A woman with what appeared to be applesauce exited the room just as Six, Rex and Noah approached. She glanced at them. "Have you come to take the poor kid home?" she asked. Six shook his head, "No." was his only reply.

The saucy nurse sighed and tried to wipe the chunky yellow mess off the front of her shirt. "Nat likes oranges. Do you have any?" she asked. "No." was again the reply. The nurse laughed and shook her head. "Good luck."

The little redhead from the picture sat cross-legged on the starched hospital bed. She hummed a nonsense song softly as she colored a picture with crayons, most spread across the bed, sprinkles on white frosting. She glanced up only after the three of them had entered. Her eyes were blue, wide as the ocean. "Hi." she piped cheerily, then returned her focus to the paper balanced on her knees.

Rex scratched his head thoughtfully. "She's an evo?" he asked. Six nodded. Rex smiled easily. "This should be the easiest one my nanites have tackled in a while." he said. "Rex wait-" Six started to say, but the teenager had already stepped forward to touch the girl's arm. He was blasted backwards.

Little Nat was still focused on her picture, the arm Rex had almost touched slowly turning from a cannon back to a normal, freckled little girl arm. "Look but don't touch, big boy." she said with a soft, sad smile, folding the picture up and handing it to Noah. She slid out of the bed and over to the rubble where Rex now lay.

"No hard feelings Mr., I can't control what they do." she admitted, offering him a small hand. Rex stood on his own, rubbing a spot in his neck he knew would be sore later on. "By they, I assume you mean the nanites." he said.

Nat nodded, wandering back to the bed. Meticulously, she packed the crayons away. "Since I was two, I've had these little buggers inside me." she glanced back at them, the sad smile still on her face. "My parents could barely care for me. They were always scared that I could lash out at them." From the uniform nightstand, the little girl grabbed a picture. She hugged it to her chest like she was drowning.

"The man who comes at night sometimes, the cyborg, he says that they couldn't understand me, so they avoided me and my "gift"…because they were afraid. That's what he said." She climbed slowly back onto a the bed. "You're an evo right?" she asked Rex. He nodded. "How could you guess?" Nat's sad smile returned. "Any other person would have died, being flung like that."

Rex sat down on the edge of the bed. "You said "the cyborg" told you these things." She nodded. "Would you open that picture now, Mr. Blond?" Nat asked Noah. He quickly obliged, staring at the crayon artwork "Uh…Rex." He said. Rex sighed through his nose. "Yeah. I guessed as much." The picture strongly resembled one very bad evo they both had met before, Van Kleiss. A madman who took evos onto his side, his belief that they should be accepted by force, and destroy anyone who got in there way.

"This guy, Van Kliess, he's talked to you before?" Rex asked. Nat absentmindedly began to braid a long strand of her bangs. "Sure. Lots of times. Me, and Mort and most of the kids on this ward. None of us have gone with him yet, except for her." Rex swallowed. "Her?" Nat pulled another pictured out of the nightstand drawer. "Our big sister, in title only. She watched out for us little guys." Rex clutched the picture in his hands. Smiling up at him, despite the green crayon tint to her skin, was Circe, the evo girl he had lost at Cabo Luna only a week before.