what mattered the most
was remembered the least

mesmerizing beauty; look around.
feel the cool wind lift your hair off your ears. feel the warm sun beat down on you.
these are creations, just like you. however, these are beautiful.
you are nothing. you are a puppet, a weapon, something made to destroy.
the farthest thing from beautiful.

you were born – created, fashioned – to destroy everything you hold dear.
all for the selfish ambitions of someone you can't stand.
but you can't back down now.
you have a chance to save all of this.

entire worlds illuminated in light, but to you, they're so dark.

stars light up the night now (make a wish) and forever is happening.
look, now. or you'll miss your chance.
it's time to take your stand, thought it's the last thing you'll ever do.

your mind is made up.
yes, forever will go on without you.
you won't even be a part of the past.

but that's fine. the memories will always be there, whether they know it or not.

"sorrow lasts through this night"