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Chapter 13

Sam approached his Father's throne, unable to hide his smile and Lucifer cocked his head to one side, wondering what had made his son so happy.

"Dean has agreed to marry me, to be my Consort." Sam announced, practically bouncing with excitement.

"Congratulations. It's about time you chose a Consort." That made Sam roll his eyes.

"Not like we'll be having children or that I need a partner for Ruling Father, you are King forever." Sam answered.

"Perhaps…I hear a thing called a holiday is nice though and now I will have someone to leave in charge." He teased his son who grinned.

"And no thoughts of taking a Consort yourself?" Samael teased back and Lucifer stared at him, making Sam sigh.
"I've seen the way you look at Castiel Father; he would be a good match for you."

"I do not know what you are talking about, I have just been helping him adjust to life here and the fact that Michael is not to be trusted when it comes to stories about me."

"Whatever you say Father…..just be happy?" With that Sam left him alone with his thoughts.

Dean grinned when he finally found his Dad lounging around and talking with Astaroth.

"Hey Dad." Dean greeted and John smiled at his son, seeing that Dean looked happier than John had ever seen him.

"Hey Dean, what has you so happy?" John asked and Dean's grin got even bigger if that was possible. Dean looked at Astaroth and then shrugged, sitting beside John.

"Good news, great news, well at least I think so and Sammy thinks so….." Dean trailed off suddenly nervous.


"SamaskedmetobehisConsort and I said yes." Dean babbled and John blinked, trying to work out what his son had said.

"Consort?" John finally asked and Dean nodded.

"Basically Samael asked Dean to marry him." Astaroth added to help John understand and John stared at Dean in shock. Marriage? He'd thought he'd never get to see his sons get married and now they were marrying each other. Then he saw the fear in Dean's eyes and he reached out, pulling his son into a hug.

"Congratulations. Where's Sam?" John said and he saw Dean relax at his acceptance.

"Telling his Father." Dean answered and John nodded.

"This is a big step; you're both ready for it?"

"Yeah Dad, I know it seems sudden to you but when you think abut it, Sam was courting me for centuries before all this. He became fully human for me, risked everything. I love him, Sammy or Samael." Dean whispered and John nodded.

"Then that's all that matters son."

John managed to ignore the presence of millions of demons as well as many fallen angels as he walked beside Dean towards the dais where Samael was waiting with Lucifer. Samael's black wings were folded against his back, a slender band of silver was wrapped around his head and he was dressed in shimmering silver robes over tight black leather. Dean's wings were out and folded as well, white and gold shining feathers gleaming against the white of Dean's robes and the grey of the leather beneath them. Apparently the citizens of hell had a thing for leather and silk. John wasn't wearing robes but he had been forced into black leather pants and blue silk shirt. He got Dean up to the dais and his son smiled at him, squeezing his hand before reaching for Sam's hand. John backed away and joined Castiel and Astaroth in the front row, the Grand Duke reaching out to place a comforting hand on John's shoulder. The ceremony itself was relatively brief as vows were exchanged and then a thinner silver band placed on Dean's head. It was done, Dean and Sam were married and as the chalice was raised first to Sam and then to Dean their very beings were bound together for eternity. John grinned as the boys kissed softly and then Sam grabbed Dean, dipping him as he deepened the kiss, actually making Lucifer roll his eyes as he coughed, reminding them they weren't alone. Dean went bright red but Sam just shrugged as he kept an arm around Dean's waist. After that many left back to their duties and the party started.

Dean laughed, smiling as Sam led him around the floor. He calmed as Sam pulled him even closer, kissing the skin were his circlet sat.

"This thing is annoying." Dean whispered and Sam laughed.

"You get used to it, besides it's only for really formal stuff. This is the first time you've seen me wearing mine." Sam consoled and Dean nodded.

"Think we'll be wearing them again soon?" He asked with a nod towards where Lucifer was leading Castiel in a gentle dance. The sight made Sam smile softly and kiss Dean again.

"I hope see, they both deserve happiness." Sam answered.

"Do we need them if Dad and Astaroth?" Dean asked and Sam blinked before looking over to see the two men talking softly together in a corner.

"Yep. I'd never have thought…..Astaroth would be a good match for Dad actually." Sam said and then chuckled.
"Playing matchmaker Consort mine?" He teased and Dean laughed.

"Maybe." Dean told him, kissing Sam.
"Think we can sneak away yet?"

Sam stared at Dean who blushed slightly even as he let his robes fall to the ground. Sure they'd seen each other naked plenty of times through the years and had fooled around a lot but this was going to be different. Sam smiled gently and held his hand out to his Consort, his best friend, his brother and Dean took it, letting Sam pull him in close. Sam leant in to kiss him and Dean relaxed into it, nervousness melting away. Sam's hands gently moved over his leather and silk clad body and Dean moaned into the kiss, willing his clothes away. Sam smiled and let his own clothes vanish as well. Sam slowly moved Dean over to the bed, slowly lowering Dean onto it. Dean stared up at him, green eyes glowing slightly with power even as he smiled and nodded, trusting that Sam would never hurt him. He closed his eyes and decided to just enjoy feeling Sam's touch as Sam kissed and stroked all the skin and feathers he could reach. They kept it at that level for a while but the bond that had been started at the ceremony soon started pulling at them for completion.

"Tell me if it's too fast or hurts." Sam whispered as he began preparing Dean as gently as he could.

"More Sammy, please." Dean begged as he writhed on the bed, needing more. Sam removed his fingers and kissed Dean before beginning to enter him. He paused every time he felt the slightest discomfort from Dean until he was eventually fully inside him. He could feel the bond between them strengthening even as he began to move inside of Dean. Sam's wings were fully extended behind him, helping him balance as he leant over Dean, kissing him deeply as they made love for the first time. The bond snapped fully into place as Sam collapsed on top of Dean and Dean shook beneath him, clinging to him. They were one for eternity now; no one could ever part them again. And when Sam glanced at Dean's wings he noticed a few black feathers amongst the white and gold, Dean no longer belonged to Heaven but to him, just as he belonged to Dean. Sam had been right, Dean would not be some low class demon but would be a Fallen Angel.

"You okay?" Sam asked even as he tried to roll off but Dean wouldn't let him.

"Better than okay." Dean assured him, smiling softly at him.
"But I get to be on top next time." He teased and Sam laughed but nodded. Dean may be his Consort but as far as Samael was concerned they were equals.

The End.
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