Raven and Crane

It was a normal day in the Titans tower.

Raven was reading, Cyborg and Beastboy were fighting over the video game and the usual meat or tofu breakfast argument. Starfire was talking to Robin when someone knocked on the door. Beastboy jumped up and said,'' I got it!!''

Two minutes later

He came back with a girl that was about Raven's age and looked exactly like her. Raven looked and said,' Crane!!'' Raven got up and whispered,''What happened to you?''

Crane looked at Raven and said,'' I ran away and now Father's going to kill me!!'' Raven knelt down in front of Crane and whispered.'' No he won't! I'll make sure he stays away from you.'' Then Crane wimpered,''I hurt r...Raven!!'' Raven took her sister's pain so she couldn't feel as she healed her sister.

Then Robin said.'' Raven who is she?'' Raven looked at the rest of the Titans and said.'' She's my twin sister Crane.'' Then Raven laid down on the sofa and soon enough she fell asleep.

Two hours later

Crane woke up to see all the Titans around and Starfie was the first to notice. She jumped up and said,'' Hello sister of Raven!! How did you get here? Where are you from? What's your favorite color and would you like to be my friend?'' '' Um portal, Azarath, Black and sure why not.'' Before she knew it she found herself in a bone crushing hug.

Raven woke up and said,'' Let her go Star or she will die." '' Oh sorry new friend.'' Raven laughed causing all the Titans to look at her as if it was the most unreal thing they had ever seen. '' What?'' '' You just laughed and the tower didn't blow up!?!'' Crane busted out laughing and Raven said'' That's because I can show my emotions only when my sister and I are together, Elf Ears!''