Eva: I want more chappie 5 *Psychotic Len Kagamine plays in the background.*

Ikuto: What's wrong with you?

Amu: You've been playing alot of depressing music since yesterday.

Eva: Its summer and I'm going to a new high school ... I'm going to miss my little Otaku's... *Plays Still Doll*

Amu: Well let's hope the story doesn't go Emo...

Ikuto: She doesn't own anything

..:: Ikuto's POV::..

When I arrived home from spending the day with Amu, I flopped myself onto my bed with a sigh.

Amu why are you so damn attractive! I mentally kicked myself.

"Ikuto~" My mother called through the door. "Amu-Chan here~" She said letting Amu in.

Once Amu entered my room and my mom shut the door leaving us alone, Amu finally spoke.

"Did I leave my iPod here?" That's just like Amu to worry about her music.

"Yeah in the bottom of my desk." I answered coolly.

She went over to my desk and bent over, I could clearly see up that napkin of a skirt she was wearing, and it was such a turn on. Seeing those light frilly panties of hers makes me think of all the things I could do to her...

NO! Stop thinking of her like that! I screamed to myself.

"Ikuto. I can't find it..." She called digging in the desk cabinet, on all fours.

"Move." I said going over to find the iPod. She was still bent and I could see down her tank top.

Is she asking me to rape her?

"Here ." I said handing her the iPod. Her face lit up. Of course it would that thing is her life.

"Thank you so much Ikuto!" She jumped me and hugged me pushing her fully developed D 38 chest in my face.

She let go when she realized I couldn't breathe. But I really didn't mind. I was in heaven.

"Umm... No problem." I said finding the right words.

"I owe guess I owe you..." she said blushing. Wrong words my dear.

"And I know exactly how you can repay me." I said standing up, she stayed sitting on the ground, looking confused.

" I want to see Amu-Koi, like when she was drunk~"

..:: Amu's POV::..

"N-no..." I said blushing. Sure I would love to, but Ikuto and I are already to deep right now.

"Nobody will know, it will be our little secret. Our Dirty Little Secret~" He said unzipping his pants letting his erected member free.

I was getting hot and he was making this extra hard on me.

..:: Normal POV::..

The tempted pinkette sat there not knowing what to give in. Her desires or what was right. Amu soon gave into her desire.

Amu then sat up, and scooted closer to Ikuto and his cock, rubbing her cheek up against his hard muscle.

With lustful eyes that stared into his, Ikuto watched as Amu licked his penis. Her tongue licked agonizingly slow, taking in every detail of his cock. She then, with the tip of her tongue, teasingly licked around the hole.

He scrunched his face at the pleasure, trying so hard not to make a sound. Then went and started to suck on him. Ikuto held onto her head for dear life, she was doing good. "A-Amu" he groaned, he was so close to just cumming in her mouth.

Soon he released his semen into her mouth. Amu drunk it all.

Amu took Ikuto's cock out of her mouth and some cum slid out of her mouth.

"Amu, you look so horny." Ikuto said smirking.

Amu couldn't speak. She had no idea what to say.

Ikuto pushed Amu's tank top and bra up, so he could get to her erected and firm breast.

"Amu you really want this don't you ? Hmm that's so dirty~" Ikuto said before he began licking, sucking and biting on Amu's breast.

"Ahh" Amu moaned arching her body forward, desiring more.

Ikuto, began the same treatment to her other breast. Once he finished, he pushed her down onto all-fours, and pushed up her skirt.

He noticed Amu's quivering pussy, and ran his finger along the covered clit.

Amu moaned, wanting it all not these small samples.

Ikuto pushed he panties aside and lick her pussy a few times, before plunging his tongue in her causing her to cum.

"Amu tell me you want it." Ikuto said whispering into her ear seductively and groping her breast.

" Ahh, Ikuto! I-I need your thick cock in me!" she cried, as he rubbed himself against her wet entrance.

"Good girl." Ikuto said before he thrusted into Amu, without warning.

"Ahh!" Cried Amu, as Ikuto pulled out, and slammed back in to her very tight cunt.

" A-Amu... you're so t-tight and h-hot." Ikuto said pounding into Amu.

"Ohh! P-please faster Ikuto!" Amu cried, hitting her second orgasm.

Ikuto, picked up his pace, needing to cum.

"Amu... your such a slut. Having sex with someone in a relationship..." Ikuto's words only fueled Amu's body.

"Ahh! I' cumming!" Amu cried before tightening around Ikuto's cock. At the same time Ikuto hit his limit and came in Amu.

"Amu!" He moaned out releasing his cum into her.

Amu body collapsed and Ikuto pulled himself out and fixed himself.

After a couple of minutes Amu, adjusted herself, grabbed her iPod, and excited the room not saying a single word to Ikuto.

..:: Amu's POV::..

That was horrible! He made me give into his desires, just to have sex with me! He knows how I feel and is using that to get laid! But I love it so much! Being his secret mistress... and getting to be touched like that by him...

"Oh. Amu-Chan leaving already?" I heard Ikuto's mom say, right before I got to the door knob.

"Umm... yes. I just needed my iPod... I'll see you soon Mrs. Tsukiyomi!" I said racing out of the door.

..:: Ikuto's POV::..

Amu didn't say anything before she left... Is she made at me? Why would she though? We both like each other. Why won't she admit it like when she was drunk?

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