Having dozens of technical advances in the palm of their hands, you would think Providence could afford to have more than one couch.

Noah, hair tousled from sleep, groaned as Rex's big toe hit him squarely between the eyes. "You said you weren't a kicker." the blond growled. Rex, fast asleep, snored in response. Pushing himself up, arms crossed over the couch's arm, Noah frowned at the hole in the floor where Rex's bed had been. He noted that pillow fights should be activities solely for girl's slumber parties. Attempting one with a Evo who could turn his arm into a high powered pillow cannon seemed to end in earth, or rather bed, shattering results.

"Come on man, its just one night. How am I supposed to battle evil Evo's if my backs all messed up from sleeping on the floor?" Rex had asked, puppy eyed. Noah had groaned, mumbled under his breath, and allowed Rex to sleep with him on the couch. The way they were laying, Rex's feet where in Noah's face, and vice versa. "Well it's only for a night." Noah muttered to himself. It was reassuring, right up until Rex's knee connected with his stomach. Noah's breath left him in a woosh and his own foot collided into the black haired generators forehead. "Gah!" Rex cried, falling backwards onto the bare floor.

"This isn't working." Noah wheezed. Rex rubbed the red spot where Noah had kicked him. "You think?" he snorted, climbing to his feet. Noah held up one finger. "You okay man?" Rex asked. Noah shook his head. "You….stomach…kick." he managed. Rex scratched the back of his head sheepishly. "Oops. Guess I am a kicker after all."

Bobo Haha, eye patched simian extraordinaire, swallowed a laugh as he entered Providence's "lounge" later that morning. His partners in crime, Rex and Noah, were curled up together on the company's singular couch, snoring away. "Hey Doc, get a load of that, can you say blackmail?" he asked Doctor Holiday. The Doc gave him a disapproving look, but it melted into a smile. "Blackmail." she said. Bobo produced a cell phone from one of his vest pockets, chuckling to himself. "The kids gonna owe me big time if he wants these babies erased."

Agent Six, ever present "blank" faced ace, stared at the gap in the floor, eyes tracing to the pillow sized hole in the ceiling above. "Even when he's home, the boy manages to break things." Doc Holiday patted his shoulder. "That's teenagers for you." Agent Six glanced at her, then sighed and made his way over to the couch. "Rex" he said sternly.

Rex's eyes opened to an blur of yellow. His face was pressed firmly into Noah's hair. "Wha?" he grunted, pushing away. Noah sighed in his sleep. His arms were locked firmly around Rex's waist. "Ah!" Rex cried, falling off the couch for the second time in a day, except now he brought Noah along for the ride. The two boys crashed onto the floor, Noah on top of Rex. Noah's eyes bolted open, staring blearily at Rex's chest. "Whahappen?" he asked, still half asleep. Rex, dazed from the fall, didn't answer. Noah pushed himself up, a blush slowly creeping across his pale face. He realized then where he was, and who he was on top of. The flush deepened to a full crimson palate across his cheeks. "Are you okay?" he asked, rolling off of Rex. Bobo was laughing so hard his face had become the same shade as Noah. Rex sat up slowly, rubbing his tailbone where it had connected painfully with the floor. "Fine." he answered Noah at last.

Bobo wiped the tears from his eyes and grinned at the two boys. "Sleep well lovebirds?" he asked coyly. Rex scowled at the chimp. "Put a sock in it." Bobo waved the phone slowly back and forth, a wicked smile coming to his face. "Ah ah ah Chief. I'd be a little nicer to the monkey, lest these pictures of you two snuggling end up posted all over Providence." Rex let out a frightening snarl and leapt towards Bobo, but the monkey hopped out of his line of fire, leaving Rex sliding across the smoothly polished floor on his stomach. "Ooh! I'm shaking in my simian undergarment!" Bobo trilled, racing away. Rex roared incoherently and dashed after him. Noah's face, slowly fading back to white, heated up again. As Rex raced away, hearty in his pursuit of Bobo and his embarrassing photos, Noah couldn't help but notice the firm muscles in his friends back.