Titanic 2020


after Cannibal City

"I'm telling you, Claire, if we run all of your pictures then we won't have any run left on the bloody paper!" Jimmy crossed the room and shook an old edition of the titanic times at Claire.

"We'll run the Fort hope story then your pictures" Jimmy said slowly, just to really annoy Claire,

Claire swolded and pursed her cupid bow lips, she narrowed her eyes

" But what about my photos, the cannibals, king slash, cleaver, the boat!" sha said gesturing around her,

"My photos are just as important, no, actually they're better than your horrible little rag" Claire screeched at him

"Easy now," Jimmy crossed the room and grabbed her by the shoulders

" I'll put in some of them, but I don't want them taken up all the room in my paper..."

" Your Paper? Your paper?" Claire pushed Jimmy away, hard. " Don't you touch me Jimmy Armstrong!"

" Aww come off it Claire, I didn't mean it like that, you know I did'nt!"

Claire spun around and headed towards the door, but before she could reach the handle, Jimmy threw himself against the door.

" Don't go, we need to sort this out, y'know, the paper" Jimmy hinted that it wasn't just the paper that was bugging him, the last few weeks after they had been left on the mainland had been chaotic, trying to stay alive was the main concern, now back to relative safety Jimmy had forgotten how much he missed the Titanic Times, and just being with Claire, not running for their lives, alone.

" Move out of the way" said Claire darkly, she wouldn't look at Jimmy.

" I'm sorry" Jimmy spluttered out,

"Well I don't care" Claire retorted, quickly she shoved herself against Jimmy, trying to dislodge him from the door, he didn't move. She pinched and shoved him again but to no avail, she was just about to give up when Jimmy took her hands and held them against his chest,

"I'm sorry" Jimmy said again, Claire glared at him

"Move" she whispered " out of my way"

Jimmy leaned forward and brushed his lips tenderly over Claire, he smiled when he heard her whimper, grabbing her slim hips, he pulled Claire close to him, peppering light kisses down her neck,

" I missed you" he murmered against her skin, Claire smirked

"Missed you too babe" Claire lifted her head to look into Jimmys chocolate-y brown eyes,

"Am I forgiven?" Jimmy asked, as he started combing his fingers though Claire's long jet black hair,

"Maybe, are you going to give me a proper kiss?" she teased lightly. Jimmy positively beamed. He nodded his head down to meet with Claires eager lips, gently he outlined her lips with his tongue and passionately their tongues intertwined.

" We'll get back to the paper later" Claire said as she continued to kiss the Irish boy.