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It was dark and damp in the prison cell. Water dripped from a crack in the ceiling which would make any inmate become a crazy mess, however, it did not falter the current prisoner. If it wasn't for the droplets of water, the cell would be completely silent. There was no window to look out of, just a tiny slit that allowed for air to circulate. An empty bowl was situated in a corner on top of a tray with a half empty cup of water. Beside it was an old mattress full of straw that would pop out in the middle of the night and stab at whoever laid on it. The cell wasn't hell, but it sure wasn't a paradise.

The inmate in the cell sat on the mattress, knees curled up while they studied the iron door that held them prisoner. Footsteps came closer, down the hall on the other side, and stopped in front of the door. The inmate waited.

A few seconds later, there was a click as a key went into the lock and opened the door. A guard walked in, closing the door behind them. He squatted in front of the prisoner and narrowed his golden eyes at them. He glanced at the tray by the bed and seemed content with the level of emptiness in bowl and cup. With the back of his hand, he touched the cheek of the young woman in front of him. Bile rose up the prisoner's throat and she was forced to swallow it back down. From then on the inmate kept her composure, wanting the strike out at the man in front of her. The instinct to kill was thick in the inmate's mind. The guard then grinned at the prisoner, showing off horrid teeth with an array of colors.

"Princess Azula," he slurred on his tongue. "Oh, how the mighty have fallen."

Azula did not reply and stared directly at him. The guard frowned, slapping her as he did so. If she was surprised by the strike, she did not show it. A red mark appeared on her cheek, throbbing with irritation. She challenged him with a threatening gaze in her eyes. This angered the guard. He gripped her chin with his giant hand, crushing her cheeks together. She quivered in his grip, fighting the urge to spit in his face. The guard moved it from side to side, as if to examine her.

"What's it like to know that the country that once loved and feared you, has turned to treat you like trash?" he asked her. "What's it like to be nothing?"

She didn't say anything. The guard turned red, a vein popping out on his forehead.

"I said what's it like!" he shouted in her face. "You worthless being!"

If Azula was a weaker person, she would have cried at this point. Instead, she jerked her chin out of his hold. Staring him down with a murderous intent, she lifted her arms up as if to defend herself. The guard laughed, spitting on the floor.

"What are you going to do, eh?" he said. "You can't fire-bend in here, not with those things on your arms and legs. You're powerless in this here prison, princess."

She looked at the iron gloves that engulfed her hands. They weighed a ton and it took a lot of energy to lift them up. Eating was challenging and drinking was humiliating. The gloves were connected by a thick chain that also connected to the iron shoes on her feet. The guard smacked her again.

"You're a waste of space," he spat. "A complete and utter waste-..."

Azula struck him across the face with her gloves, causing him to fall to the floor and lose his helmet in a single swing. She quickly got on top of him so that he wouldn't get up and rose her arms above her head. A quick strike to the head with her iron gloves silenced him, yet she did not stop at one. After she had hit him numerous times, she got off of him and sat back for a breather. Blood pooled around his body, splattered on her gloves. She wanted to cry. Never had she killed someone, though she had tried multiple times. All those things the guard had said to her were heart crushing, yet she still refused to cry. Fire Nation princesses don't cry, especially not this one. Only once had she really cried and she regrets ever doing so.

Rummaging through his pockets, she looked for a key. Finding it, she tried to unlock the gloves on her hands. It was hard to do with the cumbersome objects on her hands, so she had to improvise. She gritted the key between her teeth and lowered it into the lock. Sweat ran down her brow as she twisted the key with her mouth so that the lock would open. She heard a click and let the key drop out of her mouth as her hands became free. Next to be freed were her feet, which was easier now that her hands were smaller and thinner. At last, she was out of the wretched things that kept her from fire-bending. She slowly got to her feet, being careful after having the large boots on her for so long. Emotionless, she glanced down at the dead body and spat on it.

"I am not powerless," she said to no one and sauntered out of the cell.

The light was brighter in the hallway and she had to cover her eyes in order to adapt. Using her other hand to guide her, she walked down the hall with extreme caution. A guard could come towards her at any moment and she had to be ready for it. It would be a kill or be killed situation for her. She was not going to let some low-life guard get the best of her. A door came upon her path with the word 'Armory' sketched into it. Perhaps she could dress herself as a guard and slip out of the prison unnoticed. It was worth a shot.

Back against the wall, she pushed the door slightly ajar to see if anyone was inside. If there was, someone would have came outside to see who had opened it. When no one seemed to be there, she went inside and decked herself out in the guard uniform. It was easy from then on. No one stopped her or spoke to her. It was like she was one of them. Azula felt proud of herself. Only one other person had broken out of this prison and that was her traitor uncle.

When she finally reached the outdoors, a whalf of fresh air filled her nose and the light of the moon lit her face. What a feeling it was to be finally free of the prison that held her for so long. She would celebrate this tiny victory of hers later after she had found a safe place to hide.

There was one place that no one would think to find her, a place that she had kept hidden since she was a child. She had discovered it by accident when she was looking for her brother. It was a tiny cave not too far from the royal city and completely unknown by the rest of the population. Since its discovery, she had made it into an shelter just in chase of emergencies. She would go there to hide.

Azula travelled under the darkness of night for two days until she reached her cave. By the time she had gotten there, the sun had now risen and she could feel herself grow stronger. She knelt by the pond that happened to be by the cave and cupped water into her hands to drink it. After having her fill, she noticed her hands for the first time. It had been a few years since she had seen them ungloved. She flexed her thin fingers, looking at how pale they had become. She removed her shoes, wiggling toes freely. They too were pale. Then she looked into the pond. Her face had only slightly changed, having grown thinner and mature. Just exactly how long had she been locked up for? As long as she was free, the years didn't really matter. She went inside the cave to sleep.

The next morning, Azula decided that she had to move on. She learned that staying in one place for too long severed ones chances of not being found. Removing the breast-plate and grieves of the uniform, she was now dressed in a simple cloth shirt and loose pants. She went deeper into the cave, now crowded with crates and sacks. She opened every single one of them until she found all the things that she needed. Carrying a small sack outside of the cave, she knelt by the edge of the pond. A small knife was taken out of the sack and held tightly in the young woman's hand. Her other hand reached behind her, wrapping her long hair around her fist. The ex-princess positioned the knife above her fist and slashed at the hair. With one clean cut, the dark locks fell to the ground in a single heap. Azula ran her fingers through her shorten hair and used the pond once again as a mirror. To her, having a different hair length wasn't enough to deflect pursuers. Hands completely steady, Azula ran the tip of the knife in a vertical slit down the left side of her face. As that side started to bleed, she dragged the weapon down in a crooked line on her lips. The wounds stung and she stuck her face into the water to stop the bleeding. No one would expect someone so precise as Azula to have such uneven marks on her face. Sack over her shoulder, the freed prisoner headed off into the direction of her next sheltered hiding place.

After months of trudging along in the wilderness of the Fire Nation, Azula decided that it was safe enough to stop at an inn for the night. The room she was given was tiny and dirty. On the other hand, the owner gave it to her at a special price considering the condition she was in. She sat on the sad excuse of a bed, running her hand over her swollen belly. There was pressure at her side and she winced at the pain. It was a pain that she was not used to. She wondered how she could have let this happen to herself, being a strong and proud individual. A flash of realization etched itself across her face. The memory of how her pregnancy had come to be had been suppressed in her mind for so long, she had forgotten that it ever happened. It was not something that she liked to remember and she felt stupid for letting its presence leak back into her mind. Looking at the moon that rose up in the night sky, Azula cursed the world for her pain.

The father of her unborn child had already been dealt with; this remniensce required a sickly sweet smile came upon her lips. However, there was still one person that she still had to dispose of. They had not only wronged her, but her father and country as well. Her dear brother Zuko had secured himself a place on her hit list.

It was Zuko that had gone against his homeland to conspire with the Avatar. Zuko, who had dethroned her of the Fire Lord status only a hours after receiving the title from their father. The same brother that altered their mother's heart to love him more than her. And to add more salt into the wound, it was Zuko that had put her into that vile prison cell with restraints on her hands. If someone was to fall from power, Azula wanted nothing more than to have it be her older brother.

Another kick came to her side and Azula pressed her hand against it unsure if what she was doing was actually relieving the pain. It happened again and she bit her lip unknowingly. She leaned against the head of the bed to help remove some of the stress on her back and thought. How could she possibly take down her brother? He had an entire army at his fingertips and she had nothing. Azula slammed her fist against the wall both from frustration with Zuko and the rising annoyance of the pregnancy. She was supposed to be the prodigy in her family. There was not a problem that she couldn't solve. She should be able to plot an assassination with ease. Then it came to her.

There was absolutely no way that she was the only person who were unwilling to accept Zuko's reign. If they were out there, and she was certain they were, they needed to be found now. Azula knew ways of getting to Zuko that only a person who had actually been inside the royal palace would know. Plus, who would turn down the generous assistance of a former powerful princess of the Fire Nation. They would be foolish to not do so. These people would give her the resources and the man-power to execute her plan to kill her brother. When her pregnancy was over with, she was set on searching for fellow rebels.

Something felt off inside Azula's body. The pain of the kicks went away, but a new form of agony erupted in her belly. She called out for the wife of the inn keeper ,or for anyone that could hear her, to come to her aid. As she waited for someone to come to her room, another thought arose in her mind.

She was a legendary fire-bender, known for the use of lightning and blue flame. What if there was someone else who shared these talents? Someone who could match her in skill and just as terrifying? It was hard enough for Zuko to fight her off, but two people fighting the way she did would be disastrous for him. She could use her child to her own advantage. A second prodigal child in the royal line. Azula was seeing her pregnancy in a new light. The key to Zuko's destruction would lie in the combined efforts of her and her offspring. What a menacing pair they would be.

The inn keeper's wife burst through the door and came to Azula's side with a hot bucket of water and a ton of towels thrown over her shoulder. She called for her daughter to hurry up with more towels and a herb that would relieve some of the pain in the birth process. Within a few hours, the escaped prisoner went into labor. It was inside this little inn located in the middle of nowhere that Azula gave birth to her greatest weapon: her daughter.

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