Title: To be Human Again

Chapter 1: The Bracelet

Edward and Bella walked into the melancholy atmosphere of their Biology class. It was the end of their junior year and their teacher had gotten into a car accident making the whole class seem very odd to go into. They had a substitute for the past week while the school looked for a new teacher.

It brought up Bella's worry again that if they didn't change her soon, if she stayed human for much longer, she could suddenly die. The whole family was worried about that as well but they refused to set the date any sooner than after graduation. She was upset, that would be another year and half.

The principle walked in as everyone got situated. Bella and Edward sat in there normal spot. "Can I have your attention please?" the principle said. "I understand that you guys have been through a lot and we still offer counselors to those who might need it. We found a new teacher though and I hope you accept him as he tries to start off where your teacher left off. Here is Mr. Silvestrini."

A man walked in as he set his brief case down, "Hello class. I am sorry about the conditions of which I was hired for this job but I hope that you guys will help me know what you guys have and haven't learned so far. My name as your principle said is Mr. Silvestrini. I will start by taking attendance so that I may learn your names."

He sat down as he started to go down the list of names, it didn't take long for him to get to Edward's name. "Edward Cullen?" he said as he looked up rather quickly, as if he knew his name from somewhere else.

"Here." Edward said as he raised his hand.

The man stared at him in an odd way, "Mr. Cullen may I see you after class?" he whispered, more like mumbled. Bella didn't even hear what he said.

Edward must have heard the student's thoughts around him, he came back with, "Excuse me sir, but may you speak up. It is hard to hear you when you mumble."

"Ah yes, sorry, may I see you after class?" he asked at a normal tone.

"Yes sir." He said but didn't smile like he normally did when a teacher asked him for such a simple thing. This time he looked worried.

"What is it?" Bella whispered under her breath while playing with her hair so that the teacher wouldn't catch her talking.

Edward stared at the guy, "I think he knows what I am, somehow." He whispered.


The man then said, "Isabella Swan?"

"Bella please." Bella said correcting him.

"Of course but only if you two stop talking." He said as the class started to snicker.

Bella took out a piece of paper and wrote, 'How is it possible that he may know?'

Edward rolled his eyes and took the paper, 'I don't know, he seems like a human.'

Bella nodded as the rest of the class went on as normal. There was one difference though, every time the two started to talk, even slightly, the new teacher would turn around and shush them. The teacher would eye Edward quite often and both Bella and Edward became his perfect target whenever he asked a question.

When the bell finally rang, all of the students walked out as Bella put her stuff in her bag. Her pencil fell to the floor as Edward grabbed the pencil in mid air, he smiled at her. "Don't show off." She muttered grabbing for the pencil.

"I think I should hold your pencil hostage." He laughed pulling the pencil back before she could grab it.

"Hostage? What possibly could you need from me?"

"Perhaps a kiss will work." Edward smirked.

Bella sighed, "You don't need to hold my pencil hostage for that." He placed the pencil in her bag and gave her a light kiss on the cheek.

The new teacher coughed, both forgot he was there. "May I talk to you now Mr. Cullen?"

"Please, call me Edward." He said to the man, trying to put on the nice student act.

"Of course, may we talk alone?" he asked crossing his arms and eyeing Bella.

"Go ahead love, I will see you in the next class we have together." Edward said as he kissed Bella's forehead.

"Alright, Alice is in my next class anyways. I am sure she will be upset if I'm not there right away." Bella walked out of the classroom and closed the door behind her.

The man walked up to his desk and sat down as Edward crossed his arms.

"Tell me she doesn't know." The man whispered.

"I am sorry Mr. Silvestrini but I don't know what you are talking about." Edward said, the man's thoughts the whole time were the same thing he just said, 'tell me she doesn't know' that's all the man was thinking.

"You know what I am talking about, I'm not stupid. I know what you are." He said. "How many are here with you?"

"How do you know?" Edward asked. "You are a human, they can't know."

"That's what I am trying to figure out, if humans aren't supposed to know then why does that girl know?"

"She is different. She has special privileges."

"Does Volturi know?"

"Do they know that you know?" Edward asked no longer trying to sound nice.

"Yes, but on the opposite side of things, I am a vampire as well."

"No you aren't." Edward snipped back. "I have been one long enough to know one when I see one."

"Yes, well you see, I have made a bracelet that allows me to look human." He pointed to a jade bracelet on the left side of his hand. "I do have a question for you, how do you keep your eyes from looking red?" he leaned forward into his chair awaiting the answer.

"Iā€¦feed on animals." Edward said cautiously.

"I had a feeling from the last name alone! Then you must know Carlisle?" the man said excitedly.

"How do you know him?"

"Carlisle and I go way back. When he left the Volturi, we end up renting a home together. He would always lecture me on not killing humans. He tried to get me on his diet but with that meant that I wouldn't be able to stay around humans that long. So please tell me how many is living in your little coven. I know he was toying with the idea of changing someone for hundreds of years. He wanted to get someone who would have the same views as him."

"You are looking at the one he chose."

"Oh, and here I thought Carlisle would pick a woman instead."

Edward looked at him confused, "No, we aren't the only ones. He has Esme as his mate."

"Wow, we haven't talked in at least two hundred years. So much changes in such little time."

"He never mentioned you to me."

"We only lived together for a short time. I left out of our house when I found a mate. I felt bad leaving him there but I had to be with my mate. That was when he was toying with the idea of changing someone. Now stop beating around the question, how many are there?"

"Seven." Edward said.

"Wow." The man looked shocked, "Seven in one coven, that's a big one. And to think last time I saw him- it was just him."

"We prefer to be called a family." Edward said.

"Of course, that sounds like Carlisle."

"Yes, he enjoys the company."

"Tell me does he still help in the medical field?"

"Yes." Edward answered.

"I knew he would never get out of it, please give him this paper and tell him to give me a call. My name is Stanly." He handed Edward a folded piece of paper with tape on it.

"Stanly Silvestrini?" Edward asked.

"Well Silvestrini is just my last name while here in Forks. I picked Stanly out so many years back when I was changed. I didn't like my name because I felt like that was my human name. I changed it to a name I had not heard at the time of my change." He smiled. "Please have him call me, I know he will be interested in my invention."

"Alright." Edward said. "Can you explain how it works?"

"Look at the time." Stanly looked at the clock, "I didn't even hear the bell ring. Let's send you to class. I will give you a pass."

"Thank you." Edward said as he looked at the paper.

"Remember to have him call me." Stanly said as he put the pass in Edward's hands.

"I don't forget anything."

"Of course." Edward walked out and down the empty hall. He got into his class where Jasper was sitting next to an empty seat.

'Where have you been?' Jasper thought.

"I had to stay behind class." Edward mumbled so that only Jasper would hear.

'What did you do this time?' Jasper asked excited to hear the story. Edward never did anything to teachers or rarely did, so when he did, it was a big one. Normally it caused him to get expelled.

Edward laughed from his excitement. "The new Biology teacher is a vampire." He mumbled even softer than he normally did."

"No, I saw him, he was human." Jasper said out loud making the teacher turn to him.

"Would you like to explain to us who you saw and was human?" the old woman asked.

"Sorry ma'am I was telling Edward about a movie I saw." His southern accent coming out from the worry, as the teacher stared at him.

"What movie may that be, please enlighten the class what could possibly be so important."

Jasper tried to come up with a horror movie but couldn't do it, Edward than jumped in, "He was telling me about the old Alien movie. I keep trying to tell him that when it runs across the table, it definitely isn't human." That received several snickers from the class.

Jasper sighed in relief, 'I owe you.'

The teacher sneered, "Well don't let it happen again." The woman said turning to the black board and continuing her talk.

'Tell me more later.' Jasper thought.

Edward nodded. He didn't need Alice's power to know that this new event could potentially be what this family was waiting for. He couldn't imagine something that could possibly make him and the rest of his family human. He spent the whole time day dreaming about it.

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