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Abby and Gibbs were still languorously kissing, their tongues teasing, caressing, exploring, and moaning. Abby felt her legs go weak. Thank God Gibbs's arms were holding her or she would have fallen on the floor. Damn, Gibbs was a one of a kind kisser.

We so should have done this way before, Abby thought as she felt his arm pulling her even closer to him; Abby couldn't help but moan into his mouth as she could feel his obvious arousal pressing against her thigh.

Feeling a rush of pure joy run through her entire body knowing that she was responsible for the way his body was responding.

They reluctantly broke the kiss in much need of air and Gibbs rested his forehead against Abby's, smiling, both were trying to regain some of their breathing back.

"If... someone would... pay me to kiss Bond, I'd... re... refuse." she said, grinning at him, still slightly out of breath before she added "Why would I want to kiss him when I can kiss you? You're so much better."

Jethro Gibbs grinned back at her as he "And you ain't seen anything yet."

"Neither have you..." she said a twinkle of mischief shining in her eyes.

God, I'm in trouble... Gibbs thought.

"What you say we take it somewhere else?" Abby asked him as she grabbed his hand, not really giving Gibbs the time to answer.

Now that she had had a taste of what she'd wanted for so long already, she wasn't going to give him the chance to think too much and let him change his mind. She wanted him too much for that.

Abby Sciuto lead Gibbs through Tony's house as if were her own, which surprised him. Pulling at his hand, Abby started to climb the stairs one by one and all Gibbs could do was wonder and follow.

Abby giggled, music to Jethro's ears though he would never tell a soul about that.

"Stop thinking, Gibbs, and I'll tell you how it happens to be that I know Tony's place so well when the time has come.

Slightly stunned by her comment, he tightened his grip around her hand, but didn't say a word in return. He just shook his head.

When they finally reached the top of the stairs, Abby surprised Gibbs once more by pushing him with his back against the wall before capturing his lips with hers in a hungry kiss. It took the NCIS team leader a split second to answer the kiss with equal fervor. They couldn't get enough for each other's mouths, they both had tasted the forbidden fruit and they were already addicted to it.

Abby broke the kiss and giggled as she ran off to the bathroom, leaving the door purposefully open behind her.

Gibbs chuckled as he ran after her. This was definitely going to be an interesting night, well what was left of it.

Now he heard water running, as he entered the bathroom Gibbs gasped. The sight before him was one he thought he would never have seen in his life. His forensic scientist was leaning against one of the glass panels of the shower completely naked, she looked like a goddess to him, with her still so kissable red lips - if he didn't know better he would have sworn she had applied a fresh shade of lipstick on her lips.

Deciding to play too, Gibbs just leaned against the bathroom door frame and watched her with lust. Abby didn't move an inch, she simply watched him back with equal lust shining in her eyes. They stared at one another for a little while before Gibbs pushed himself from the frame and started to remove his clothes one by one. His eyes still riveted to Abby's.

After he got rid of his shirt and T-shirt, now bare-chested, Gibbs then let his hands reach for his belt buckle and, agonizingly slow, unbuckled it, his eyes never leaving the green pools he wanted so much to get lost in of the woman who was now looking at him with great interest, her body was tingling inside and this time it was not only because of his silver hair she loved so much.

Then Gibbs proceeded to unbutton his jeans. God did she love it when he was wearing casual clothes, and damn did he wear jeans well.

Her body started to react involuntarily to the fact that he was undressing. All Abby wanted to was run toward him and put some speed on it, but she held on and did nothing except for biting on her lower lip. Gibbs smirked cockily at her, fully aware of the impact his teasing had on her. He was enjoying this. He then took the edges of his pants and pushed them over his hips, Abby's reaction to it was to swallow hard.

The piece of clothing slit along his legs to finally pool at his feet. He kicked out his shoes and stepped out if his pants. Now only wearing his socks and boxer shorts Gibbs slowly walked a few feet toward Abby, looking at her predatorily.

Abby bit her lower lip again. She loved when he looked at her like that, she felt his just because of that look.

Stopping a few feet from her, he pull off his sock, he smirked at her some more then he let his fingers hook under the waistband of his boxer shorts, pushing them off his hips with a now determined gaze in his eyes. Gibbs freed his manhood that was visibly hardening under Abby's appreciative eyes, darting out her tongue, she licked her full red lips as Gibbs's boxer ended up on the floor, he stepped out of them as Abby pointed her index finger at him, before twisting her wrist to the left. The palm of her hand now visible to him, and then she hooked her index finger before stretching him out again before she once more hooked him.

"Come here." She said in a very seductive voice that made Gibbs shiver.

Gibbs just obeyed and moved toward her.

Once he was close enough to her, she slid her right hand behind his neck and pulled him toward her for a very passionate and intense kiss, her tongue doing wonderful things to him. Gibbs responded with the same ardor.

Gibbs had always guessed that his favorite forensic scientist would be one hell of a kisser, but never would he have guessed that a simple kiss would make his entire body tingle up inside. Only one woman had been able to wake up such a sensation and feelings inside of him and that woman had been Shannon.

He wasn't going to start to compare them because they were completely different, but they both respected him immensely.

As they parted both in much need of air they smiled at one another, then Abby slowly walked into the shower Gibbs on her heels. Abbs placed herself under the shower pommel; the water was just at the right temperature, the man she loved so much came to stand a few inches away from her and she placed her hands on his chest for a few moments before her right arm snaked around his neck to pull him to her, yet again, into a breathtaking kiss.

Gibbs's hands rested on her hips, pulling her even closer to him, making her feel what she was doing to him. Abby moaned into his mouth and grinded her hips against his in a very slow motion in responds to that, Gibbs pushed her back against the wall, and deepened the kiss. Abby lifted her leg to his hips.

He placed a hand on her bottom to support and press her even closer to him.

This wasn't exactly how he had envisioned their first time together, but right now it didn't matter what did though, was all the sensations and emotions, the fact of having Abby's body so close to his was awakening.

Gibbs broke the kiss in need for air, and in order to calm down himself a little bit, otherwise they would be finished before they'd really started. He couldn't even remember the last time he had been kissed like this.

Gibbs pressed his forehead against Abby's, breathing heavily. And so did Abby.

He had never experienced something like this before, his body and mind weren't speaking the same language anymore. His mind was telling him to slow down that he wasn't going anywhere, but his body was telling him that he wanted her now it didn't want to wait any longer.

"Wow" was all he could managed to say, his mind had gone blank.

Abby couldn't help but giggle, she never would have thought that Gibbs was capable of using such a simple word as 'Wow'

"Wh... What?" Gibbs looked at her questioningly.

"No... Nothing, it's just that... that I ne...never thought I would hear you say a world like that.

A smile found its way on his lips.

"Well now you know I do"

Abby's expression grew serious again. "Gibbs, please..."

Jethro who was actually wondering about how to proceed next: following his heart and head and slowing it down or listening to his body and speed things up, didn't have to wonder anymore as Abby's request made the choice for him.

Placing both her hands on Gibbs's shoulders and with his support, his girl, lifted her other leg on his hip and crossed her ankles to secure her around him.

They staid like this not moving an inch, just staring at one another, the only thing that could be heard was the sound of the water pouring down from the shower pommel to finally roll of their bodies.

Abby leaned forward letting him think she was about to kiss him again, but when her face was mare inches from his, she looked left and pressed her cheek to his to whisper seductively in his ear: "I want you, inside of me, Jethro..."

Gibbs's breath coughed his throat.

She hugged him then before letting her hand reach between then to grab his manhood and guide him home.

They gasped for air has they finally became one, closing their eyes for a minutes both completely overwhelmed by the sensation.

This feels so good, they both thought.

Gibbs leaned forward and captured her lips for a deep, hard kiss, as she started to grind her hips urging him on the move.

Breaking the kiss, Gibbs let his lips wonder on her neck. His favorite girl intently pulled her head to the side to give him better access to her neck. His tongue darting out at her pulse point. Letting it lick her neck further to her spider web tattoo, drawing every single line of it, making Abby moan and groan in delight.

In reaction to her moans, Gibbs withdraws almost completely out of her which made her groan in protest. Her protest was rapidly followed by a satisfying gasp as he pushed his way back home again.

Squeezing her eyes shout, she blocked out her surroundings.

Feeling him moving inside of her, mixed with the feeling of the hot water rolling down on them was heavenly, now Gibbs was trailing kiss from her spider web tattoo to the crock of her shoulder, while he was continuing his delicious frictions, Abby sank her finger nails deep into his shoulders before holding her head up again, and letting her lips kiss his neck, then biting lightly.

Gibbs moaned loving the feeling or her biting lightly; he returned the gesture before leaning backwards a little to be able to look in her now full of lust eyes. Seeking out her lips for a deep kiss, she was now moving faster against him.

"Gib...bs... Fa... fa...ster, please." She managed to say in a hoarse and ragged breath.

But Gibbs wanted to keep playing, and tease her a bit more.

Switching most of Abby's weigh to his left side, he reaches between them with is right and finds her clit managing it expertly, Her grip on his shoulders tightened, her mouth falling him open.

God I'm not gonna last long anymore if he, oh God, he's so damn good at it. Abby thought completely amazed, that he seemed to know exactly what she liked.

"G... iiii.... bbbbs! I... I'm... gonna... Oh... yes... right th... ere... ju... just... a... li... litt...little More!

"Let go, Abbs, come for me." Gibbs told her in a hoarse breath.

That is all it took for Abby, she came hard, letting her body be washed over by her orgasm, her inner muscles gripping him even more, and then releasing him before contracting around his manhood again. Her head thrown bad, and her back completely arched, which cause her pelvis to press even more against him.

Gibbs held her body tightly against his until she seem to calm down, he didn't until she was completely back from that blissful place as he trusted into her, one hard time, making her gasped for air, Abby could still feel after shock waves when she fell that familiar warmth form into the pit of her stomach all over again.

"Oh God" She struggled to get out.

Gibbs trusted twice more into her and they both exploded into one another.

Hugging him, Abby rides out her second orgasm repeating his name like a mantra as he does the same, repeating her name over and over again.

They stay like this in the shower with the water still running until, their body and breath have calmed down enough, then she slowly let's one of her legs slide along his followed by the other to finally stand by her own. As they step out of the cabin Abby laughs.

As he reached for towels, Gibbs asks her what's so funny.

"Thank God, Tony didn't come back to caught us making love in the shower. Otherwise..."

Gibbs looked at her a smirk playing on his lips as he said "Well let's say that someone told him he could use his boss's house for the night.

"Oh..." Abby's answered, surprised, she smiled at him them, but the light that was in her eyes an instant ago disappeared.


Gibbs fixed one of the towels he was holding around is hips, and then helped her put the second one around her body.

Abby wasn't giving him any answer so he looked deeply in her eyes and knew.

"She's out of the country for a week, Abbs, and she rarely stays at my place." he told her calmly.

A shiny solitary tear rolled down of her soft cheek. Reaching for it, he brushed the tear away with his thumb and kissed her softly then. Taking her hand he led her out of the bathroom and to Tony's bedroom.

Gibbs pulled the sheets over for her to climb into bed, not saying a word, switching the lights off, Jethro climbed into bed next to her, he encircled her waist with one arm and Abby pulled the covers back on them as cuddled closer against him.

"I love you, Abbs," he murmured in her ear before closing his eyes.

"I love you, too, Gibbs," Abby replied before closing her eyes as well.

Abby was the first one to open her eyes, she had a smile on her face, her body feeling deliciously sore. Gibbs arms where still wrapped around her, reaching out she let her hand caress his forearm lightly before letting her finger lace with his.

The smile she was wearing widened even more when she remembered the events of a few hours ago; she'd had sex in the shower before, but never like this. Gibbs was one hell of a lover, he'd known exactly were to touch her to make her body react just in the right ways. Simply thinking of it, made her whole body tingling inside all over again, as if on cue she felt Gibbs's lips press lightly on her neck

"Hey..." she whispered as she turned in his arms to face him.

"Morning." Gibbs said, softly, before leaning toward her to place a kiss on her nose and pulling back again.

Abby reached out to brush her fingers to his cheeks.

They just looked at one another for a moment, telling each other entire stories without even speaking.

"How could I have been so stupid? It's just that when I saw you two kiss. I.." Abby murmured.

"You weren't being stupid, you were about to make the best decision for you with the knowledge you had by then that's all."

A tear rolled down her cheeks. "Still, I doubted you, Gibbs, and I shouldn't have. I should have known you had a plan, I should have seen it, I should have..."

Her blaming was cut off, by his lips on hers.

Instantly closing her eyes again, she kisses him back, slow and deep, Gibbs's arm slides from her waist to her back, pulling her with him as he rolls on his back. His fingers are now absently drawing circles on her lower back making her sigh in delight into his mouth.

Abby let her hands caress his shoulders. Breaking the kiss, Gibbs let his lips wonder down her neck and like he had done earlier licked her pulse point, making her once more bury her head in the crook of his shoulder.

Then she was the one kissing his neck, kissing her way to that spot right behind his ear, which made him moan in appreciation. She smiled against his skin lingering there a little longer before tracing the same path of kiss on his neck, but backwards until she arrived at the corner of his mouth.

Suddenly pulling back, she looked at him intently her eyes soft, but her facial expression serious. The loss of contact made him turn his head to look at her.

"I don't know where this between us is going and even if it has to be our last time together like this, I want you to know it, Gibbs..."

"Abbs..." He started, but she silenced him by placing her index finger on his lips.

"No, don't... Don't protest, let me say this to you, I need to say this to you."

He simply looked at her then and kissed her finger, not saying anything.

"I love you, I loved you from the first day with met, Gibbs. I'm not asking you to love me in return; I just wanted you to know that's all." She said with watery eyes as she leaned down to kiss him again. A myriad of small kisses were exchanged first which changed into a deep, hungry kiss.

Abby wasn't asking him anything in return, but he was giving it to her anyway, not in words just yet because he wasn't good with them, but he would she show her, making her feel it, the feelings she had for him were reciprocated.

Though he would never admit it, not even to himself, he still felt bad that he made her feel like she had to leave them in order to survive. That would be something that he'd blame himself for; he was the one that almost pushed her for his life, the team members' lives

Breaking the kiss in much need of air, they smiled and Abby proceeded to kiss right shoulder, and continued with placing her lips on his chest - Gibbs just enjoyed the moment letting her take the lead for a while.. He feels her lips kissing him lower still, and he loves it, but that's not what he wants so he reaches for her and pulls her slowly back up.

His lips fusing with hers in a passionate kiss, she lets out a tiny cry in surprise, sexy against his mouth, as he rolls them over again so she's now lying under him. As he breaks the kiss he slides a little lower on her body, darting his tongue out he licks her nipple, he's rewarded by the fact that she arches her back and moans loudly then Gibbs gives her other nipple the same delicate attention and ones more Abby's reacting.

Next his tongue travels between her breaths, then lower on her belly to her navel where he stops for a moment before continuing lower. Abby's back arched even more in anticipation, she was getting more aroused by the second, and felt him pushing her thighs a little bit more apart to let his tongue travel on her inner thigh to finally stop above her dark curds that were protecting the center of her intimate emotions.

He could her breathing accelerate as she was feeling his hot breath right where she wanted it, but she need more.

"G...iii...bs" she begged seductively

That was all he need to hear from her and a moment later his tongue was teasing her inner walls, she ground her hips against his face, as her fingers curled into the sheets feeling the need to hold on to something as the sensation he was waking up inside of her felt so good.

"Hummm, yes, Gibbs, ke...ep go... going, more..." she managed in a ragged breath

Gibbs was now teasing her clit, making Abby mutter incomprehensibly.

When he felt she was about to lose it, he withdrew his tongue from her insides, Abby cried out in despair. He kissed his was back up her body before finding her lips for a hungry kiss. Abby could taste herself on his tongue and she found it extremely hot. They only stopped kissing when they were in need for air, then as they looked at one another he entered her in one swift motion and they both moaned at the wonderful sensation of being one again.

Abby closed her eyes as she encircled his waist with her legs locking her ankles together behind his back making him slide even deeper inside of her. Gibbs started to move withdrawing almost completely out of her before slamming back in again, their dance kept going between kisses, moans, sighs of pleasure, faster and faster until neither one of them couldn't hold it anymore and they exploded in each other.

Gibbs withdrew from her completely and rolled to his side taking with him, and kissed the top of her head he was struggling to regain his breath as she let it on his chest. A few moments later has they were breathing evenly again, she helped him straightened the covers on their body, and the both fell asleep.

Waking up the next morning, Abby stretched like a cat, and reach out behind her expecting to feel the warm body of the man she loved, but instead of warmed her hand met cold sheets, her eyes where wide open in a second, quickly turning around she felt a wave of panic wash over her.

He told her, what he had to do, and she understood it, but she thought, hoped that he wouldn't leave her like a thief in the night.

She caressed the sheet of the empty spot next her, grabbing his pillow she hold it tightly against her, and it's then that she saw it, on the piece of paper folded in two equal pieces, and set carefully on the paper a red rose.

Abby smiled and reached out for the rose paying attention not to touch the thorns. Holding it under her nose, she inhaled the scent of it, closing her eyes briefly.

Placing the rose back on the empty spot next to her, she reached for the paper unfolding it slowly, her smiled widening at she read the lines he had wrote to her.

My Abbs,

You said I didn't have to tell you.

That you didn't care. Well I do care about it.

I love you.

Don't leave, Abbs

I promise when this is all over we'll be together.

Your silver-haired fox.

Abby rolled on her back again smiling as he held his few words close to her heart.

I love you, too she whispers.

Gibbs hummed the cold fresh air, and smiled as he closed the phone, Tony didn't know a thing, more that when he had left them alone at his place. Nobody suspected that Abby and he had done way more the night before that just discussing about his mission on Mallison, they had finally told each other what they were feeling for one another.

No one would ever know about it -- at least not until the time was right -- and until then, it would be their secret.

With thoughts of the night he'd spend with Abby on his mind Gibbs walked toward the Coffee-Shop, and toward a brighter future.


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