This collection of drabbles is a spin-off from my other collection of drabbles, Brothers. Since we all know some of the sibling relationships in Digimon are not brotherly, it was only right that I put these drabbles in a separate category. Hence, we start off with Tai and Kari. I'll probably get into Davis and Jun soon, then maybe Yolei and her siblings.... but until then, here you have it.

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"What is that?" Tai asked increduously, eyebrows crinkled in confusion. "And why won't it stop crying?"

His mother chuckled, reaching out a gentle hand to smooth back her son's unruly hair-do.

"This is your sister, Tai. Her name is Kari."

She tried to usher him forward, so he could get a better look at the new addition to their family, but Tai stepped back warily.

"... why is she here?"

Tai's mom was about to answer her young son's alarmed query, but Tai's grandparents came bustling over from the kitchen, intent on cooing over baby Kari and smothering her with kisses. They were ready to head out the door--but promised to come visit soon--and Tai frowned even more, still entirely confused about the whole situation.

"Aren't you taking her with you?" his small, boyish voice called out to his grandparents.

His mom waved them off; she would deal with it. They left, leaving behind a growingly frustrated little boy, a sleeping, drooling baby, and an amused mother.

"Tai, sweetie, Kari isn't leaving. She's going to be living with us now."

"But why?" Tai persisted, "Can't she live somewhere else?"

He watched his mother shake her head, small laughs erupting from her chest. "You'll learn to love her soon enough, don't worry," she soothed. Her keen eye caught the look of half disgust, half astonishment Tai expressed at her statement. Smiling, she glanced between her eldest and her youngest, noting that this was undoubtedly the start of a beautiful relationship.

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