A/N: For those who have read my Samson story, this chapter starts out just before that story begins. The remaining chapters for the most part, will continue from where that story left off. Thanks for reading and let the reviews begin.

Obsidian--Chapter One

The kitten raises his head and tries to open his blind eyes. He knows that his parents are there, he can feel his father's raspy tongue as it glides over his fur. His mother's body is warm next to his and he can taste her milk on his tiny tongue. The kitten knows that he has at least one sibling, maybe more; he can feel a heartbeat that doesn't match either of his parents.

Weeks pass and the kitten's eyes are now open and he's trying to see it all, everything at once. He immediately finds his brother, which is easy due to the spot of white on his brother's paw and pounces on him, wrestling with him as they both explore this world that surrounds them.

More time passes and by now the kittens are following their father as he teaches them to hunt. They scrunch down on all fours and wiggle their little bodies and their tails in imitation of their father. They've both inherited his green eyes and his keen mind. When he pounces both kittens jump too. The kitten watches his brother as he pounces, noting where he places his paws, how effective it is compared to how their father pounces.

A few more days pass, days of exploration and the kittens are almost ready to be on their own. Samson takes them to the one human he will trust with their lives. He knows that he has only a couple days left to live and wants his kittens, his remaining kittens to have that chance at life that he has had.

As he leads them to the one place he's always called "home" he tells them about the human known as Gibbs. How the man is sometimes cranky and sometimes sad, sometimes laughing and sometimes glad. Fleck, the kitten with the white paw looks at his father and tells him that "if he grrs, I don't want him."

The other kitten watches his father's reaction. A swift paw reaches out and cuffs Fleck over the right ear. Fleck lets out a small mew of protest at the treatment even as he apologizes. His brother says nothing as they continue their path to Gibbs house.

When they are a few blocks from the house, Samson's feet seem to move faster; both kittens are almost at a flat out run to keep up with him. They keep their eyes on their father's tail never letting it out of their sight. After what seems like miles to the small paws of the kittens, Samson finally slows down.

He waits for his sons to catch up to him before he explains what he'll be doing next. When he's done explaining, he grabs Fleck by the scruff of the neck and leaps onto the wooden fence that surrounds the backyard; he then carries him into the yard, depositing him under a bush. Samson turns to repeat his actions with his other son and finds the kitten has somehow managed to wriggle under the fence and is waiting beside him. Samson lightly cuffs his son, warning him next time to wait for Samson as there are mean dogs that live in the alley.

Fleck notes the exchange and then asks his father why his brother has such a long name. "What is an Obsidian anyway?"

"Your brother will need that name if he wants to be with Gibbs. You, Fleck are going to like living with Jackson Gibbs more than you would with Leroy Jethro Gibbs. My Gibbs is a growly man, with a lot of reason to growl. Old man Gibbs doesn't growl, or at least he doesn't when he visits my Gibbs."

Obsidian cocks his little black head to the side, his green eyes contemplative as he thinks about his father's words. He realizes that Samson didn't really answer the question that Fleck had asked him, so he asks the question this time.

"Father, what is an obsidian? Is it something to eat?"

"No, my son, obsidian is a type of rock. I remembered the word from the little time I got to spend with the human's kitten, Kelly. She was doing something, reading from a book and"

"What's a book? Is it something to play with?" Obsidian asks the questions not really wanting an answer so much as he wants a place to lie down. He starts turning in a circle accidently bumping into his father as he does so.

"Is it something we can fight or eat?" Fleck is the one thinking with his stomach this time.

Samson sighs as he contemplates explaining humans and their weird ways of learning. A soft head butts against his side and he sees Obsidian turning in a circle as he flattens a layer of leaves for his bed. Fleck watches his brother for all of two seconds before pouncing on the pile of leaves that are next to him and falling asleep almost before his paws touch the ground.

Samson watches his sons with loving eyes before he hauls his tired body into the tree that's sheltering his sons. He stretches out on a tree limb and falls asleep, content for now that he and his sons are safe.