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Rose's going to chew my ass off for being late again, I thought as I hightailed it down the street that led to our cafe…it's not like I could help the shit but whatever, that's a whole other story to begin with.

Fucking Andy.

As soon as I reached the door that I should've been standing in front of ten minutes ago, it was pushed open from the inside by someone who 'ever so brightly' thought that…

'Oh, even though this door's noticeably intended for entrance, what with the huge welcome letters that are painted across the glass, I'm going to leave through it instead as I ignore the door that's literally ten centimeters away with the writing of hope that you enjoyed your time with us, please come again.'

Fucking A, right?

So here I am...lying flat on my back as I gasp for air, while the ever so lovely 'Mr. Blue Eyes' stands above me, gaping at me in some shocked as shit type of a way...acting like this sort of thing never happens in his perfect little world that I all of a sudden wanted to set on fire.

"Oh shit," he laughed after a few seconds, "That was—that was pretty fu—"

"Really, you inconsiderate douche-bag?" I interrupted, "This is funny to you?"

"N—not at all," he stuttered…clearing his throat after, "Are you uh…are you cool?"

Hmm, let me think, Mr. Fucking Blue Eyes…am I 'uh, am I cool?'

Of course, man...I'm absolutely golden. Laying here, on this godforsaken dirty ass floor that's probably bacteria-infested? No fucking worries because you know what? I actually take pleasure out of the filth that's currently eroding my clothing and would gladly...gladly, do it as a past-time...

My burning lungs that are struggling for this little thing that we know of as oxygen? Please, dude...don't even stress your apparent miracle-working heart over it. After all, it's not like us people 'need' the shit to maintain survival nowadays anyway, right?


You fucking "Idiot," I ended up saying out-loud because as it turns out, people...my filter? Yeah, it's been gone with the wind ever since I learned how to talk.

"Sorry, ma'am," he apologized this time, ignoring the 'what the hell is that?' look that I was giving his hand...the one that he was holding out to me, "I honestly didn't mean to knock you over, so...here, can I uh, can I help you up?"

Ignoring his 'assistance' with a roll of my eyes, I pushed myself off of the floor. "Yeah, well…you wouldn't of fucking knocked me over if you actually took a second to read what the hell was right in front of you...sir."

He nodded, trying to hide a grin that I raised an eyebrow at. "Again, I'm sor—"

Officially done with this kid, I turned around to start heading over towards our usual table, giving our personal goddamn Goddess of a waitress a wink on the way as I passed the counter that she was standing behind of. "Don't act like you don't know what I want, Emily!" I told her raised brow…grinning at the playful roll of the eyes that I got in return, "Looking at me as if I'm some kind of a new customer up in this mother, psshh!"

"Yeah, yeah...coming right up, smart-ass..."

Grabbing a hold of Rose's face after I reached her, I placed a sloppy wet kiss across that irritated one-sided pucker of hers, effectively dismissing the pair of narrowed eyes that she was sporting. "Hello, Lov-ahhh."

She growled at my affection as she pushed me away from her and I snorted, taking a seat across from the chick who absolutely despised tardiness. "You're late. Again."

"This is how you wanna start our Sunday morning breakfast, Rose?" I asked with a grin, reaching across the table to steal a piece of her toast, "I just got here and you're on my fucking dick already?" I shook my head, "You act like I do this shit on purpose or something...I mean, give me a fucking break..."

"Let me guess. Those 'parents' of yours were giving you a hard time, right?"

Pushing away the menu that I never used, I looked away from her.

"I swear, Honey B...I don't know how you deal with all of their bullshit..."

I nodded towards the empty chair that was placed next to her. "Where's Em?"

Em, or Emmett...is my step brother, and is honest to God my best friend.

I simply adored the kid, to the core.

My Pop, Charlie, he died when I was fourteen, and that scene that I didn't want to get into right now was seven years ago. My 'mother,' who goes by the name of Renee, remarried Phil - Em's biological father - six years ago, showing me how easy it was for her to get over my Pop's death.

From the very first day that I laid eyes on Em - with me not saying a word to him because I was still trying to deal with my Pop's death - to today, he's been my rock. The God sent kid taught me how to drive safety, how to play football with the guys dangerously, how to make an otherwise healthy home cooked meal fatal for my well-being, and where to hit a dude that'll make him fall down to his knees at once.

Basically, Emmett taught me how to just...live again.

Honestly, I don't know where I'd be without him.

I remember every single detail about that afternoon when I first met him and no lie, I don't think that I'll ever be able to forget the encounter, not that I'd ever want to, anyway. I was outside in my back yard on the swing, thinking about my Pop like I always did, only to have the kid interrupt my thoughts when he started pushing me from behind...

And I just...I got this fucking feeling, man.

I felt safe with him.

Didn't even know the kid, and I felt like I could trust him with my life.

Something as simple and world meaning as that push that he gave me and us not going through the awkward first introductions, it was...unexplainable. It brought me comfort. The assurance of him, just being there whenever I needed him and knowing that he'd do anything for me, it secured my being.

He was there, and I was there, and we were just…there, for each other.

Since that very first day, we've been inseparable...at least until Emmett met Rose at the university that he was attending at, about three years ago. They both studied business and when they graduated - a little earlier than usual due to the two of them being smart as all hell - they opened up their own auto body shop by the Rez that as of right now, Em basically runs, getting help whenever Rose gets a break from the club that her and I bartend at.

I know that it might be a bit surprising to look at Ms. Hale and imagine her underneath the hood because let's face it, she's point blank model status but, man...this chick's one helluva mechanic, and I love that shit. It just goes against all odds and I adore the response that people get whenever they think otherwise. It takes the whole 'don't judge a book by its cover' to another level.

I think that they're perfect for each other now but back then?

Not so much.

When my brother left Forks for college, I was…heartbroken, spending my days and nights truly missing his ass. With his departure, shit turned to worse at the place that I once considered a home. A home that Charlie and his Pop built with their own work-ridden hands. A home that was tainted by Renee's new love interest and in return...destroyed.

When he came back home last year, Em brought Rose along so that I could finally meet her for the first time after hearing so much about the chick. Little good that 'encounter' did because we without a doubt detested each other, for I - off the bat - saw her as an acrylic nail-wearing dumb blonde, while she in return thought that I was nothing but a sarcastic bitch who lacked a backbone.

After a while, the constant back and forth bullshit led up to the two of us getting into a physical altercation, one where I broke her adorable little nose by punching her in the face when she told me that I was just like my mother - which, by the fucking way, wasn't my fault - because she was the one who gave me a black eye first, after I let her know that Emmett could do a whole lot better.


After that monstrosity, though...Rose and I, we ended up staring at each other for a good minute and a half before we just...lost our shit, cracking the fuck up like a pair of hyenas as we started high-fiving each other in a 'job well done,' taking back the petty name calling and the ill-filled words that we spoke of along the way, saying that if we were to stick together, we'd be known as a 'force to be reckoned with.'

Em and J, I'll never forget the expressions that were written across their faces while they witnessed the both of us fighting, only to end it not even five minutes later by...bonding, I guess? My boys, they went from being shocked as shit one second to 'what the shit?' the next, looking at us like we were truly insane as her and I hugged it out, calling a truce.

And yeah, I'll admit, the way that we handled it, it was kind of out there, but...

I wouldn't have it any other way, because that argument that took place started this odd relationship that Rose and I now share. Odd, because we were and still are complete opposites, nothing alike. People find it hard to believe that her and I are friends, let alone close friends at that but little do they know cause I'd no lie kill for the bitch, without a second thought about it and I knew that she'd do the same exact thing for me.

Not too long after Rose and I worked out our differences, Em packed up and moved into her apartment, thinking that I was okay with just living there with his father and my 'mother.' He was so far from right but he was happy with everything, or at least...he was happy with Rose, so...who was I to say shit, you know?

Her right eyelid twitched after I asked her where Em was and when she looked away from me, I sat up a bit to place my elbows on top of the table. "J's at the Rez," she stated, clearly avoiding my goddamn question. "He just moved back in with his Pop, we should go and visit."

"Yeah, so...that's great and all but, what aren't you telling me?"

She rolled her eyes as she leaned back into her chair, placing her arms across her chest. "I don't know what you're talking about, B. I'm just letting you in on the fact that the dog's back, so...whatever."

Rose and 'the dog,' they have some twisted kind of a love hate relationship thing going on. I mean, they can tease each other to the point where people who don't know them believe that a domestic's about to take place, but...to the people who actually do know Rose and Jake, they wouldn't be surprised to see her slay a bitch if said bitch did him wrong in any way, and there wouldn't be a 'holy shit!' if he decided to bury a motherfucker alive if said motherfucker made her cry a single tear.

I leaned back, already irritated as I imitated her stance by placing my arms across my chest. "You're a lying bag of shit, Rose. Why can't you just tell me instead of us starting right now?"

"Emmett's got the flu," she whispered, "He's been in bed all day."

Bullshit, I thought to myself as I kept my attention on the chick's right eyelid, the same one that mind you, twitched once the hell again after those last words left her mouth. "You're honest to God acting as if I don't actually know you, Rose, and it's fucking cracking me up right now."

"Ladies," Emily whispered, stepping up to our table to hand us our food, which consisted of whatever my lying bitch ass friend ordered and the absolute delectableness that is the pancakes up in this motherfucker, "Enjoy. Meaning, eat safely…"

Rolling my eyes at homegirls 'clarification,' the one that was without a fucking doubt directed towards me, I prepared myself for the lovely feast that placed Rose's bullshit into intermission for the time being by rubbing my hands together. "It's about...to go down."

"I'm just asking for a goddamn law suit, feeding you..."

With a wide smile, I grabbed a hold of the maple syrup as Emily stomped away.

Keeping my attention on the pancakes that I started drowning, I addressed the pair of eyes that I felt on me. "So tell me something, Rose. Are you all of a sudden turning lesbo on my ass cause if you are, I dig it and all but, how are we going to tell my brother that you feel a certain type of a way about my va-jay-jay as opposed to his penis, and without hurting his pride?"

And not even a second later, the bitch started laughing like an obnoxious tool.

I glared at her 'over-the-top' being, cause my lady parts weren't that funny...

The whole 'holding onto the stomach' act, it was a bit excessive if you ask me.

Finally, after wiping away her tears, the broad met my eyes with her own looking all dreamy and whatnot, "Honey B, if I were in fact seeking out women, your brother wouldn't have been the one to turn me. Not with the finger-lickin' capabilities that his enormous co—"

The chick bit into my palm after it shot across the table to cover up her mouth.

Pushing her face away from me, I took a seat again, disgusted by my best friend's antics. "Okay, point taken, skank. I don't need a fucking visual..."

She smirked something that quickly changed into a grimace as soon as I ran my sleeve across my mouth. "You're nothing but a repulsive sonavabitch, you know that, right?"

I rolled my eyes, shoving food into my endless gap. "Whah ah yah tahkin' boht?"

"Can you at least try to eat like a fucking lady?"

"But it's…it's delicious," I moaned, licking the syrup off of the tips of my fingers.

And screw whoever's judging me for not using utensils.

I tend to think logically and in doing so, I find them completely pointless.

Let me ask you a question.

Didn't God grace most of us with digits?

Thank you. I rest my case.

She looked at me like I was eating actual shit before she shook her head, pulling a magazine out from her purse. "And the food will still be delicious if it's eaten the right way and not treated as dirt while you are its own personal vacuum cleaner..."

I licked my middle finger before giving it to her. "Fuck off, Rosie."

Three, two, o—

"Don't start!" she spat, disturbing the peace of the cafe, "Em and his big mouth..."

With a smile across my face, I picked up my fork to ease her distaste after everyone sitting around us returned their attention back to what they were doing before they were interrupted by Rose's theatrics. "Stop trying to change the subject, Ms. Prissy-Pants, my eating habits aren't anything new. Now...tell me, why have you been eye fucking me for the last couple of minutes?"


My hand froze — pancake midair. "Rose, you keep asking me that same goddamn question over and over again, thinking that I'm going to what, change my fucking mind? I suggest that you drop the shit before I get pissed off."

"Come on, Honey B," she started, placing the magazine on top of Emmett's empty chair, "I can't just drop it, alright? It irks me, you living in that house with that piece of shi—"

"I said drop it!" I hissed, "Now."

She narrowed her eyes at my interruption as she leaned back into her chair with her arms across her chest and I once the fuck again mimicked her stance, easily bypassing her slitted gaze with a glare, more than ready to give her some of my own medicine, for hers didn't faze me one bit.

Rose was very...patient, I guess...in getting her point across. Her main characteristic in doing so is of what people may know of as the 'silent treatment.' Her silent treatment, though, it consisted of pulling it out and making it last for months. Months of absolutely nothing. Months of her keeping it in, letting it marinate, coming up with a plan and finding a perfect opportunity to let it out.

But I, on the other hand, am as stubborn as they come. I don't care if someone's right about a certain idea that I've had in my head as being right for a long time, I can sit there and listen to that person go on and on about what they think is correct and physically show them no interest. Realistically, it's honest to God a waste of time on their part, arguing about a topic that they won't get me to agree or disagree on in the end, simply because I can guarantee you that I won't...just on fucking principle.

So with all of that bringing you guys up to date, I wasn't going to bother myself with Rose's 'line of reasoning.' Plus, my pancakes were getting cold so, you know, I can't have that shit happening cause I mean, they're not called hot-cakes for nothing and they're more than something.

Returning my attention back to my plate, I started on my food again, hoping that the broad would just...listen to me for once, and understand that I'm doing the right thing here, for everyone's sake. "Let it go, Rose."

"B, I'm not saying this shit to start a fight..."

Lifting my eyes from my pancakes when I heard her pushing her chair back to stand up, I kept them on her as she walked over to me.

"But I'm not going to just sit around and act like it's nothing anymore."

"What's that supposed to mean?"

"It means that, sooner or later, he's going to find out about this 'secret' of yours," she said, placing my hoodie over my head, "And if I have to be the one to tell him, then...so be it."

"Rose, you don't get it..."

"I honest to God don't care, Bella," she said, keeping her eyes on me as she backed away from the table, "Emmett, he's got a right to know and I'm fucking tired of hiding all of this shit from him, so...do what you gotta do before I do it for you."

"Like it's that simple," I growled to myself as I watched her leave.

If Em knew what was going on, he'd end up in jail for killing a motherfucker.

Even if it was his own Pop.

Yeah, no I thought, standing up, that shit's not gonna happen if I can help it. After tossing a couple of bills on top of the table, I walked over to the counter to pay for our meals. Rolling her eyes, Emily shooed me away from the cash register as soon as I reached the bitch, telling me it was on the house as she slapped my fingers away from opening it myself. "Don't make me jump over this counter, B...I swear to Jesus..."

Giving up, I snorted at her idle threat, "Yeah alright," I said, stepping up and leaning across the marble to give her a kiss, "This constant generosity of yours is starting to become a pain in the ass, you know..."

"This constant generosity of yours is starting to become a pain in the ass, you know," she mocked me as I jumped off of the stool's legs that were supporting my feet. Grinning at the middle finger that I gave her as I started backing away, she turned around to grab the order that was waiting for her, "I'll see you later, lady."

As soon as I stepped into the house, I could practically smell the booze...

Which was 'amazing' mind you, cause what air smells good lacking it?

After locking the front door and turning around, I was met with Phil's eyes...his eyes that were filled with nothing but familiar rage, looking at me as if I was the cause of every single problem that he faced in life, "Well if it isn't Ms. Isabella Swan, gracing me with her presence," he slurred, pushing himself up from the couch that he was sitting on, "Where have you been for the last two nights?"

Lowering my head, I started making my way over towards the stairs.

"Hey!" he hissed, surprising the hell out of me by how quick he seemed to be for someone who I thought was intoxicated as I turned around to find him pinning my body against the nearest wall, "Who told you that you could ignore your father like that, huh?"

My hands turned into fists before I shook them out, trying to calm myself down.

"Tell me where the hell you've been all day and night!" he shouted into my ear, acting as if I was standing across the goddamn continent and not right in front of him, which, you know...caused an instant fucking headache. "Speak up, Isabella!"

"I fell asleep at a friend's house," I whispered with my eyes closed, turning my head to the side so that I didn't end up gagging from the stench of the pure fucking alcohol that was hitting my nose, "I didn't...I promise that I won't let it happen again, alright?"

"You're damn right, it won't happen again," he spat, pulling me off of the wall before letting me go, laughing afterwards as I straightened myself up from his force, "Thinking that you're your own goddamn person who can do whatever she pleases is nothing but a fucking waste of time, Isabella..."

Walking up the stairs, I tried my best to ignore the words that never stopped leaving Phil's mouth...until I couldn't anymore, when I caught the asshole mumbling something about Charlie...something that I couldn't really understand or comprehend but something nonetheless.

Looking over the banister, my vision turned red when I saw him taking a seat on the recliner that he deemed as 'his,' simply because it wasn't fucking his...so much so that it had me running into Em's old room to grab a hold of the baseball bat that I knew that he kept there, below the window.

Phil's eyes, they widened when he saw me charging downstairs with it raised above my head.

Breaking out of his shock as I neared him, he pushed himself away from the recliner…snatching the bat out of my hands with a growl, he tossed it over his shoulder before he tackled me to the floor, "You crazy bitch!" he growled, shoving one of his arms against my throat, "You wanna hurt me, is that it?"

"Get o—off of m—me!" I choked, "Phil, I can't...I can't — "

"You really thought that it'd be that easy, huh?"

I inhaled something shaky after he lifted his arm, grasping onto my neck as I tried to catch my breath. Using my body to push himself up to his feet, he laughed at the coughing that wouldn't stop burning my muscles, "You have nothing on me, Isabella. Nothing at all. The faster that you realize that, the easier that it'll be on you."

I swallowed the pain as he kicked my shoulder. "Jesus Chr—"

"Do that shit again, and I can promise you that it'll be your last time," he warned me in a low hiss, leaning over me afterwards to pull me off of the floor that I stayed on, rubbing my shoulder to try to ease the tenderness that his hit created, "You got that, Kiddo?"

Ignoring the term of endearment that I used to thrive on in the past, I decided that I needed to just...go, knowing that any kind of a response would only give him a reason to continue with this little 'game' that he enjoyed playing. Yanking my arm out of his grip, I kept my eyes on him as I started walking away from the smug grin that my easy forfeit brought forth.

Letting the kitchen door close in front of me after I pushed it open with my back, I turned around. "Jesus fucking Christ," I groaned when I saw Renee, who must've passed out at some point during the night while she tried to finish the forty that she was holding with the hand that wasn't wrapped around an empty bottle of rum.

Lowering myself down to her level after I reached the cabinets that were supporting her back, I moved her hair away from her face so that I could see her a little better. "Hey," I whispered, trying to keep the frustration that I felt out of my voice as her eyes remained closed, "Renee."


"Renee!" I shouted this time around, "Wake u—"

"Goodness!" she laughed, taking a hold on my hand when I leaned away from the haze that her eyes contained, "I didn't...I didn't realize that you were home, baby...here, let me..." she paused as she tried to stand up, "Let me make you some dinner."

Right, I thought as I placed her arm over my shoulder, like I'll enjoy eating something that you'll end up burning to fucking ashes. "No worries, I ate," I lied, ignoring the pang of anger that bubbled inside of me when I felt how light she's gotten as I pulled her up from the floor, "Let's go to bed, though...it's getting pretty late."

Phil's eyes, they left the TV when he heard us stumbling out of the kitchen. Staying in place like the true asshole that he was, he offered me no help whatsoever while he watched me pulling Renee over to the stairs…he even tossed his head back in laughter, letting me know that the struggle that I had with her nonexistent support, it was nothing but amusing to him…

Renee's got a winner on her hands, let me tell you.

After kicking the door to their room open, I practically dragged her over to the bed before I laid her down on top of the covers, trying to be careful with her body but at the same goddamn time, not giving a single fuck as I tossed one leg over the other.

Walking over to the dresser to get her something more comfortable to wear, I froze as soon as I saw the picture that was placed against the wall, its messy handwriting of 'Number One Daddy' scribbled across the wooden frame capturing my attention.

My hands shook, remembering the genuine smile that my gift earned that day.

Taking a step closer, I couldn't help the snort that left my system when I noticed the clear aversion that was painted across my face...the clear aversion that was without a doubt directed at Jake, who obviously had no problem with showing me how displeasured he was by my all around company that day at the lake, what with the pair of narrowed eyes that he was throwing my way.

The best part of the picture, though...was my Pop, who was sitting on this big ass rock nearby, looking at the two of us kids with a grin hidden underneath his 'stach.

Taking a hold of the frame, I carefully lowered it from the wall and placed it on top of the dresser, hoping that the crystal clear memory would somehow disappear as I flipped it over, for it hurt enough already...having to fucking think about something that I wouldn't be able to experience again, just one more time.

"Great," I mumbled to myself after I turned around to see Renee on her side, passed out with one of her cheeks in a pool of vomit, "Just what I fucking need..."

Laying her down on my bed after I once the hell again dragged her ass out of 'their' room, I left her uncovered, knowing that Renee 'preferred' it that way. Deciding that I should pay my brother a little visit, what with the kid being 'sick with the flu' and whatnot, I turned off all of the lights before I left the house that I never felt comfortable living in after my Pop passed away, happy as a goddamn motherfucker.

Being one step closer to escaping this hell hole that you guys just got a glimpse of?

Felt like fucking heaven.

Pat ***