Selena gets attacked. O and by the way proctor and Selena are dating in this story :) I don't know why but I just love these two! I own nothing. And this is my first fan fiction (well on , I've written some on paper but not put it on the web.)

Disclaimer: I own nothing!

'This day is so slow. Not enough to do. I'm so tired. But I can't leave. I don't want to sit alone in my apartment all day!'

"Hey Selena"

I turned around and saw Tuck jogging towards me.

"Hey Tuck"

"Hey do you want to get a drink with me after work?!"

"Um.... Sorry I'm really busy and I just got here so I'm on for 36 hours"

"O...Well if you get off early just tell me"

"Ok I will" I start to walk down the hall and Proctor pulls me into the storage room.


He starts kissing me.

"How long have you been working" his kisses are trailing down my neck

"Mhmmmm...... I just got here" 'I wasn't about to drop my lie just for him'

"Really because you smell like you've been here for awhile"

"Fine maybe a few hours" He starts sucking on my neck trying to make me confess.

"A few hours?!!!"

"Fine maybe more"

"How much more?"


"Come on you can tell me"


He looks at me like I'm going to take you home and put you to bed if you don't go home yourself.

"Mmmm… you should go home and rest."

"But...... I don't want to" he stopped kissing me and just gave me the do as I say look.

"Fine I'll go home"

I reached for the door handle and I slowly opened the door "in 8 hours" I said it fast and hurried out the room and left Proctor speechless.