you here.

Ascot: Hey!!

Caladina (With French Accent): Shhh Ascot. Calm toi. (to Clef) So, what does dis "Escudo" stuff 'ave to do with us?

Clef: It concerns all of us deeply. According to legend, the appearance of these stones mean our kingdom, and possibly all of the world itself is in danger.

(General shock, accept from Clef, Emerald, Zagato, and Lantis.)

Lafarga: In danger! How? What can we do to stop it?

Clef: According to legend, there will appear three legendary warriors, known throughout time as the Magic Knights of Rayearth. Each warrior will receive a stone, and the ancient powers of magic hidden within.

All: Oooo!

(They stare a minute)

Ascot: That's it! I'm really strong! I'll become a Magic Knight.

(He reaches out to touch the red stone)

Clef: No wait Ascot! Don't!

(Just before he touches it, the stone erupts into flame. He jumps back just in time)

Caladina: Ascot!!

Ascot: Waaaa! That's hot!

Clef: As I was saying. Only the stone may choose it's wearer. Or more correctly, each stone has already chosen it's wearer. However, who they are, and where they are is another matter. They may not even know yet that they have been chosen.   

(He turns to Emerald, who stands next to Zagato...)

Clef: I must ask you, your highness, for permission to send the kingdom's finest and most trusted citizens to seek out these "Magic Knights." I also feel it should be done with all secrecy, as we do not yet know the nature of our kingdom's threat...Your Majesty?

(Emerald stares at Zagato, seeking, almost pleading, an answer. After a moment, he turns away)

Zagato: Do as you wish. The path of Destiny has already been laid.

(He quickly retreats from the room, much to everyone's surprise, and Lantis's quiet anger)


Emerald: I would not trust anyone more with this task than I trust you Clef. Do as you see fit. If the heavens have sent us a warning of danger, we should treat this matter with all due severity. The threat must be eliminated at all cost.

Clef: I will do everything in my power to see that it is so.

(He kneels to her, and she smiles at for him.)

Emerald: Thank you, now if you will excuse me, take care, and good night.

(She turns and exits the temple as well. Clef gets back to his feet as everyone starts whispering.)

Presea: (to clef) Clef-sama, what's with Zagato-sama? He seemed awfully moody.

Clef: (to Presea) I know. If I had time to talk to him, I would. However the quest for the Magic Knights is the most pressing matter right now.  

Clef: (to all) Since the Princess entrusted this matter to my hands, this shall be our plan. The Escudo will be naturally drawn to the Magic Knights, and them to it. Therefore, Lantis, Ascot, and Caladina, you three shall each take a Gem and seek out the Magic Knight to whom it belongs.

Clef: I will encase the gem in a protective magic shell which will allow you to carry it without touching it. It will react by giving off light whenever the chosen one is present, and they shall be the only one who is able to touch the gem without being harmed. Do not leave out anyone! The scriptures say that the Magic Knights may not necessarily be known warriors. You will leave at first light tomorrow.

Clef: Presea and Lafarga, you two shall be in charge of palace security. Presea, make sure all warriors are fitted with arms. Lafarga, I suggest you double security in the castle and look into protecting our boarders as well. Does everyone understand?


Clef: Good, now go get some sleep. Tomorrow shall be a long day for all of us.

(They slowly all leave the chamber. Clef remains and stares somberly at the empty space where the gems used to float.)

Clef: I only wish I understood why. What evil could possibly threaten our peaceful country?

(He sighs heavily and walks slowly out of the temple)

(Lafarga is walking to his room, he stops outside the door as he sees a shadowy figure.)

Lafarga: What do you want?

(Ferio doesn't' even look at him)

Ferio: Feh, don't ask stupid questions.

(Lafarga doesn't move. He obviously doesn't get it.)

Ferio: It's the night of the quarter moon. You said my debt would be repaid by the end of this day. So, tomorrow I'll be leaving.

Lafarga: ... Who are you?

Ferio: !!!

Ferio: Why you!! I'm the treasure hunter that was imprisoned here unfairly almost a 3 months ago!!

(Pause, Lafarga seems to be struggling to remember.)

Lafarga: ... Ah, yes, the theif.

Ferio: Grrrr! How many times do I have to remind you! The princess gave these to me!!

(he holds up the two small gem devices)

Ferio: Why do you keep calling me a theif?! I should be an honored guest here!!

Lafarga: Really? Then why did you break over 2000 gold pieces worth of rare art trying to escape from here?

(He calmly unlocks his door.)

Ferio: Because your men chased me, that's why!! They did most of the breaking, not me!

Lafarga: (Shrugs) Oh well, either way it was you who smashed the window in the west wing last week, wasn't it? That will cost you another week of work in the wood lot.

(He calmly opens the door.)

Ferio: What?!! Hey that wasn't my fault! And why the wood lot again? I'm so sick of the woodlot! Can't you put me anywhere else?

Lafarga: No one wants you anywhere else, after the mess you made in the kitchen, the laundry house, and the stables, I can't trust you with any other position.

(Ferio's practically red with rage by now.)

Ferio: But I told you, those weren't...

(Lafarga loses it. He draws his sword and in an instant, brings it level with Ferio's nose. Ferio is taken a bit aback.)

Lafarga: That's enough. I'm not in the mood for this right now. Go back to the servant's quarters before I lose my temper and cut your head off like a should have done three months ago. NOW LEAVE!!

Ferio (regaining his hauty composure): Okay, okay, sheesh. Don't pop a blood vessel.  

(He walks off down the hall. Lafarga steps inside his room, only to emerge a second later, just before Ferio turns the corner in the hall.)

Lafarga: Ferrari.

Ferio (pissed): It's Ferio!

Lafarga: Whatever. When I say leave, I mean to the servants quarters.

(He slams the door again.)

Ferio: Dammit!!

(End part 1)