-*- Abysses -*-

Van Kleiss stared at the Pack with anger in his eyes. "I still cannot believe that the escape wasn't prevented."

Biowulf slowly placed one foot forward. "But sir we tried—"

"Tried but failed!" Biowulf moved his foot back and Kleiss turned quickly.

"If it's any consolation Van Kleiss," Skalamander started weakly, "you were able to get a taste of her nanites."

Kleiss turned his head, the corner of his mouth tilted up the slightest bit. "And her nanites are exquisite." He turned fully once more. "I suppose that she has a lot of control, such like what I have with my own nanites."

Circe sighed sadly. "Well she's studying them for a cure. She must know enough to control them."

"That is the point isn't it Circe?" Kleiss walked towards her. "And that cure." He turned his attention to the others. "Now what do you think we should do with that cure?"

Circe blinked. "If she finds one?"

Kleiss turned his head and looked at her. "No. She'll find the cure. She has her family to push her on." He once again turned his attention to the others.

Biowulf stepped out again. "We could destroy the cure."

"Yes we could." Kleiss agreed. He walked back up to his throne and turned to look fully at the Pack. "But I wouldn't want to destroy our new friend's hard work." Circe didn't quite like the sound of that. Biowulf moved back into line. "I say that we get the cure and reverse engineer it so that it would be a quick and permanent way of activating nanites. With it we could produce a strong army of Evos." Kleiss chuckled evilly.

Skalamander moved forward this time. "But how we will get the cure? If t were to be created it would be heavily guarded."

Kleiss smiled something the Circe also didn't like. "We won't have to worry about that Skalamander. If my plan works out," he got his remote from his armrest and pointed it to the TV where the recording of Elise's first fight still looped, "then we may just receive our own sample."

-*- Providence -*-

"What am I supposed to do then? Go around the building fixing everything my OCD thinks is out of line?"

Holiday smiled at Elise. "Would you?"


Holiday laughed and placed a hand on Elise's shoulders. "Okay then, you can work on your project then."

"Thank you! Oh my god. Took ya long enough to realize I still have all my brain cells." The Evo shook her head and ran a hand through her hair, knocking off her headband. "Ah, shoot."

"Let me get that for you Elise. You can't bend down yet." Holiday retrieved the headband from the floor. Holiday looked at the ruby in the flower and then the actual flower. "I was wondering Elise," the doctor looked up at looked into Elise's eyes, "is the ruby and flower a emblem?"

"What?" Elise asked a bit too quickly. Holiday raised one eyebrow. "No of course not."

"It is isn't it? And the color orange, it's special too isn't it?"

Elise laughed. "Holiday, really? These things have absolutely no significance at all." Now that is a half truth. It still actually had significance, just not as much as before. She took her headband from Holiday's hand and she placed it on her head. "Thanks for picking this up for me. See you later." Elise turned and walked down the hall.

"Bye Elise. Sorry if I offended you."

Elise continued down the hall and once she turned the corner she hopped/ran towards her room. "That was close." Great, now Holiday will have her doubts. Elise thought. She went into her room and locked the door. She saw her phone and she looked down at it. One missed call. Elise opened the phone and listen to the voicemail.

"Hey Elise." Her brother, Jefferson, greeted. "Mother told us about you thinking that someone knows who you are. Look sis, if you think someone knows you should come back. I'd be safer. I—" He broke off for a second. "Hold on. Amelle wants to tell you something."

The phone got handed over and then apparently Amelle yelled into the phone. Elise pulled the phone away from her ear with a smile, she then put it back just before her little sister started to talk. "Hey sissy! I miss you! I miss my sissy! Oh! I have been practicing my changes! They're coming really fast. Really, really fast." A giggle. "Oh, brother has something else to say to you. Bye sissy!" A giggle followed by another phone handover.

"Elise." Jefferson's strict voice said. "I'm serious Elise. You're not just another scientist that is on the search for the cure. You are more important than just my sister, or our parents' daughter and you know that. You are a—"

"Press 1 to replay message." The phone's automated voice came up.

Jefferson didn't get to finish. He probably got so pissed. Oh well… "Message received." Elise spoke aloud. Her brother wanted to state the importance of her life, he did it. This is probably why he didn't call back. A knock at the door interrupted her thoughts about her family. "Yeah? Who is it?"

"The Queen of Britain and freaking James Bond." Rex's voice replied. "Who do you think it is?"

Elise laughed and placed her phone on her desk before she walked over to the door and unlocked it. "Well hello Queen Victoria." She said to Rex. She looked down at Bobo. "007." She giggled and let them in.

"Why'd you make him Bond?" Rex asked as he pointed back at Bobo.

The chimp chuckled as he jumped onto Elise's bed which is actually clean this time. "Because I'm Bond material."

"You're a monkey." Rex argued. Bobo just laughed.

Elise walked over and sat on her chair while Rex plopped down on her bed. "What do you guys want? Another basketball rematch?"

"Nah." Rex said. "Wish we could but for one we don't have Noah and your leg is hurt."

Elis rolled her eyes. "Chicken."

"Hey I'm not—"

"So what do you want? Really? I'm about to go back to work."

Bobo stretched and fell back on her bed. "We're bored."

Elise chuckled. "And you come to me? Workaholic Elise?"

Rex shook his head. "We're waiting for Noah. Said that he'll bring some video games and movies for us to watch then he's going to work."

Bobo scoffed. "You rubbed off some of your Workaholic-ness on the kid."

Elise couldn't help but smile. "Yeah sure."

Rex scratched the back of his head. "Hey Elise, I wanna ask you a question."

"Yes Rex?"

"How do you control your nanites so well?" Rex's arms fell.

Elise clicked her tongue. She really doesn't know. She always had good control of her nanites. "Well, I suppose that since I study them so much I learn about them and how they work and then I make my work with them instead of against which is usually how people react towards their nanites." While she said that sentence her surety level rose and by the end of her sentence she was 100% positive that it sounded just about right.

"You learn about them and live with them? Is that all?" Elise was about to do a shrug but she stopped herself and nodded, a smile plastered on her face. "Okay… So could you give me some of your papers about the nanites?"

"So you can learn?"

Bobo screamed out in laughter. "I think I just died! Rex wants to learn!" He then purposely rolled off the bed and onto the floor.

Rex glared at the chimp when he stood up while Elise just laughed. "Yeah okay Rex." She rolled her chair backwards and pulled on the filing cabinet that is attached to the desk. She fingered through the tabs and then through some papers in vanilla envelopes. "This one will work." She pulled out a folder that is titled "Nanite Anatomy and Function" and handed it over to Rex.

Rex flipped through the 25 odd pages of information and pictures. "I have to read all of this?" Rex looked up.

"It's not that bad a read. You learn a lot about nanites in those 27 pages."

"The print is tiny!" Rex held up his thumb and pointer fingers to a paper and measured the type. He then raised his two fingers in that position and showed Elise. "Don't tell me you typed it this small?"

"Actually I didn't even research that. That paper was done by my ex-boyfriend Lawson. Which, quite frankly, I still work with him in the labs back home."

Bobo jumped onto the bed and looked at the first page. "Huh. You scratched out his name." He then looked up to Elise. "You'd you break it off?"

"Major flirter and disrespectful."

The monkey chuckled. "Someone should tell Noah not to be a flirter and don't be disrespectful."

The girl shook her head. "Guys…"

"I'll tell him." Rex grinned. "Either way we're going to see him in a few moments. Thanks for the paper Elise." Rex stood.

"No prob."

"Bye Elise."

"See ya later Elise."

"Bye guys." The door closed and Elise turned her chair so she looked at the computer. "Time to get to work." Suddenly the alarm blared and Elise stood quickly, wincing only for a second because of her wound. She went as quickly as she can towards the hangar but by the time she reached there the others were already gone and there was a note by the door. 'Elise, since you're injured we decided to let you jump this one. Bye.' Elise screamed. "I'm not totally useless you idiots!" She stomps on her bad leg and she winced in pain. She growled and turned only to almost run into Noah. "Noah! How long were you there?"

"Since forever." He smiled at her. "Hey Elise."

"Oh man this is not my day." She looked at Noah hands filled with stuff. "Is that the entertainment for Rex?"

"Yeah. I think I might just drop it off in his room and get going. I'm already a little bit late."

Elise sighed. "I'll do it." She took the stuff from Noah's hands and he thanked her. They talked for a moment before he ran down the halls, even later for work.

-*- Rex and the others -*-


The Evo we were up against could actually take technology and make it into monsters. Cool. But then again not cool when said monster shoots CD's at you at almost 65 MPH. That hurts! And I should know; I keep on getting hit. "Ow!" I yell as one hits me in the chest. "This is not cool." I go to my Boogie Pack, and I fly right out of range with the Music of Hurt. From there I switch out for the BFS, Big Fat Sword, or as Bobo says, Big Freaking Sword, and I slice through the CD changer thing they in the stores. I look out and see the Evo, little girl, around 13 or 14. I stand and I notice Six rush by with his freaking ninja skills. He slices and dices through these things like there's no tomorrow. I run after him also doing my own thing. We both reach the Evo in no time but this girl just won't quit. More technology comes alive with every second and they all want to kill us. We easily sliced through those, no big deal. We were about to try and cure the girl, or at least I was, yay me, when she brought to life this passing semi-truck. The truck driver got spit out from the truck and now it was ready for us. Sure we could have just chopped this thing into a million pieces but it held gas and well, who wants to destroy and ecosystem right? Right? Well anyways Six took on the truck monster on by himself while I was supposed to cure the girl and hope than when her nanites are inactive that the truck will die but the strangest thing happened. She actually took control of my own nanites and she is making me fight myself! And while this is happening Six got thrown off the truck and was about to totally pummel Six. I tried regaining myself but unsuccessfully. "Man, I wish Elise is here." Which speaking of which, where is Bobo?

Suddenly I heard Elise's voice as she slid down a rope. "Wish granted." She released the rope and looked up at the plane. "Thanks for driving me Holiday!"

"Holiday flew the plane?" I asked as I looked up.

"Yes she did." Elise replied as Holiday steered the plane towards the truck where she distracted the truck away from Six. Elise quickly changed into a centaur and she trotted past me. "You like to play with technology?" She pulled back and arrow, just a regular grey one, and shot it. "Play with that." The little girl was able to transform the arrow into a mini monster and she was about to shoot it back towards Elise when she was brought down by Elise. "If you don't mind." She pulled out a needle and poked it into the girl's arm. The girl yelled out in pain and Elise pulled out the needle and placed a finger on her arm to stop any bleeding. "Rex, get over here!"

"Hold on! I'm-a coming!" I pulled myself over to them.

"Heal her Rex!" Elise yelled at me as she used her body to hold down the girl.

"Alright I'm going." I yanked my hand down onto the girl's forehead where I was able to heal her. Within moments the girl stared up at us with scared eyes.

"Mom! Help!" Elise got off the girl but she held onto her arm. "Let go of me!"

"Calm down. You probably scared your mom off." Elise said urgently, the needle, as I know noticed, tucked safely with her daggers.

"Why would I scare my mom off you creep?"

Elise snorted and she bent at the waist so she and the girl are practically at eye level. "Because you rude little girl, you are an Evo that caused all of this destruction around you, you endangered the innocents, myself and my partners and almost caused the death of a Providence agent!" The girl flinched. "Now, while I'm ticked off, do you want to call me a creep again?" She threatened and the girl shook her head. "Good girl." Elise straightened. "Now you go with the nice man over there," she referred to Six, "and he will help find your mommy while my friend and I here clean up what you did."

She scoffed. "I'm not going to listen to you."

"Oh!" Elise exclaimed. "So you'd rather clean all this up," she waved an arm and the girl followed, her gaze on the destruction, "or would you rather do as I say?"

"I'm going to go find my mom."

"Good choice." Elise released her arm and she ran off to Six in a scared panic. She exhaled and looked at me. "Clean this up."

"What?" I yelled.

"I have work to do." She said as she started to walk away and as she patted her dagger pouch.

"But I—"

"Hey! You did all this, not me! I just saved your life!" She yelled at me. Holiday moved the plane down to ground level and Elise got on the plane. "Bye Rex! Oh and by the way, Noah came over and I put your crap on your bed in your room!" Her voice drifted off as the plane disappeared into sight.

I groaned. Bobo came then. "What'd I miss?" In his hand he held a banana smoothie. I'm going to strangle him.

"You are helping me clean!" I yelled at him.

"Nu-huh. This is your mess and I haven't finished drinking my—"I pulled it out of his hands and I threw it towards the remains of the CD changer. "Oh… You shouldn't have done that."

"You shouldn't have ditched!"

We argued for a while until Six came over and yelled at us. "Stop your arguing. You know very well Providence cleans up the mess." As if on cue many Providence planes swooped down and the cleanup crew started to do their job. "Let's go." I looked to Bobo and we both shrugged. Our plane landed and we got on it. And I didn't know about the others but I was ready to sleep.

-*- Back at Providence -*-


"Amazing." Holiday mused. "Her nanites are like Rex's but instead of changing into weapons they change the nanites in other technology and weapons."

"Could have figured that out doc." Elise joked. She crossed her arms over her chest. "Still, I want to study this, see how it works." She looked at the doctor. "Can we make copies of this blood?"

"Sure, I don't see why not."

Elise nodded. "I want as much as possible. I'm going to combine it with Rex's and my nanites to see what happens."

"Mind if I am there to see it firsthand?"

"I don't mind at all." The two stared at the screen where the girl's nanites moved wildly and randomly in the blood.

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