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Chapter 14

There's beauty from the ashes

An explosion of magic was felt throughout the whole castle. One that forced everyone to bend over because they felt they couldn't breathe. Harry was at the hospital wing within minutes of being told the news. Leaving Ron and Hermione behind trying to catch their breath as they tried to call out to him. He barged through the doors and scanned all the beds searching for Draco. His eyes landed on Dara who was walking towards him.

"Where is he?!"

"Potter calm down! You're making it difficult for everyone trying to help him!" Dara hissed at him through her struggle. Harry tensed, his jaw clenched for a second before he started taking deep, steady breaths. Slowly, pressure evaporated from the room and then throughout the castle.

"Where. Is. He?" Harry asked again curtly.

"Madame Pomfrey is with him in one of the rooms in the back. He's in critical condition right now. You will have to wait to see him." Harry gave a frustrated sigh and then gave Dara a pleading look.

"Is he going to be alright? You saw him last." Dara bit her lip.

"He's in a…'delicate' condition. I did as best as I could to help Madame Pomfrey. The remainder is resting on her experienced shoulders. "

Harry slumped into the nearest empty bed and bent over, face in his hands. "Damn it"! Dara sat in the bed across from him, a sympathetic look on her face. She leaned over and placed a hand on his shoulder soothingly.

"Have faith that everything will turn out alright."

"Easy for you to say. "

"At the moment, yes it is. But it's not like I haven't had my moments where things seemed bleak. But faith that things would be fine kept me strong.; helped me survive the war. So stop the self-pity and self-blame. You can't change what happened but you can change how you take what happened. Channel your energy into something else for now. You can't do anything for him right now."

"Never thought I'd get a pep talk from you, let alone a Slytherin."

"You never thought you'd marry and fall in love with a Slytherin either. This world is filled with surprises." Dara said getting up. "Now if you'll excuse me, I have some things to do. If however, you feel like talking again you know how to contact me. Have faith Harry." She gave him a small smile and left, leaving Harry stunned. Slytherins never ceased to surprise him. With a glance at the back rooms, Harry left a note in Madame Pomfrey's office asking to contact him as soon as he was allowed to see Draco. He took another steading deep breath and headed toward McGonagall's office.

Ginny struggled against the restraints that held her to her chair.

"You can't be treating a pregnant person this way!"

"Miss Weasley calm yourself. It's been hours of this and you are giving me a migraine. Think of your child. " McGonagall demanded.

"Or we could just put a silencing spell on her."

All the occupants in the room turn their heads to see Harry leaning against the doorframe of the room, arms crossed with a dangerous gleam in his eyes.

"Mr. Potter!" "Harry!" was yelled simultaneously.

"If you are discussing her punishment, I should be involved shouldn't I?" McGonagall nodded. "Very well."

"Punished?! What for? Harry is going to be My husband soon."

"Not likely." Harry scoffed and pulled out a scroll with both the Ministry and St. Mungo's seal on it. He handed it to McGonagall.

"As you will read, all the charges of me being that child's father are false. The results came back negative. It seems they found that someone had messed with the preliminary results. How odd for several mother's –to-be to all be having similar looking children." Harry gave her a pointed look.

"Are you accusing me of messing with the results?!" Ginny said shrilly.

"Of course not. It's still under investigation. Whatever gave you the idea that anyone thought you were involved?" Harry feigned surprised innocence. Ginny bit her lip nervously. Turning back to McGonagall, Harry passed another letter from the Ministry to her. A look of surprise fell over her face as she read its contents.

"It seems there will be a wedding in your future soon Ms. Weasley." Ginny looked at her surprised.

"As this letter mentions, the Ministry has found the biological child of your father. As punishment though, after the wedding you both will be sent to finish your schooling in America."


"Ms. Weasley that is enough. Are you acquainted with a Mr. Dunbar?"

"The ugly idiot who begs people to hang out with him? Unfortunately I d-….Why?" Ginny asked, her face slowly losing its color.

"As it turned out, Mr Dunbar's idea of a Halloween costume was to be Harry Potter. I can see where the misunderstanding came from on your part, with alcohol being involved. Your wedding is scheduled for later this evening. You are leaving for America in the morning. He was informed of all of this this morning."

Before Ginny could start yelling her protests, Harry clicked his hand and she was silenced.

"I've also started the process of a magical restraining order. One that prevents her from coming within 1000 feet of me and my family in light of the revelation of these events."

"Very well Mr. Potter. Can I do anything else for you?" Harry gave her a sad smile.

"Not at this time, no. Thank you." Just then an owl flew through the window and landed on Harry's shoulder. He reached for the small note and quickly read it.

"If you'll excuse me Headmistress." Harry bolted from the room and ran as fast as he could toward the hospital wing.

Draco opened his eyes slowly. The room was dimly lit, which he was grateful for. His head was killing him. He took in his surroundings and tried to think of what was the last thing he remembered. Everything felt fuzzy at the moment. Just then the door opened and in the doorway stood a familiar figure, followed by Madame Pomfrey.

"Ah you're awake just in time dearie." She smiled at her patient. He slowly sat and looked between Madame Pomfrey and Harry Potter, confused.

"Tell me, do you remember what brought you here?" Madame Pomfrey asked. Draco looked back at the black haired boy who was fidgeting but not moving any closer but looking like he wanted though. Draco looked back the mediwitch.

"I…" Draco frowned. The fuzziness making his head hurt more. He made a pained noise and moved his hands to his head.

"Draco!" The brunette said alarmed. Draco looked up and made eye contact with worried eyes and the gasped.

"Harry?" The brunette nodded, looking unsure; his eyes searching Draco's. Draco took a steady breath as the fuzziness started to clear from the moment Harry had called his name.

"Mr. Malfoy?"

Draco looked at the mediwitch confused. "It's Potter." A look of relief came over the two occupants in the room.

"Good. It looks like your memory is intact."

"Somewhat. It's fuzzy but clearing up slowly."

"That is normal with what you have been through. You hit your head pretty hard and have a few broken ribs."

Draco nodded taking everything in. His hand reached out towards his husband who slowly walked towards him and took the hand in both of his own. Draco squeezed Harry's hands as tears streamed down his face.

"Draco love, are you in pain?" Draco shook his head confused. He wasn't sure why the tears were coming. He was alive and all right for the most paart. His head was clearing and the events before he passed out came back to him. Then he froze and his eyes opened wide in realization. His head turned towards Madame Pomfrey, eyes asking the question he couldn't voice out loud. She glanced towards Harry and remained silent.

"Draco what's wrong?"

He accepted that she wasn't going to tell him about the condition of their baby until Harry knew the truth. It was his news to tell.

"Harry." Draco said looking up at him, unable to hold back the tears.

"Yes?" Harry gave him a worried look.

"There was something I was going to tell you before all of this happened." Harry frowned but nodded for him to continue.

"I…well you see…Merlin this is hard."

"Draco you can tell me anything. " Draco took his hand out of Harry's grasp. Harry frowned but seemed to respect Draco's space.

"I found out about a week ago that I'm, no we're pregnant." He watched as Harry's eyes opened wide in surprise, as the news registered. He watched the joy that spread on his face and then as the fallen look finally set in as realization took its place. He moved his mouth but nothing came out. Draco looked away in shame. He was stupid to have let the weaslette have gotten to him and to have endangered him and the baby that way, if there was still a baby. He wouldn't blame Harry if he hated him for this. He couldn't even look to see what his reaction was

"Madame Pomfrey?" Draco finally asked her after giving Harry a few minutes of silence to process everything. He brought his knees up to his chest and wrapped his arms around his legs, giving him a shield to any bad news. All the while he kept his eyes trained down at the bed sheets.

"Well Mr. Potter it was a difficult situation for you both given the delicate situation..."

Draco took a shuddering breath and closed his eyes, preparing for the worst. He felt the bed dip as Harry sat down. Probably unable to stay standing, but then he felt a hand on his own and another touch cheek. Surprised, Draco looked up and met Harry's beautiful eyes that were holding back unshed tears. He was too confused to register when Harry moved forward to kiss him until their lips met. He felt himself calm down a bit and return the kiss. Harry pulled back and then gave him a kiss on his forehead before turning to Madame Pomfrey.

"We're ready."

Draco realized then that Harry stopped Madame Pomfrey from continuing earlier. He wanted Draco to know things were okay before they heard the news, good or bad. How he loved the man who sat in front of him. Tearing his eyes away from Harry, he looked at the mediwitch as well.

"Mr. Potter you were extremely injured. It was hard fixing the head injury you sustained. Normally a wizard would not have been in your state because of your magic typically protects you from some damage. But you Mr. Potter, you moved all your magic to protect not yourself but the small one growing inside of you." Draco squeezed Harry's hand, a small ray of hope creeping up inside of him.

"You saved your child Mr. Potter and that is why you were in such a state, but it was a long process to make sure you survived as well. Due take care to make sure you both are safe. You wouldn't want your child being raised alone or being unable to enjoy the full pleasure of parenthood because you are a vegetable now would you?"

Draco moved his and Harry's hands towards his stomach. Harry looked surprised at the sudden motion but smiled warmly at his still flat stomach. Their baby lived.

"Now before you get caught up in the news. First things are first. Male pregnancies are more delicate than female ones. I am sure you are aware of this, but I'm afraid Harry will need to learn about male pregnancies now. You need to come and get checked at least every two weeks. You can find out the gender of your child at 5 months. You are currently about a month and half into your pregnancy. You are due in September, which means you will need to find someone at St. Mungo's to continue your care after you leave Hogwarts in a few months time. Now I leave you both to enjoy the good news. You can be discharged in a few days." She walked out and closed the door behind her.

"Is this why you brought up babies before Draco?" Harry smiled at him. Draco nodded laughing. Harry kissed him again and pulled back until their foreheads touched.

"Thank you." Harry said. Draco frowned. "You've giving me love and now a family. None of which I ever thought I'd get in this lifetime." Draco leaned in and kissed him in response.

Draco was released a few days later. He was glad to be back in his own bed. He was excused from classes for a week for his recovery. The best part was that Harry had been excused so that he could take care of him. Unfortunately, his pregnancy had caught up with him and he was currently bent over the toilet. He felt a cool cloth touch his forehead after he heaved out whatever was left in his stomach.

"Thank you but don't think I don't blame you for this." He heard Harry chuckle.

"Of course. I'm sorry love. I wish I could do more." Harry said as he helped Draco to the bed.

"How about you have the morning sickness and we'll call it even?" Draco smirked up at Harry from the bed. Draco groaned as another wave of nausea came over him. "Merlin when will this bloody morning sickness end?"

"You're almost through the first trimester. It should pass soon."

"Someone has been doing their research. " Draco watched as Harry's cheeks flushed just a bit.

"I want to make sure we—I'm well prepared." Harry corrected when Draco raised his eyebrow at him. "I wasn't even aware of male pregnancies until recently."

"Being raised as a muggle does have its drawbacks." Draco teased.

"Sod off." Draco just rubbed his still flat stomach.

"I love you Harry." Draco suddenly said looking up. Harry smiled down at him and bent over giving him a chaste kiss on the lips.

"I love you too Draco. Both of you." Harry placed his hand on top of Draco's hands on his stomach.

Later that night Harry felt himself slowly waking up, regretting being pulled out of the wonderful dream he was having of Draco. He wondered if Draco had run off to the bathroom again. With his eyes still trying to shake sleep off, he reached out next to him to see if Draco was next to him but felt cool sheets. All of a sudden he felt a thrill of pleasure shot up his body and he gave out a guttural moan. Frowning, he forced his eyes open and waited for them to adjust to the dark. A head of blonde hair caught his attention and he realized his dream was in fact real. Draco was bouncing on top of him with vigor. They hadn't had sex since the night their child was conceived and it felt amazing. He felt himself harden more at the sight and feel of Draco enveloping him. He wasn't going to lie. He missed this feeling. Draco opened his eyes at the change in Harry's member inside of him and smirked down at Harry, letting out a moan as he came down and felt Harry brush against his prostate.

"Draco." Harry said breathily as he reached out put his hands on Draco's hips. "What are you doing?"

"What does it look like I'm doing Potter?" Draco said, never ceasing his movements.

"But Dr…Draco you're still recovering and what about the b-baby?"

Draco gave a breathy laugh. "I'm fine now and it's your child's fault that I woke up horny and couldn't go back to sleep. Besides it's safe to have sex right now. Still have a few good months. Besides, its not fair that we only had sex twice before you knocked me up." Draco gave another moan as he reached his hands behind him to change the angle. Harry tried to keep his thoughts straight to give back a smart retort but it was getting harder and harder (quite literally) to deny himself this pleasure. It was the first time Draco had initiated any intimate physical contact and he loved it. He grabbed and pressed his nails deeper into Draco's hips, and decided to take control as Draco was bouncing up, he slammed into him deep and hard. He kept up the movement and had Draco was moaning uncontrollably.

"Merlin Harry." Harry continued showing Draco how much he loved him until Draco came. The squirming body on top of him was driving him crazy, especially as Draco tightened around him. He thrust faster now and soon found his own completion inside of Draco. Draco stayed lying on top of him catching his breath. Harry wrapped his arms around Draco and kissed his sweaty temple.

"That has got to be the best way to wake up." Harry whispered. He could feel Draco laughing in his arms. Harry reached down and pulled himself out with a soft plop. He waved his hand and their mess was gone. He waved his hand again and the covers were pulled back over them. Feeling so satisfied, Harry was almost asleep when he heard Draco whisper.

"I love you Harry." Harry smiled and moved them so they laid on their sides, facing each other. He reached his hand up to Draco's face and rubbed his thumb against his cheek. "I love you my dragon. " Sighing he moved down so his face was level with Draco's

"So are you hoping to have a girl or boy?" Draco looked pensive for a bit.

" I hope it's a boy."

"Do you have any names in mind?" Draco's face turned a slight shade of pink, all traces of tiredness gone.

"Well…" Draco trailed off.

"What is it Draco?"

"Don't laugh at me." Draco glared and Harry gave him a pointed look in response.

"I wanted to keep the theme of constellations going, like my name…"

"Interesting. Did you have any names already picked out?"

"Scorpius." Draco said holding his breath; Harry thought about it and then smiled.

"I really like it." Draco's face showed relief and then curiosity.

"What about you Harry?"

"I'd be fine with a girl or boy. I haven't thought of any names though. You don't happen to have a girl name in your theme picked out do you?" Harry asking laughing,

"I see." Draco said. He looked thoughtful and then spoke again. "If we have a girl, I'd like to name her Lily." Harry looked stunned.

"Do you not like the idea? I'm sorry. It's such a pretty name and I thought…"

"No. No. No Draco. That's not it! I just didn't expect that from you." Annoyance graced Draco's features.

"Excuse me?"

"I'm sorry that came out wrong. What I meant was that I didn't expect naming our children after my parents. I just…I don't know." Harry was flustered. He didn't know what to say or think at the moment. He looked back up at Draco when he heard him scoff.

"Honestly Harry. I feel insulted. I thought we had moved past this. I think it'd be wonderful to name a daughter after your mother. If that is something you wanted, you should have said so. I want you to feel like you can share any concerns or wants with me."

"I'm sorry Draco. But I'm being honest, I hadn't really thought too much about names. It's not like we've really discussed my parents so I never saw naming our child after them coming. Like I said before, I love the idea of a family, I just never thought I'd actually get one. I didn't think I'd have the chance to even think of naming a child." Harry watched as Draco sighed. All annoyance seemed to have dissipated.

"Well you better start thinking about it Potter. You're stuck with me and I plan to have you knock me up more than just this once." Harry was stunned.

"You want a big family?"

"I was an only child and always wanted at least one sibling. But I refuse to be a Weasley sized family!" Harry laughed.

"Well in response to your earlier comment, Lily sounds beautiful Draco. Just how many do you plan on wanting then?" Harry asked smiling ear to ear.

"More than one for sure. The thought of the children having someone to count on when we're not around makes me feel happy and secure. Maybe stop at three."

"Three sounds perfect, but you seem to be very fertile…" Harry winked at Draco. Draco's face flushed a deep crimson.


A few months later...

Draco was almost 5 months into his pregnancy. The morning sickness had subsided and only lasted for a few weeks. He was finally showing a little, which he was dreading.

"I'm going to get fat and not be attractive to you anymore." Draco pouted as he looked at himself in the mirror of the bathroom. He and Harry had just finished a steamy shower session. They had more than made up for the lost time of love making in the past several months that had been lost to them due to Ginny and the ministry. They wouldn't be able to do it again until after the baby was born and they had made the most it. Harry came up from behind him and wrapped his arms around the small swell of Draco's stomach. He placed a loving kiss on his shoulder.

"You'll always be attractive to me love. Don't worry. You're beautiful." Draco blushed and turned to face Harry.

"Do you have to do this?" Draco asked, the pout returning to his lips. Harry pressed their foreheads together sighing.

"Sorry love. The ministry is in chaos right now and they asked for my help, just until things are settled. Plus, they are paying me." Draco sighed as well and dread filled his stomach the events that had taken place in the past week.


(1 week ago)

Draco sat on a bench in the courtyard by the lake. Harry had been called to the ministry unexpectedly. Worry filled him and he took deep breaths to calm down for the baby's sake. He was startled out of his train of thought by movement next to him. He frowned. Most of the students had gone done to Hogsmeade.

"Draco…" Draco froze. That voice, they hadn't heard from him in months. He stood up to face the person, his wand drawn.

"What do you want Zabini?" Zabini put his hands up in surrender.

"I'm not here to hurt you or anything."

"You think I'd believe that?!" Draco adjusted his robes. They hadn't told anyone but close friends know about the pregnancy and he did not want Zabini finding out now.

"I know, I'm sorry. But what I have to tell you is important. I…" He trailed off.

"Out with it!"

"Look the person who did all those horrible things to you wasn't me. I was under the imperio curse." Draco scoffed. "I'm serious. That vile woman Umbridge, she caught me off guard shortly after the war ended. I just wanted to say I'm sorry for everything I did to you. I know you won't believe me but you'll hear about it soon."

"If it is true, how did you get free from her?"

"Let's just say she let her guard down recently due to some distractions regarding the Weasley girl."


"I wasn't the only one she messed with. She wanted Potter to go down and be under her control so I guess she tried helping the Weaslette. But since she failed, she's been sending howlers to Umbridge or something like that." Draco frowned but never let his wand drop.

"Anyway that's all I wanted to say. I hope we can be friends again someday."

With that Zabini left. Draco didn't know what to do with this information. He walked back towards his room and paced until Harry returned. Harry returned an hour later looking grim. He handed Draco the Daily Prophet with the headline 'Imperio'd Youth Escapes From Umbridge's Grasp'. Zabini's face was on the front page.

"It's true?" Draco gasped. Harry frowned.

"How did you know?"

"Zabini came up to me earlier this morning and told me. I didn't believe him…I'm not sure if I do even now. This is why they called you in then."

"But you're alright? He didn't harm you?"

"No. Just wanted to apologize." Harry sighed and slumped on the couch.

"Thank goodness. I'm tired of things happening because I get called away. But yes. They want my help since everything just blew up for them. They want to have meetings with me and will be coming here when I'm not in class. I'm not sure if I trust Zabini's story but what is true is all the damage Umbridge was up to regarding our lives."

Draco sat next to Harry, pulling his head down, so it rested in his lap. He ran his fingers through the dark tresses.

"You've already agreed then?" Draco asked neutrally.

"It took hours of convincing on their part. They promised to compensate my time with a 'salary' and guaranteed a position in the ministry after graduation."

"I can't believe they'd bribe you with money. You don't need it but a position at the ministry. That's wonderful, that's what you wanted right?"

"I wanted to be an auror. I still do. I'm not sure I'd want a position in the ministry though. But the position wasn't for me." Draco frowned down at Harry.

"It's for you."

"What? How did you bargain a position for me?" Harry smirked up at him..

" They're desperate to please me at this point."


"I know you wanted a steady career and you wanted to work in the new department at the ministry. Unfortunately, they closed it down. But I figured you might like the potion master department that works with the aurors?" Harry sat up. "Would that be something you'd like?"

"Did you do this because they wouldn't hire an ex-death eater? Or because you wanted to see me even at work?"

"Both if I'm being honest. The position doesn't require you to be at the ministry everyday. You can do most of it from home. Which I thought would be great considering the baby…"

"You're a wonderful husband. How'd I get so lucky?


Draco watched as Harry used the floo to get to the ministry. Their fireplace had had a special floo connected so that Harry and the ministry could go back and forth. They'd be coming here from now on and Draco was not looking forward to having his space invaded. Harry had cast a privacy spell so that anyone in the common room without permission wouldn't be able to see the top floor until someone came down the stairs. The next 2 months would be such a pain and he already missed Harry.

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