I do not own Guitar Girl. Sara Manning made it. I'm only using her characters and my own character: Trisha Tanner. The characters may be OOC also.

Trisha Tanner was the new drummer for Duckies.

Their ex-drummer had ditched them for a more famous band. Trisha had been lucky to finally find a band, and one with The Hormone's ex-vocalist and bassist. She had squealed in delight, hugging the two excitedly.

It had been a whole month of getting used to being in Duckies. She had all of their drum parts down perfectly and even tweaked it a bit to make it a bit more exciting for herself.

"Are you any good with switching around music?" Molly asked her, playing a few chords to their newest song: You, Ramen Noodles and Me.

Trish grinned, listening to the chords playing together carefully. "Maybe switch the middle chord with the last one and it might sound a tad better."

"Whatever you say Yankee." Molly said, saying Trish's nickname. She laughed excitedly, listening to her play the chords mixed around. She looked at Trish, grinning. "Nice, I like it. Jane, Jane, c'mere and listen! I've finally got the tunes with the Yankee's help."

Jane who had gone to rehab a year ago, was brand new and aspiring, walking toward them, tugging her shy artsy boyfriend with her. "What's up?"

Instead of replying, Molly played the chords, Jane's eyes crinkled in delight and her boyfriend, Triston, smiled at the chords.

"We've got a music genius in our group! Forget Dean's sorry arse! Trishie's awesomer!" Molly yelled, holding out her guitar in the air, laughing.

Jane laughed. "You're so happy that the suing cases are done that you're mentioning Dean's name now! Huzzah." She slung an arm around Triston's shoulder. "Speaking about Dean's arse, manager found us a traveling tour concert with," she averted her eyes. "The Hormones."

Trish bubbled with anger. She only new snippets of what had happened, but the way the press had bothered them and Tara and T had bad-mouthed Molly made her angry. "We can't play for them!" She opposed to the idea immediately.

Molly looked thoughtful. She exchanged looks with Jane. "Alright," she finally said. "Keyboardist Triston, you in it?"

Triston nodded with a cringe. He had been filling in while their usual keyboardist was in Scotland for the next few years.

Trish sighed. "Fine," she mumbled. "We'll tour with The Hormones. I hope you don't get angry Mol, Jane."

"I won't. I'll be busy with my boyfriend," Jane said in a husky tone, trailing her finger around her boyfriend's chest. He went a brilliant red, tense and fidgeting. Jane giggled like a little girl, planting a kiss on his neck. "He's so cute, isn't he gals?"

Their drummer shook her head. Ever since she made the mistake of calling them 'gals', Jane had used that word whenever she could. "I can't say. You'll probably beat me." She grinned at Jane who winked back.

"Correct, gal-friend." She murmured. "So, if our little meeting is finished… we'll meet The Hormones at eight tomorrow morning at that airport near here."

"What's this?" Her aunt, Melinda, asked, surprised. "Are you really going on a tour? You'll probably go mad like that Molly girl. Heard she had the blues and finally broke down. That's why she quit."

"No, she quit because, yeah it was hard aunty, but the manager was a jerk." Trish retorted.

Melinda laughed. "Just get packing. Your parents would have been proud to see you making your way through the world like this."

"I know that," Trish grinned, winking at Melinda. "I'll see you in the morning aunt." She pecked her aunt's cheek, walking toward her room.

The next morning, Trish said her farewells to her single aunt and made her way to the airport.

Their manager, Yolanda, smiled at Duckies. "Sweet you are," she murmured. "Bien, bien, we will be meeting with them in perfect time." She led the four of them inside the airport, arm around Jane who seemed like her best friend. "As I was saying last night," she began. "There was this interview this one time with Paul…"

She listened in on Molly and Triston's conversation: "Yeah, and Paul was…"

Trish sighed, turning her head around. She walked straight into a tall guy with dreadlocks. He stumbled backward with the impact as Trish stumbled back also. "I'm sorry," she mumbled, frowning at him. He looked so familiar. But from what? With a gasp, she was readying a punch. Triston, who seemed like an older brother, hurriedly grabbed her fist, twisting her arm back gently. "Whoa there, Trishie." It was another phrase they caught on from the 'Yankee'.

"He… he," she sputtered. "He's freaking T from The Hormones. He freaking badmouthed the arse off of Molly!" She said in a low, deadly voice. Molly, Jane and Yolanda appeared beside her, taking note of her too-angry-now-piss-off tone. Yolanda took her shoulders, holding her firmly to the ground.

"Pull your horses back, chick." Yolanda loved that phrase, even if she said it wrong. With her thick, Spanish accent, it sounded wonderful whichever way she said it.

Trish took a deep breath in before letting it out slowly. "Alright," she faced T. "I'm not sorry though." She snapped at him.

T frowned, shaking his dreadlocks. "And you think I care?"

Tara, Dean and Sandrine appeared. Sandrine sneered at Molly, snaking an arm around Dean's waist. Dean pushed her arm away from him and opened his arms wide. Molly jumped in his arms, sidling against him, taking in the deep coconut smell of him. "Oh God, I've missed you," she whispered, pressing her face against his chest.

"You shouldn't have quit on us then," Dean replied gently, cuddling her.

Tara put a hand on Molly's shoulder. "Paul paid us big money to badmouth you. Sorry Mol."

Sandrine made a hissy fit and no one stopped Trish who had her fist contact Sandrine's stomach. "I'm going to sue you!" The girl shrieked.

"What did I do?" Trish asked, offended. She was quick, standing in between Yolanda who was chattering on her cell-phone with no other line on it and Triston who was kissing Jane out in public for the first time. T made a conversation with Tara and Dean and Molly were still busy. Sandrine shrieked. "Ho-bees-coot." Trish said, mimicking her deceased mother's accent from China. She grinned at Sandrine clutched her stomach, glaring at her.

"Where's your manager?" Yolanda asked suddenly.

"She's at the hotel," Dean replied, caressing Molly's hair. He couldn't stop looking at her with such fierce, passionate love in his eyes. Trish didn't want to look at them any longer. "So, we have this new manager who's not money-crazed like Paul. Thanks to you, he's gone."

Molly smiled against him.

Sandrine pulled on Trish's hair hard and Triston held Trish back, glancing nervously at Sandrine. "You are a-" Trish began, but Yolanda stood in between them, looking stern.

"You don't go hurting members in a band you'll be playing with for the next month." She scolded. "Estás muy mal." She murmured. "I'll be speaking to your manager about this."

"She punched me!" Sandrine shrieked.

"Did anyone see that?" T asked sharply, frowning at Sandrine. "I believe no one did."

"Let's just leave already." Sandrine pouted. She tried to put her arm around T, but he refused her coldly, standing beside Trish.

"So, how's it going?" He asked casually.

"I still don't like you." Trish shot back.

"Ah, that's nice." A dry smile was on his lips.