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The Ministry is Stupid

The Minister of Magic sat at his desk looking over the new proposal that Umbridge had brought him. It was hard for him to concentrate on it because everyone was still recovering from the war. Thankfully, three weeks after the war, they only had three death eaters to catch but they knew where to find them thanks to some good tracking spells.

The proposal was intended to encourage a control of population and pregnancy rates. It was also meant to help give the 8th year students and the rest of the wizarding community some hope because of all the lost loved ones the war had taken. It would give them something to think about and perhaps give others a reason to continue living.

The minister rubbed his temples. He did not see anything wrong with the proposal, little did he know Umbridge had covered up some of the illegal parts, but he did not want to think about this any longer. He signed it and gave it to his secretary. He had bigger fish to fry at the moment. The trials would be starting soon and he needed to make sure those death eaters paid their dues.

Umbridge smiled as she heard the news of her proposal passing. She laughed evilly and walked back to her office with an extra leap in her step making her seem even more like a toad. She had to give the officials the recipe of the potion she had created. *smirk*

Tracy Bogallen stared at the potion recipe. What was that woman thinking? She disliked Umbridge with a passion and this just made things worse. The potion was a ridiculous concoction. She sort of pitied those children having their decisions made for them, even if they did match up correctly. She sighed and picked up the clipboard. She wrote the first name on the board on a piece of paper and reached for the vial with the same name on it. She could not fathom how Umbridge got a sample of hair from each of the students but she knew it must have been illegal somehow. She shrugged. She was only a potion tech and was sworn to secrecy on the whole project. She proceeded to drop the strand of hair first and then the paper with the name Abbott, Hannah. The potion bubbled in its natural aqua color until vapor rose the color of purple. Tracy looked at her chart.

Potion Position Color Chart for Same Sex Relationships

Green = Dominant

Purple = Submissive

Right. She pointed her wand at the letter addressed to Hannah Abbott and the words submissive wrote themselves on the appropriate spot. An assistant slipped the letter in an envelope along with two other things she could not see. Whatever they were, they were small. She looked back to her clipboard and continued down her list. She was very surprised when it came to certain student's names and almost dropped her clipboard at the result of one in particular. She shivered because hell had frozen over at that result.

It was the middle of June; only five weeks after the war had ended. Draco Malfoy sat outside of Malfoy Manor with his arms encircling his bent knees. His once emotionless face was worn with the events that had taken place during the war. His silver-grey eyes staring out, not really seeing. He sighed and let his thoughts wander onto the events he had been trying to forget.

After Snape had taken him from Hogwarts on the night Dumbledore was killed, Draco's life had been full of constant fear for himself and his mother. He felt like each day was as if he were a zombie, but it felt more like he was watching himself than living it. Voldemort was furious when he found out that Draco had failed his mission and had him locked in the dungeon for three month where he was put under the Cruciatus Curse constantly. While it had been painful, he was thankful they had not raped him like so many others. After those months in the dungeon, Voldemort had let him out and kept him locked up in the manor along with his mother. His father, the coward, continued to try and appease Voldemort and it had disgusted Draco.

There were so many times he wished it would all stop and nearly stopped it by offing himself, but he remembered his mother was still alive and that is what kept him going. There was also the silver lining of any news he could find out about Harry Potter. He rooted for Potter to come and stop the maniac his father had forced him into serving. He would stare at his arm and try to get the ugly image off his skin. Gaining his father's approval had not been worth this.

He waited and then finally Draco found himself face-to-face with Potter and his friends a month later. Hope began to build itself within him and in the end he helped them escape. Voldmort was not pleased and cursed him until he could not walk very well. Soon after that he found himself back at Hogwarts and sent on another mission that ended with him being saved by Potter from a fireball. Draco had stayed inside Hogwarts so that he did not have to be around Voldemort any longer. He ended up helping anyone that was injured and casting healing spells on them. Many were surprised that he was helping them at all. It confused many of the light side fighters but they did not dwell on it because there was still a war to be fought. Finally, after a while Draco heard the calm and at that moment he knew he was free. He sighed in relief and felt a few tears escape his eyes.

When everything was settled, the trials began. The ministry started with the biggest offenders and worked their way down. His father had been called out on trail before him and he decided to be a witness against him. This was karma for everything his father had done to him. His father had looked furious but Draco had walked away not caring. Lucius had been given the kiss in the end. His mother was safe for she had not played much of a part in the war; her only goal was to make sure Draco was safe.

Draco rested his forehead on his knees. His trial was tomorrow and he wasn't so sure how it would go. There was also something else on his mind. The ministry was back to their old manipulative tricks and some of their plans included the future of the teenage wizards going back to Hogwarts for their 8th year. If he did make it back to Hogwarts this new law would affect him and he wasn't sure how that would work out for him. He got up and went back inside to rest before the trial the next day.

To Draco's great surprise Potter had ended up testifying at his trial, along with the witches and wizards he had ended up helping during the war. Potter testified saying that Draco had not acted willingly from what he saw and told the ministry of all the help that Draco had given him. Draco was let off reluctantly. He was extremely grateful to Potter and grudgingly allowed it to be voiced. He sought him out after the trial and found him speaking to Weasley and Granger. He walked up to them and both Granger and Weasley stopped talking to Harry, who had his back to Draco, and glanced in his direction, more like Granger glanced and Weasley glared. He looked ready to pick a fight if Draco said anything insulting. Potter turned around at their silence and expressions, and his eyes widened at seeing me there. He stood there awkwardly trying to voice what he wanted to say. He sighed and looked him in the eyes

"…Thank you Potter…for what you've done .and I'm sor…" He couldn't finish what He wanted to say. He was tired of the fighting but he could not muster the will to let his pride fall at that moment. He turned to leave but Potter spoke up before he had turned completely. He tensed thinking he'd surly have some scathing comment of disbelief or just to insult him further because of his humiliation.

"You're welcome Malfoy. See you at Hogwarts." He gave a half-hearted, half-smile but it was not welcoming.

He politely nodded and left. This year was going to be a pain. There were so many students that wanted to get back at him and he was sure Weasley wouldn't let him live down the year either.

Harry sat in his bedroom at Grimrauld Place reading the letter about the new law that the ministry had implemented:

July 17, 1997

Mr. Potter,

We are pleased to inform you that the new marriage type law has been passed. In an effort to control the pregnancy levels, and population, this law states that anyone to have sexual intercourse with another student with a pregnancy resulting in that union, that couple must be married at one. To secure this procedure, all 8th year students are required to find a person of their choosing to marry. Enclosed is a ring which you will give to your partner to wear. It contains your initials inside and a spell where if your chosen partner is considering your offer no one can come near them sexually and take that person away. After a decision has been made you will exchange your rings, if it has been accepted, and sign up for a proper bonding ceremony. Below is a classification if your preferences are towards the same sex. If you do pursue a same sex relationship, enclosed is a bracelet of a certain color. Depending on the color, it will let you know whether the other person is a dominant or submissive and whether you should pursue them or not. Green bracelets are for dominants and purple are for submissives.

Harry Potter: Dominant


Alicia Stonewood

Records Associate

Ministry of Magic

He glared at the offending piece of paper and threw it on the floor after crunching it up. 'What was the ministry thinking? Implementing a new marriage law to control the wizarding population. They are bigger idiots than he originally thought they were. They're not even giving people time to mourn. The ministry really is stupid'.

Harry scowled and felt tears prick his eyes as he remembered the loved ones who had died. Thankfully all the Weasleys were ok and so was most of the order. Tonks and Remus were badly injured and still at St. Mungos. Harry missed Sirius and Dumbledore and even Snape. Dean, Colin, Pavarti, Lavender, Cho, and several other Gryffindors did not make it either. He still felt their deaths on his shoulders.

Harry picked up the ring that had come with the letter. It was a plain silver band and inside were his initials H.J.P. written in neat cursive. He though back to the last line in the letter. 'Dominant huh?' He never really stopped to think about his sexuality because of the war but now that it was over he started realizing he was more in guys than girls. Ginny sure had a good way of proving that to him, but Cho hadn't been far behind. It was annoying how she kept trying to get back with him. She treated him as if there already was a ring on her finger. He picked up the green bracelet which looked like those Livestrong bracelets that were popular with all the muggles. He slipped it on and lay back down.

He rolled over on his bed and starting to think about who would make a good partner for him. He was afraid all the girls would be fawning over him again but they would only want him for his fame and his money. He wanted someone who would want him for who he was. Just Harry. This would be really hard. He had to be careful not get slipped any love potions and accidentally get someone pregnant. This next year would be a pain.

Draco lay on his bed shocked. He had just received his letter from the ministry. He couldn't believe what the letter said, especially the last line:

Draco Malfoy: Submissive

How was it possible to be considered the submissive one in the relationship? He knew he had been into guys for a while. It was a good that Pansy had finally figured that out and ended up being his closest confidant. Her family had gone into hiding during the war to avoid Pansy being involved. He missed her. He received letter from her every couple of days and he was sure to get one soon thanks to the letter from the ministry.

'Stupid ministry!' He punched his pillow. He wanted to live his own life now that the war was over. How was he possibly going to find someone suitable to partner with? He sighed accepting the fact that he was submissive, mostly. He put the purple bracelet on. He could see why the ministry had classified him as such, just now how. Had there been a test he had not realized he took? He had changed a lot because of the war. Yes this next year would definitely be a pain. Someone help him.

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