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The Ark used to be a fairly quite place, especially at night. Though now the silence of the night was broken by a load nerve racking sound that would continue for hours. The last few weeks had been truly trying for most of the Noah family.

Mana sighed as he walked down the stone laid roads of the Ark. His dark blue eyes were more then just a little tired looking. In his arms, rapt up tight in a white blanket, was the infant that the Noah clan had welcomed into their family only a few months ago. The child was wailing with a very healthy set of lungs.

Little Allen it appeared, had a horrible case of colic.

Mana had been appointed by the Earl as the infants care taker. Mana not having much experience with such young children was at his wits end on what to do. He had tried everything he could think of. He had even broken down and tried some of the others suggestions. It went without saying, none of them worked.

And aside on taking Road up on her generis and ecstatic offer to take a night with Allen, which he wouldn't ever take her up on no matter how tired he was, he was out of ideas…

Mana sighed again, his feet dragging him back in the direction of the tower at the center of the Ark. The Noah of Longing had been determined to do this by himself, though he supposed he could swallow his pride and ask Mykk or Lulubell (the only other Noah Mana felt conferrable leaving Allen with) to take a night with the infant...

A sound reached his ears as Mana got closer to the tower. The Earl was playing the Piano. Mana smiled tiredly. He could always ask the Earl... He had been asking if Mana needed help with Allen, and Mana had always told the Earl that he could handle it...

Mana slowly made his way to the Piano room, the Earl was awake already, so maybe he wouldn't have to much trouble looking after Allen for just tonight?

The Noah of Longing entered the room that held the white Piano. The Earl sat on the stool and turned to face Mana only slightly as he entered the large room, his smile widening as he continued to play .

"Need some help with the little one Mana-kun?"

Mana sighed and finally swallowed his pride, but before he could open his mouth to ask his question the crying stopped. Turning exhausted blue eyes down to the bundle in his arms, he was greeted with drooping golden eyes instead of upset silver. With a smile tugging on his lips Mana shuffled his way closer to the Piano. "It looks like our families youngest member likes the Piano."

"It seems so.~" the Earl answered as he peered at the infant in the other Noah's arms. He reached the end of the melody all to soon. When the music stopped the infant started to cry again, "Quit a bit it seems." the song the Earl had been playing started again.

Mana sat down and leaned back against the Piano as Allen's gold eyes finally fluttered closed. His own eyes starting to feel heavy with his lack of sleep for the last few weeks. "I think we will just sit here until Allen's fully asleep..." Mana slurred out as his dark blue eyes closed, he drifting to sleep along with the infant.

"Yes, yes ~" the Earl sang back happily as he continued to play.

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