Hello fellow Trekkies! This is my first Star Trek fanfic ever. I didn't write this alone. I wrote this with my friend Missi. That's not her real name....just what we call her.

I was inspired after watching Spock's original death scene. I started wondering how this would go in the 2009 version.

Disclaimer: I do not own Star Trek, or Star Trek 2009.

Spock's Farewell

Chapter One: Sacrifice

James T. Kirk gazed through the glass into the radiation filled room. His best friend Spock had gone in to save to the entire ships crew from imminent death, in the process poisoning himself. He watched as Spock slowly stood and straitened himself to his usual military posture, fixing his dress uniform to perfection. Jim almost smiled at the Vulcan's perpetual dignity, but as he watched his friend struggling to keep control, the smile was over before it started. Spock stiffly walked to where Jim was watching.

"Jim," Spock's voice was quiet and hoarse, as if it was all he could do to say the few words. "Out...of danger?"

"Yes." Jim reassured his first officer that he had saved them.

The two friends stared at each other through the glass, knowing full well that this was undoubtedly the end. Jim was suddenly marveling at the fact that they had saved each other from the most seemingly hopeless situations, and now he was helpless to save his First Officer. He remembered two years ago when they had fought Nero. They had managed to save captain Pike, stop the drill, and beam back to the enterprise with a few cuts and bruises.

Jim always said there was no such thing as a no-win situation. What a way to be proven wrong.

"Then I have done....my duty to the ship, and her crew." Spock gasped, still struggling to speak.

"Spock, I-"

"Don't Jim. It was......logical. The needs of many... outweigh..." Spock paused, and looked at the captain.

"...the needs of the few." he said, blinking back the tears in his eyes. Spock nodded.

"Or the one. But Jim.....I need you to do something for me." the look in Spock's eye was so increasingly desperate, that Jim knew that whatever it was that Spock wanted him to do, he would do it. For his friend. His brother.

"Please tell Nyota..." Spock coughed, and slid down onto the ground. A sharp stab of fear hit James T. Kirk straight through the heart as he knelt down to Spock's level. He pressed his hand against the glass, as if trying to reach through to his friend. James then realized that was exactly what he was trying to do.

"I will." he managed. Spock offered a small smile as a comfort to Kirk.

"I have been....and always shall be....your friend...and your brother." The Science Officer pressed his hand against the glass, where Jim's own still lingered, in a final Vulcan salute.

"Live long....and prosper."

James watched the final gesture, once again trying not to let his tears escape. Guilt poured down on him like a heavy rain. He thought to himself how it should have been him. He should have been the one to die.

Nyota should be here. he thought. She should be able to be here to say goodbye. She has that right.

And his heart broke as Spock leaned against the glass, gave Jim one more small, weak smile, and closed his eyes for the final time. Jim suddenly couldn't look at Spock anymore, as he turned around, still sitting, and buried his face in one hand. But he would not let the tears escape, because he knew Spock would not want him to cry. He felt like losing control for even a second, would be like betraying Spock.

He would grieve silently for his friend. No matter how much it hurt.

Spock Prime watched the scene from afar, feeling a similar guilt that the captain was feeling. Was this what he had put Jim through when he made that sacrifice? Had he put his friend through this pain? He mentally shook his head. Worrying about his past was illogical, for he knew that all would be back to normal in a matter of weeks.

But the illogical guilt still lingered, even as he walked over to Jim, and placed a reassuring hand on his shoulder.

Jim looked up at Spock Prime, and noticed a look in his eye. As if he knew something that Kirk didn't. Only then did he allow a small glimmer of hope to shine through the grief.

I hope that was good. Missi said it was. This chapter was mainly written by me, and the next one will be written by her. This will be a three-shot.

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