People wish for things everyday. For things to have a different outcome, for riches in the future, for safety. Most of the time it is just wishful thinking, not actual wishes. They rarely get the chance to make an actual wish. Like from a genie or whatever.

And when those witches gave you the chance to make a wish, boy, who wouldn't jump at the chance? Just because you are Catholic doesn't mean you can't make wishes.

Before they even tell you the whole spiel about the little mini-person, you are already thinking about how you could wish that Parker gets a great education, that he lives a long and full life, that he grows up to be successful.

Then the witch lady tells you that it is Bones, and that changes everything. She tells you that if you burn the mini-Bones in her presence, then the wish you make for her will come true.

It starts you thinking. Obviously, the first thing that comes to your mind is to wish for her to love you back, right? It'd be the easiest for you, and most definitely what you want. Only that would be forcing her into what she doesn't necessarily want, and you don't want her to have to do that.

Or maybe, you could wish that Hacker could go fall into a black hole and then that obstacle to Bones would be gone. But Hacker makes her happy, and you don't want her to be sad.

She means the world to you. Nothing else (other than Parker, of course) matters to you. You want to give her anything. Anything.

And because you need some help thinking about what to wish for, you think to her past. You think about all the misery she had endured as a teenager. And how that misery continued well into her adulthood, and how it just seems to follow her everywhere, how it just affects her lifestyle. You don't want her to feel that misery anymore.

Then, the answer comes.

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