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Chapter 1- Forgotten Memories

"Damit!" Hayate growled throwing another book down in frustration, how was she ever going to finish her essay on the origins of the current Mid-childan political system if she couldn't find anything on the previous one. All she could find out was that at the end of a terrible interplanetary war five hundred and thirty two years ago, the TSAB was formed to prevent such a horrific event from ever happening again. The information she needed. No the information she craved, the reason that war was fought in the first place just didn't exist. It boggled her mind that a less advanced planet like earth had records going back hundreds and thousands of years, but for all intensive purposes the history on Mid-childa started less than six hundred years ago.

"Is everything alright Hayate?" a cute little red head in a gothic influenced outfit asked.

"Yes, I mean No, Vita you and the other knights are from Ancient Belka right," Hayate asked hoping her knights who lived before the war might have the answers she craved.

"Yes, what do you need, Hayate?" Vita asked taking a seat next to her master on a western style bed.

"Well I was wondering what you could tell me of your life in Ancient Belka. There is nothing in the history books about it, and even Yuuno knows very little about Ancient Belka?" Hayate asked hoping her young knight might have the information she craved.

"Hayate you do know we have no knowledge of our past beyond five hundred years ago beside the fact that we originated in Ancient Belka. I wish I could help you, I'm sorry," Vita sighed knowing she often had the same wish herself.

"Its' ok, but I was wondering if you might let me hypnotize you. I read that you can sometimes bring out repressed memories while under hypnosis," Hayate asked.

"Um, ok, but when did you learn how to do that?" Vita asked.

"You see when you absorbed all those linker cores, their skills along with their power was taken into the book of darkness. I have been able to access a few of them as I've recovered." Hayate explained pulling on the skills of a magical hypnotist they absorbed into the book.

"Ok, but I don't think this is going to work," Vita replied as Hayate opened the tome of the night sky the true form of the book of darkness weaving the intricate hypnosis spell.

"Vita you are going to a happy place, where you can relax, somewhere you do not have to think about battles and hardship," Hayate said trying her best to control the intricate spell.

"HHhhmmm, Vita said slipping into a dreamlike state hugging a large stuffed bunny close to her chest.

"Are you relaxed Vita?" Hayate asked.

"Yes," Vita said her voice full of content.

"Ok, Vita, I want you to think of your life before you became a knight of the book of darkness, what was your life like growing up in Ancient Belka?" Hayate asked as the spell finally took effect.

Section Break

"Mommy look what I found, can I keep him?" a young Red haired girl said running up to a tall pink haired woman holding a large white rabbit almost as big as her.

"Wow, Vita, that's a big rabbit. Did you carry him all the way here?" the pink haired woman replied surprised by the large rabbit. The Leporid gigante wasn't the friendliest of species yet this one seemed perfectly content to be man handled by her daughter.

"Yeah, Vita replied happily her smile stretching ear to ear. "He was heavy at first but then I just thought about how I needed to be stronger, because I really wanted to show him to you and all of a sudden he got lighter. So can I keep him?" she asked looking up at her mother with hope filled eyes.

The pink haired woman smiled. She had been pestering her for a pet for a while now and it seemed friendly enough and since it was a gigante there was little chance of Zafira mistaking it for a snack. "Alright honey but you have to promise to take care of him from now on," the woman replied, unable to resist her daughters smile. Then, reflecting on what the girl had said about the rabbit suddenly getting lighter she added. "By the way your desire to carry him back has unlocked your magic. How would you like to begin your magic training?"

"I can learn magic now, yah!," Vita cheered as eyes widened, and then she almost threw her arms up in the air, remembering only at the last second that she still had a rabbit in her arms.

Vita, learning magic is not a game," the woman scolded. "Learning magic and being a knight is a lot of work!"
"Yes mommy!" Vita replied, not really hearing what her mother was saying as she danced around excitedly. She was going to learn magic!

Section Break

"Vita," Hayate said happy that she could give her youngest charge a chance to relive such a happier time but she couldn't linger her for long she needed to probe deeper if she was ever to gain even a sliver of information on what happened to ancient Belka. While she was sick she never cared much for history only caring to live in the moment, but now healthy and on the road to a full recovery, it was as if something had awoken inside of her driving her to discover her mysterious origins.

"I'm sorry Vita but I need to ask you what happened to ancient Belka?" Hayate asked sadly hoping she wouldn't pull Vita into a nightmare from her buried past.

Section Break

"I don't trust them," Vita growled as she followed her master towards the lone tent sitting in the barren field torn asunder by never ending battles.

"Neither do I, but we need try, we need to give peace a chance, this war cannot continue or all of Belka will be torn apart," A statuesque woman with silver hair replied. There had been far too much suffering on both sides. They needed these negotiations to succeed or neither world would survive.

"I still don't see why you can't Ragnarok their asses back to the Stone Age," Vita growled. Why her master still refused to make use of one of Belka's most powerful weapons was beyond her.

"Vita," the pink haired woman exclaimed shocked by her daughter's behavior. When did Vita become so violent, wondering where her kind and gentle daughter went?

"No, Vita, Ragnarok is an unstable and terrible spell it never should have been created. I will not slaughter the innocent. I refuse to stoop to their level. If there is a chance for peace I must try, our people cannot take much more of this," the silver haired beauty replied she may be the second strongest mage in the land but she would not condone genocide.

"Just let me unleash Graff Eisen on those bastards and I'll teach them to mess with us," Vita groused wanting little more than to smash their enemies into dust smashing a nearby rock into fine gravel for emphasis.

"Violence never solves anything," A kind looking blond replied shaking her head as another rock disintegrated under the might of the mighty hammer.

"Then why are we knights," Vita shot back as they reached the tent.

"We exist to protect the people, not slaughter our enemies," the pink haired woman said as the tent erupted into a massive fireball. One minute they were walking towards a peace conference the next they were blown to the ground their knight's armor ripped apart by force of the massive conflagration.

Pushing her wounded and battered body through the pain she pulled herself off the ground using trusted war hammer as a crutch as more explosions went off around her. "You bastards," Vita growled as she heard a faint whistling sound as another round of artillery shells fell on their position.

"Vita," a voice called out before another round of explosions buffeted the knights.

"Mom," Vita cried as her vision cleared as she rolled a heavy weight off her tiny body only to find her mother's kind face looking back at her.

"Vita I lo…." The pink haired woman said as what little strength she has left her.

"You bastards," Vita cried unable to hear her mother from the ringing in her ears. "I'll destroy you," Vita cried tears in her eyes. "Eisen," Vita cried as a full load of magically enhancing cartridges slammed into the mighty armed device. "Fliegergranate!" Vita screamed gripping her hammer with both hands as she prepared to fire off the magical ball of energy.

Section Break

"Vita, it's alright, no one is attacking you, you're safe here, wake up!" Hayate cried as Vita summoned a large metallic sphere. Shit, recognizing Vita's enhanced shooting magic but with the power Vita was pouring into it, she would be lucky to survive let alone the surrounding city block.

"Eisen, Fliegergranate!" Vita growled as Hayate backed away from the enraged knight as she prepared to fire off the magical artillery shell.

"Blessed wind," Hayate called her T-shirt and jeans instantly replaced by her knights armor as her staff materialized in her hands. "Protection powered!" Hayate yelled pouring all the magic she had into the barrier would be enough to stop the full force of the iron hammer knight as she primed one of her long range attacks.

"Eisen smash!" Vita screamed trapped in the past as she swung her war hammer into the floating mass of magical energy sending the explosive projectile straight into Hayate. Hayate's protection spell barely held as the Fliegergranate exploded against the protective barrier. The force of the blast sent Hayate careening through the wall her body crashing into the sofa like a rag doll.

"Eisen rocket form!" Vita screamed slamming four more cartridges into her hammer shifted into its rocket form propelling her through the newly formed hole in the wall.

"Vita stop, it's me Hayate," She desperately called out as the rocket propelled hammer smashed down on the trembling barrier like a jackhammer.

"You killed my mother, I'll never forgive you," Eisen," Vita roared as Hayates barrier began to shatter.

"Reactor purge," Hayate whispered detonating her knight's armor as the barrier fell flinging Vita and herself across the room cracking the drywall on impact.

"Eisen, limit break," Vita roared as a massive Belkan triangle flared beneath her, the pure magical energy becoming visible as it gathered around her.

"Hayate," Rein called out the reformed unison device instantly merging with her master as she entered the war zone with Signum.

"Vita, stand down!" Signum yelled shocked at the scene, before the young mage released the building magical energy and vaporized them along with the surrounding block.

"Mommy?" Vita asked confused at the sight of her now uninjured mother, still trapped in her memories.

"Vita, stand down!" Signum repeated confused at her fellow knights behavior as Vita powered down the unknown spell the pent up magical energy dissipating into the air.

"Mommy, it's me Vita," Vita said tears starting to pour down her cheeks shocked that her own mother didn't recognize her.

"Yes, Vita it's me," Signum replied in the most soothing voice she could manage. "Now please stand down and put Graf Eisen in standby mode," Signum said playing along hoping to calm down her fellow cloud knight.

"Mommy, I thought you were dead! They attacked us at the peace conference, you and master were wounded, and they were bombarding us. There were explosions everywhere, I thought you were dead, I thought everyone was dead," Vita sobbed, clinging to Signum if her life depended on it.

"It's alright now, everyone is safe," Signum replied, instinctively holding Vita close and stroking her hair as the hypnosis spell began to wear off and Vita. Almost immediately Vita's eyelids begin to droop, and her body went limp, completely exhausted by her short sojourn into her memories. Signum picked the small girl up and began to carry her across the room.

"I love you mommy," Vita mutter in her sleep as she laid Vita on Hayates bed.

"Hayate what happened?" Signum asked. The leader of the Wolkenritter was not normally one to question her master but right now she needed to know what had happened to her fellow knight. Why had Vita tried to turn their beloved master into a stain on the wall and why did Vita think she was her mother. She often looked out for their youngest member but never once had Vita ever called her mom.

"I have to write an essay on the long distance class I am taking on Mid-Childa on the origin of the TSAB, but I can't find anything," She explained in a hurry as Signum raised an eyebrow. "I know that agency was founded after a terrible war, but why was the war started in the first place, how it was fought, or why was Ancient Belka destroyed. I want to know what happened to your home land and the origins of the Tome of the Night Sky. So I asked Vita if I could hypnotize her and find out what life in Ancient Belka, since she used to live there but can't consciously remember anything," Hayate said relaying the story as her voice became quieter and quieter as she continued. She found herself practically wilting under Signum's disapproving gaze.

"Hayate, that was an incredibly risky thing to do, she was putting out more power just now than when she fought the corrupted book of darkness. I shudder to think what she could have done to you, had I not been able to calm her down" Signum told Hayate with a stern expression making the Master of Tome of the Night Sky feel like a petulant child.

"I'm sorry," Hayate whispered. She was on the verge of tears, but for once Signum kept her distance, instead turning to attention to the now sleeping Vita. Seeing this, Hayate did the same. "Just what did she see?" The master of the Cloud Knights wondered, her essay forgotten as the two of them watched over the smallest member of their strange little family. "Signum, before Vita went crazy she talked about playing in a field with her mother and that she had long pink hair. I know you don't remember you past either but do you think it's possible that," Hayate asked her pink haired protector.

"I don't know Hayate," Signum replied.

"I could,..?" Hayate asked.

"No," Signum replied leaving Hayate with a slumbering Vita. Signum did not remember her past anymore than Vita but she didn't want to ruin her and her fellow knight's current life with Hayate. What was the use in digging up something that was long since dead and buried?