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And It Begins


Christmas break finally came and Draco and Harry were off to Grimuald Place. When they got there Draco noticed that the place was a dusty home that looked like no one had lived in it for years.

"Sorry about the mess. Only a few rooms have been cleaned well. It's a big house." Harry apologized. Draco shook his head.

"It's fine as long as I don't have to go into the other rooms." Harry laughed at Draco's comment.

Draco followed Harry up to their room. The bedroom was simple and painted in colors of blue and beige. Draco set his stuff down on the bed. He suddenly felt dizzy and nearly fell but Harry caught him.

"You okay?" Harry asked.

"Yeah. I just had a dizzy spell. Probably just tired." Draco said.

Harry released him and continued unpacking his things.

A week later it snowed very hard and the ground was covered in snow. Draco looked out the window and then ran over to where Harry was in the library. He took the book out of Harry's hand and jumped onto his lap. Harry looked surprised and he blushed at the position they were in.

"Something the matter Draco?" Harry squeaked.

"Harry…do you think we could go out and play in the snow?" Draco asked shyly and unsure.

Harry was surprised. He hadn't been expecting that. He frowned. Draco looked ready to be rejected but he also looked like he really wanted to go out and play in the snow.

"Draco…Have you ever played in the snow before?" Draco leaned away from Harry and looked at the wall.

"You haven't, have you?" Harry said sadly. He pulled Draco's face to look at him and said "Let's go out then." Draco lit up and he rushed upstairs to get his coat. Harry laughed.

They went outside to the back yard. Draco ran and threw himself in the snow so he could make a snow angel. Harry smiled at him enjoying Draco's antics. Draco stretched his arms towards Harry and Harry helped him up. Draco turned to look at his angel and grinned.

"I've always wanted to do that." Draco said.

"Anything else you want to do?"

"…Can we make a snowman?" Draco asked shyly.

Harry nodded. Draco jumped with excitement and started gathering snow. After half an hour they stood in front of their snowman looking proud of it. Draco sat down on one of the benches. He didn't expect a snowball to hit him in the chest. He looked over to Harry to see him picking more snow up and throwing it at him. Draco dodged it and grabbed some snow as well and threw it at Harry but he missed because Harry hid behind a tree. They were both laughing and having fun.

When night came they finally came inside. Draco was soaking wet. He sneezed. Harry looked at him and frowned.

"You should go take a warm shower or you will get sick." Harry said worriedly. Draco nodded Draco finished his shower and climbed into bed to get warm. Harry found him asleep ten minutes later.

December 25th

Christmas morning came. Harry was making breakfast for Draco. Draco finally came down for breakfast.

"Smells good." Draco said sitting at the table. Harry smiled and served him and then himself. They ate, enjoying the carolers outside. Then Draco ran from the kitchen. Harry frowned and followed him into the bathroom.

"What's wrong?" Harry said panicked when Draco was done emptying his stomach.

Draco rested his head against the wall and closed his eyes.

"Damn it. It was a good breakfast too." Draco said annoyed. Harry didn't say anything. Draco opened his eyes and looked at Harry.

"I'm fine. Something just didn't sit well with my stomach." Draco reassured him. Harry nodded and helped Draco up.

They went into the living room where all the presents were. They opened them up. Harry got some from his friends and Draco got some from Pansy, Theo and his mother. He found another present for him and he frowned. He opened it up and found a photo album. Draco frowned and he looked at the tag. The present was from Harry.

He opened the album up and he saw pictures from their wedding, random times with friends, the ball, and some shots with just the two of them. He looked up at Harry who looked nervous.

"How did you get these? I don't remember anyone taking pictures at our wedding." Draco asked. Harry shrugged.

"I know some people…Do you like it?" Harry asked nervously.

Draco felt a tear slide down from his eye and he quickly wiped it away. He pressed his lips together and nodded.

"Thank you." Draco said holding back tears as he hugged the book to himself. Those moments had not been planned but they were still precious memories to him. He was grateful to have proof that they happened. Draco sniffed and then pointed at something.

"Open mine next." Draco said. Harry reached over and grabbed the present. He opened it and pulled out a silver plush dragon. Harry frowned.

"It's a dream catcher." Draco said. Harry gave him a skeptical look. Draco glared.

"It's designed to save you from your nightmares and fly you to nice dreams." Draco said. Harry looked down at the dragon. Around its neck was a regular green dream catcher and the dragon had some sort of saddle on its back. The dragon moved its head, looking like it was expecting something. Harry looked at Draco who smiled.

"It wants you to name it." Draco informed him. Harry looked at the dragon again.

"How about…Midori?" The dragon's eyes glowed green and it settled in Harry's lap. Harry laughed and looked at Draco.

"Thank you Draco. It means a lot." Draco gave him a shy smile.


It was time to head back to Hogwarts. Once the arrived back at the castle, Harry and Draco headed to their room to leave their things. After Draco left his things, he walked around their room. He had missed it. He saw a vial on the desk in the library. His eyes opened wide and he went to look for Harry. Harry was putting things away in their room.

"Harry!" Harry looked up alarmed.

"What is it?"

"Harry we forgot to start making the potion to make the hope potion in Felix!" Draco said anxious. Harry's eyes opened as he remembered the potion.

"Shit." Harry said. Draco rushed out of the room and Harry heard a racket in the kitchen. He walked over there and found Draco over his cauldron. He was putting things in it.

"What are you doing?" Harry asked.

"I'm getting started on it. It takes a month to make. Luckily I have most of the basic ingredients." Draco explained.

Harry looked relieved. He came up behind Draco and hugged him from behind. Draco was startled.

"I'm so lucky to have you around." Harry whispered into his back. Draco smiled and put his hand on top of Harry's arm as he continued with the potion.

Their first week back to school was hectic. Harry was stressed out. Draco had been working extra hard so he could get the potion finished. Harry was mad at himself for forgetting about the potion. Now it seemed like Draco was getting sick. He had told Draco yesterday that he would take over the potion so Draco could rest.

He came back into their room and went to check on the potion. Everything seemed fine. Then he heard a noise in the bathroom and he went over to investigate it. He found Draco emptying his stomach. He ran forward and sat on his knees so he could rub Draco's back. When he was done, Harry helped him up so Draco could brush his teeth. He sat him on their bed.

"Are you alright?" Harry asked. Draco sneezed.

"I'm fine. But I think I caught that stomach flu that everyone was complaining about." Harry frowned. Draco didn't get sick easily. It must have been Draco over working himself and stressing himself out that made his immune system week.

"Go to sleep. You haven't slept much lately." Draco agreed and lay down.

Harry wanted to punch a wall. This wouldn't have happened if he had been more careful about the potion. He sat on the couch and sighed.

A week later Draco was still sick. Harry was in the library when an owl flew in. He took the note off of the owl and opened it up.

Dear Mr. Potter,

I request your presence in the headmistress' office now. You may bring your husband but he will have to wait outside. Be prompt because this is important.

Professor McGonagall

Harry frowned. Did he do something bad?

"What does it say?" Draco asked from the door way. Harry looked up and stood up to give him the letter.

"What could they possibly want now?" Draco asked annoyed. Harry shrugged.

"Do you ant to come with me?" Draco nodded and followed him out.

"If you start felling unwell you're free to go back to the room." Harry said.

"I'll be fine. I think I'm finally getting over it anyway." Draco said. Harry nodded.

They reached the headmistress' office and went up the stairs. Draco stayed back as Harry knocked. The door opened and let Harry in. Harry gave Draco a smile before he entered. Draco leaned against the wall. Why did it seem like something bad was going to happen again?

Harry walked inside and sat down. Professor McGonagall was there with a ministry official. What was going on?

"Good evening Potter. I have summoned you here on an emergency basis." McGonagall said. Harry frowned.

"An issue has been brought up. Someone has come to the ministry claiming that they are pregnant with your child." Harry's eyes grew wide and he nearly fell out of his chair.

"What? Who?" Harry exclaimed. The ministry official spoke up.

"Mr. Potter, if this turns out to be true and your husband is not currently pregnant, you will be forced to separate and marry the young lady." Harry was angry and nervous. It can't be true right? This wasn't happening.

"Who is it?" Harry asked again. The official looked at some of his papers and looked up at Harry.

"Ginerva Weasley." Harry saw red and he clenched his fists.

"There is no way that is possible! She's been trying to get me to marry her for months." Harry said.

"Well Mr. Potter, until we verify if this is true, you are under suspicion. Also you are not allowed to have intercourse with your spouse until we solve this matter. If you have any proof that is accusation is false please feel free to owl me." With that the official stood up and flowed out of the office. Harry was angry. He stood up and left the office. He found Draco on the stairs and took his hand and led him to their rooms.

"Harry what happen? Harry?" Harry didn't stop until they were in their rooms where he fell on the couch and put his head in his hands.

"Harry?" Draco said as he knelt in front of Harry.

Harry looked up and Draco saw that tears were coming out of his eyes.

"What's wrong? What happened?" Draco asked concerned. Harry reached out and hugged him.

"I'm afraid of losing you."

"Don't be silly Harry. You're not going to lose me."

"I might…" Harry whispered. Draco frowned.


"There was a ministry official in there. He said that Ginny told the ministry that she is pregnant…with my child." Draco leaned away from Harry in disbelief.

"What?" Draco said.

"Until they can figure out if it's true or not I'm under suspicion. If she is pregnant and you're not, they will divorce us and make me marry her." Draco was silent for a long while and he closed his eyes and said "Then let's get pregnant."

Harry laughed and shook his head. He held back a sob.

"We can't Draco. I appreciate your sentiment but we're not allowed to have intercourse until after the matter is solved. I know that saying that to get you pregnant was a big decision but even if we could, I couldn't do that to you. I know you're not ready for that. I don't think I am either." Harry explained.

Draco sat back and ran his hands through his hair.

"The official said that if I have proof that it's not mine that I could tell him about it…"

"Then why don't you?" Draco asked.

"Because we have that one night that neither of us remember and we can't be 100% sure." Harry said sadly. Draco looked at Harry understandingly. He got onto the couch and hugged Harry to him.

"We'll get our memories back don't worry." Draco said, unsure himself.

"I'm sorry Draco."

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