Not a yaoi fan? No problem! While I will occasionally hint at Roy/Ed it won't really affect the story. This was meant to be a comedy not romance or smut. If Roy appears at all, it will be in the epilogue.

Other pairings: Danny/Sam and hints of Al/May

Set two years after Danny got his powers, but before Phantom Planet. Danny is now 16. Set immediately following the Conqueror of Shambala.

I'm going to take two liberties to make this story work

Ed is 16 and Al is 15 (yes, I know that Ed was older by the end of the movie)

I'm ignoring the language barrier

I do not own Fullmetal Alchemist or Danny Phantom.

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The dream is always the same.

I'm standing near the ghost portal in my parents' lab, and Sam urges me in. Not wanting to seem like a coward, I change into a hazmat suit and stumble inside. Tripping over a loose cord, I accidentally hit the power button. Then, the real nightmare begins.

I see a blinding flash of green just before I'm flashed into a stark white room. The walls of the room seem to stretch on forever but the room's only feature is a giant looming door. It's a door that you could imagine being built for a giant or god. It's so large and intricately carved that it seems like it would be impossible to craft by human hands.

The door opens, and I let out a terrified scream. In the middle of the open doorway is a huge gaping maw and a large, sinister eye. Questing hands reach out towards me and snag my ankle. Together they drag me inch by agonizing inch, towards the rows of razor sharp teeth in the doorway.

Passing the threshold, I can hear a booming voice emanating from the void. "Why have you come, child?"

"P-p-please let me go!"

The voice sounded amused, "I can't do that. Tell me, what is it you desire most?"

I'm too scared to answer or even form a coherent thought, but that doesn't deter the strange entity.

The voice lets out a harsh laugh, "I see. You dream of playing the hero. Well today is your lucky day."

"Does that mean I can go home," I reply shakily.

"Not so fast little one. You're here and you must first pay the toll."

I can't remember anything else except for the blinding, searing pain. Just before I thought I'd die from it oblivion reached out and claimed me.

Slowly I come to. My best friends, Sam and Tucker, are standing over me. They're excited that I've gotten the ghost portal working and innocently unaware of what had transpired.

It wouldn't be until a few days later that I'd realize what the voice meant by a "toll".

"Danny," calls a gentle voice. I feel my mom placing a gentle hand on my back. "Wake up, Honey. I thought you said that you have a big test tomorrow."

"Thanks Mom. I needed the wake up call." I shake my head, trying to vanquish the afterimages of my nightmare.

Mom gives me a quizzical look, "Is everything okay, Dear Heart? You know that you can talk to me about anything, right?"

"Everything's fine," I lie.

"Are you sure?" she stares directly into my eyes, as if the truth is somehow written there.

"Yes Mom."

Mom gives me one last penetrating glare before heading to the door, "I'll be downstairs, let me know if you need anything."

During the two years since that fateful accident, I've never told anyone about the monster in the white room. Honestly, I'm still not sure if I believe it myself. Sam said I'd only been unconscious for two or three minutes. The time I'd spent with the monster had seemed like hours. My friends thought that my powers are the result of my parents' crazy invention. The truth is that the monster had made me a "hero" just like it had promised. But it had taken a heavy toll. It had left me quite literally, half dead.

With a sigh I turn to the forgotten Chemistry text that I had been using as a pillow. "The Heisenberg Uncertainty Principle states by precise inequalities that certain pairs of physical properties, like position and momentum, cannot simultaneously be known to arbitrary precision. That is, the more precisely one property is known, the less precisely the other can be known."

How am I supposed to remember all of this before tomorrow?

I actually managed to squeeze in three whole hours of quality study time before my ghost sense goes off. With a groan, I stand up and transform. I can feel the adrenaline coursing as the two white rings race across my body. Turning invisible and then intangible, I phase through the floor of my bedroom. Arriving in the basement lab, I take a moment to survey my surroundings, before becoming visible. Off in the corner, stands the Box Ghost looking over some new boxes of lab supplies.

Rolling my eyes, I quietly unscrew the Fenton thermos. "Hey, Box Ghost!" I yell.

"Beware!" he manages to yell out just before he's sucked in.

I turn to the new and improved ghost portal and open the shutter mechanism that is supposed to keep the ghosts out of the human world. While the shutter is effective, there are too many naturally occurring portals throughout the town. Clockwork once confided in me that the increased number of portals is a side effect of my parents' artificial ghost portal. It has been running for so long that it has actually weakened the barrier between the two worlds.

I release the Box Ghost back into the Ghost Zone and I'm about to close the shutter when suddenly I hear a scream. I poke my head into the event horizon where I can hear the sound more clearly.

"What theā€¦" I whisper. It sounds like two voices, but I can't pinpoint their origin.

"Danny!" I hear Mom call. "Are you in the lab?"

I hear footsteps coming down the stairs. Crap. Transforming back to my human self, I turn my back to the portal to find the button on the console that operates the shutter.


I feel all the air rush out of my lungs as I land heavily on the floor. I try to rollover, but I'm pinned by a heavy weight pressing on my back. It takes a minute for me to realize that the weight is actually a person. Detangling myself from the mass of limbs, I get to my feet just before Mom throws open the door.

"Danny, why is the shutter open?" Mom asks accusingly.

Thinking quickly, I manage to formulate a plausible excuse. "I heard voices on the other side."

"That's impossible. The specter deflector on the Fenton shutter prevents any ghost sounds from passing through." She moves around the console to close the shutter. Covering her mouth, she lets out a gasp as she notices the people on the floor for the first time.

Splayed on the floor are two boys around my age. The one on top is very short with long blonde hair. He's wearing a dusty brown jacket and vest that look like they belong to another era. Pinned under him is a taller boy with long sandy hair He's wearing a long red coat that looks just as out of place as the first boy's clothes.

"Jack! Jazz! Come down here quick!"

The four of us manage to get the boys upstairs and comfortable. Now, all we can do is sit and wait for them to wake up.

XxxLine BreakxxX

I got the idea for the shutter from watching too many episodes of Stargate.

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