When will this war end?

I wonder so, will I see tomorrow,

I wonder, will I be killed for my star,

I wonder, who I am in this prison,

I see only mist from afar,

Never too late to wonder,

Before I will give my last good-bye.

Seasons pass, time passes,

I count the seconds I am here, with the others,

Why am I the one to be imprisoned?

Why am I the one to be taken away?

Why am I the one to be tortured?

Why am I the one to never see the sun?

Why am I the one with the star?

Why am I alone, why am I alive?

When we believe, we believe in what we believe in,

When we trust, we trust what we trust in,

When we dream, we dream in what we dream in,

I believe that I shall survive,

I trust that I will find a way out,

I dream to see the sun once more.

All the torture, it must end,

All the burning,

All the gases,

All the torture must have an end,

I believe that it will end,

I will never stop believing,

I will never stop breathing until I take my last breath.