Only One
Rating: For now, PG
Written: February 2002
Category: Song and . . .distress is a good word. Not angst, distress
Summary: A song fic about Trunks after Gohan and the rest of the Z fighters have died in the future.
Author's Notes: The song isn't really a sad song, it's a very good song and a little more on the fast side. But the lyrics were just like wow; I could make a song fic out of this. Oh yes, and you'll probably never see a more inaccurate fic in your life!
Disclaimer: As much as I'd like to, I don't own the song or characters.
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Only One
By: Mykonos

::now I see this burden you gave me::

It had now been about a year since Gohan died. The Androids were still alive, and it still was up to Trunks to protect the Earth.

::is too much to carry, too much to bury inside::

A scared 15-year-old was left to protect the Earth alone. A task too hard for a single person to do. The Androids were terrifyingly strong, and cold-heartedly took down countless cities.

One day while carefully wandering around the place, Trunks heard a faint explosion sound and the screams of innocent people. He turned around to see smoke and rubble behind him. When he arrived at the scene, he saw many collapsed buildings and people who lost their lives.

::you're still the only one left standing when everything else goes down. You're still the only one. Your still the only one::

The rest of the city was evacuated, the Androids were gone. He had arrived too late again.

It was a little game the Androids seemed to play. Let Trunks wander around, destroy a city or too, and fly away before he could arrive.

A nearby city was going down now. Flying as fast as he could, Trunks arrived to stop the Androids from doing even more damage. They engaged in a fight. A quick fight it was, for the deadly duo had overpowered him and knocked him out before making their escape.

::I'm up to my ankles and I'm drowning anyway::

His blue eyes flickered open. He sat upright finding himself in the middle of an intersection.

::in a sea of sarcastic faces familiar places where everything looks quite the same here it's all
confusingly amusing, bitter and tainted, the picture you painted to me::

He rubbed his head, and glanced around. "Oh no . . ." He quietly whispered to himself. "Gohan. . ." It was the same place where Gohan had died. The Androids brought him back as torture.

Torturing their little toy was one of their favorite past times. They *knew* how torn up he was inside about Gohan, and used it to their advantage.

Trunks stood up, and started to leave, a little shaken by the memory arising in his mind of the raining day when Gohan died. His head felt light, and had blood drying down his cheek. There was also blood in his hair, which Trunks discovered when he ran his hand through his lavender hair. "Oww" he couldn't help complaining.

::you're still the only one::

"Mom?" Trunks wandered into the lab where his mom was working. She looked up to see her son badly injured.

"Trunks! What happened?"

"The Androids. . . again."

"What have I told you about fighting the Androids, Trunks?! Do you want to end up like Gohan? Then who'll bring the medicine to Goku?" The young boy looked down at the floor with tears dimly forming.

"I wish Gohan were still alive, mom."

"I know you do son, so do I." She wrapped her arms around him in a warm, comforting hug.

::I guess you're the only one::