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Violins made such a sweet sound, but the young Noah would always love the piano more then any other instrument. There was just something about the flow and the sound that he would always find captivating.

The piano was like a magnet to the youngest of the Clan of Noah. An obsession that he could never get enough of. Fifteen your old Allen Walker would do practically anything to just be able to hear that sound, let alone make the key strokes himself.

So when he was finally allowed of Noah's grand Ark to attend his first family event, it should have not surprised any of the other Noah when that was the first thing he had took notice of when they entered the large open hall.

They entered the grand double doors with the Maker leading his family. This was one of the very rear times that the Earl would look normal. His brown hair with just a few grey streaks here and there was combed back nicely. His face was handsome but aged, though he didn't look to old, just old enough to be patriarch of this odd little family. His was dressed in a nicely pressed black suit to fit the head of such a powerful house of nobles.

Lulubell was at his arm, dressed in one of the finest gowns that could be found. Her shining blonde hair was pulled back and twisted beautifully in to a lose bun. Her gown was a stunning baby blue and it matched her sharp eye perfectly.

Shyrel and Road Kamelot followed behind the Earl. The Minister was dressed in a very similar black suit to the Earl, his long black hair was tied back as he smiled charmingly at any who looked his way. Road giggled as she hold onto his arm, playing with the frills of his dark purple dress with the other hand. Her purple eyes very amused as they continued further into the large room.

Tyki Mikk was the only one in their happy family not to have anyone on his arm as he passed through the doors after his brother and niece. His black tux was nicely presses and fit his body perfectly. He walked with his chin high and dark brown eyes forward. His tanned lips where set in a slight smile as he smoothly moved forward. His deep black wavy hair was also tied back like Shyrels.

The last of the Clan of Noah that was attending the ball entered shortly after Lord Tyki.

Mana Walker had a half smile on his tan face as he entered the grand hall. Also dressed like Lord Shyrel and the Earl he moved forward with grace and pride. His short black hair was nicely combed back so as not to be in his way. His blue eyes sweeping the hall and taking note of anyone that looked familiar.

Allen Walker held to his fathers arm. His silver eyes moving about the rather ridiculously large room in nervousness and excitement. He had been dressed in a light grey dress jacket and pants. A darker grey vet could be seen under the jacket, and under that he was wearing a nicely pressed white dress shirt. His shoulder length white hair had been pulled back and tied up with a black ribbon. A pear of white gloves covered his hands, hiding his black left hand from view.

As soon as the youngest Noah had taken the first step into the ballroom, his ears had picked up the melody coming from the large black piano that was set of to one side of the room. Around the piano were three man playing violins. But Allen Walker couldn't care less about those instruments, no, his silver eyes were trained on the piano that the very young and handsome looking blonde gentleman was playing.

As soon as he laid eyes on the piano the Musician of Noah had wanted to play it. And as he was lead further away by his father he started thinking up ways to make that happen.

Later into the evening found his family up on the upper balcony floor of the large room, Were the Noah family had gathered to be social with other nobles. His family had chosen a table that was next to the marble railing, it having a good view of the dance floor. As soon as the others were distracted Allen snuck away. Quickly making his way down the marble stairs that lead to the ballroom dance floor.

He moved along the smooth light grey marble walls until he made it to his destination. Like a moth to a flame his silver eyes landed on the beautiful black piano. He continued to move until he was standing before it, so close he could reach out and press any one of the shinning white keys.

But before he could, a gentle hand brushed against his arm. Startled silver eyes snapped to the side to meet smiling light brown eyes. The blonde gentleman that he had seen playing the piano was smiling at him. His brown eyes almost laughing.

The youngest of the Clan of Noah smiled back, as the gentleman spoke to him. "Do you know how to play?" he asked in a smooth voice.

Allen slowly nodded his head. For as long as he could remember he could play any instrument that he picked up without ever trying, but he would never get the same enjoyment from playing just any instrument as he got from when he played the piano.

The blonde gentleman's smile changed slightly and the youngest Noah couldn't quit place the look that he could see within the other mans eyes. The hold on his arm became heavy and Allen found himself lead away from his beloved piano.

"If you would be so kind as dance with me, I would be more then happy to let you play it." The blonde whispered into his ear as Allen quickly found himself in the arms of the other male and being spun around the ballroom dance floor.

The Musician of Noah frowned and he tried to pull out of the other mans hold, they were much to close for his liking. Silver eyes widened in alarm as the man only tightened his hold on him, pulling Allen even closer. One of the mans hands slid down his back and came to rest much to low on his back.

Shyrel Kamelot narrowed his dark brown eyes as he watched what was taking place on the dance floor. He turned his face to the side just slightly to look at the Noah of Longing, only to see that he was no longer sitting next to him. A quick look around also brought him up empty for where the other Noah had gone to.

Shyrel blinked before a wide devious smile graced his face. His brown eyes slid to his other side as he rested his check on an open palm. "Tyki dear," he breathed out, his smile only widening as the Noah of Pleasure turned to frown at him. "Looks like our darling musician has got himself a suitor." He spoke in a sickening sweet voice. He smoothly lifted his head from his hand and points with one finger down at the couple he had been watching.

Shyrel Kamelot had to fight down the urge to giggle insanely at the look that twisted upon the younger Noah's face.

Road chose that moment to lean over the marble railing to see what had angered the other Noah so. Purple eyes flashed with glee and she giggled. "I think he's very handsome, don't you Tyki?"

Tyki's dark drown eyes narrowed as he fought with himself. He knew what the two were aiming at and he didn't want to give them the satisfaction, but he also could feel the anger in the pit of his stomach rise as he watched the human dance with Allen.

His decision was made when the human moved his hand a little to low on the boys back. He pushed up from his seat then, his brown eyes flickering to gold in his anger. The two Kamelots giggled and snickered to each other in their demented glee as Tyki marched of towards the stairs.

As soon as the song ended Allen sighed in relief as the other male finely removed his hands from him. The blonde man smiled that odd smile again before he politely bowed to him and then offered his arm. "Way don't we return to the piano? I did say I would let you play for the price of a dance."

Allen forced a smile on to his pink lips and moved to take the humans offered arm, Mana having taught him to always be polite. Just when his gloved fingers brushed against the offered arm another, larger white gloved hand took hold of his. Silver eyes snapped to the side as he gasped from being startled. The blonde humans head turned slightly a frown pulling at his mouth.

Tyki pulled the young Noah's hand away from the humans arm and glared hard at the blonde hair man. His lips quirked up into a dangerous smile as his brown eyes meet the humans. "So sorry to cut in my good sir, but the child is needed elsewhere." Tyki said, his voice laced with his malice for the human.

The blonde actually had the gall to smile back, his challenging brown eyes not braking from the Noah of Pleasures stare. "Oh but I gave the boy my word, my good man. What kind of gentlemen would I be if I didn't fallow through?"

Tyki had to fight down the desire to rip the humans filthy heart out right then and there. If the smaller Noah wasn't standing next to him looking so confused and completely cute, Tyki might have done it to. There was a better way to get rid of him anyway, one that would be much more amusing and would get him into less trouble.

His smile widened as he held out the hand that was not holding Allen's. "I think we got of on the wrong foot." Tyki said, his tone conveying anything but good will. "I'm Lord Tyki Mikk." he purred out as his eyes narrowed.

It took five seconds for the human to start spluttering and stammering out apologies. How did Tyki know this? He counted them as he watched the information about who he was seep into the humans small brain. He held back his insane chuckle as the blonde quickly excused himself with a plea to convey well wishes to the Earl for him.

After the incident with the human and once Allen was safely escorted back to the table, the rest of the night passed without anymore incidence. Mana had returned back from wherever he had mysteriously disappeared to shortly after Tyki and Allen had returned to the table with not a word of where he had been. The Earl however chuckled as soon as Mana had returned, an amused smile playing on his lips.

Leaving the ball was another story…

As the Noah family was leaving the grand hall they were greeted with an interesting sight. As they moved to their awaiting carriages they sow what looked like what remained of some poor souls black carriage. Some lower class workers were desperately trying to douse the fire that was destroying what was left of it. The two horses that went with the carriage were long gone.

It didn't surprise any of the Noah present when they learned who's carriage it was. Or to later learn that the mans home had also met a very similar fate as the carriage.

The youngest Noah though, he pouted for the whole trip back to his uncles home. He never did get to play that piano…

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