A/N: Inspired by my numerous attempts to acheive five gold stars on GH II's Surrender. Which I did eventually acheive

A/N 2: I had this posted up on fictionpressm but I figured there might a bigger readership for it here, so...enjoy!

It sits there taunting me,
begging me to play.
99% success rate.
Come on, try your luck,
I dare you to conquer me.
Come on, you know you want to,
it says.
I stare in defiance,
I could get five of them,
the unattainable gold ones,
that everyone longs for.
I plug it in,
pick up the guitar and wait.
It loads.

The thrill of the game,
perfect so far,
nothing missed.
I can do it!
I'm going to do it!
My stomach tightens with anticipation,
my breath quickens.
Almost there, so close,
just a few more...
I missed one!
I finish the song,
feeling defeated.
My heart sinks.
The game will not surrender to me.

I will not let it beat me.
Not now,
not then,
not ever.
I pick up the guitar again,
face my enemy,
take a deep breath,
and play again.
I will conquer the song!
I'll play til my hands cramp and my fingers bleed!

The game defeats me again.

I put down my guitar
unplug it and call it a night.
But I'll be back again tomorrow.
Back to conquer the game.
In time, it will surrender to me,
the Guitar Hero.